Knits&Knots logo designed by " Animationiko Niko Balažic "

in design •  2 months ago

Logo for Knits&Knots designed by Niko Balažic - Animationiko .
If you want to purchase your own unique logo visit my fiverr :

1. Knits&Knots logo
Knits&knots Petra Toplak logo design by Animationiko Niko Balažic.png

2. Knits&Knots sample
Knits&knots Petra Toplak logo made by Animationiko Niko Balažic.png

3. Knits&Knots amazing artwork by Matej RobičKnits&knots artwork by ( Matej Robič ) Animationiko Niko Balažic.jpg

Discord: krikozini#1539

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your design is very good


thank you :)

Very nice Niko! :D


Thanks! :)

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