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The idea of this logo is the use of negative space on the letter "P", where we can see there is a spoon that is standing. And as an affirmation, I add another spoon under the letter "OO" to make the logo look more alive like an emoticon.

And also this logo is very simple and minimalist. Seen from the size of the font that looks very slim. And of course its pink color. Do you look beautiful?

Logo Result

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I'm tired of web phishing like this. Disgusting!


Sorry about that! My father got hacked and clicked on one of the links and they are using his account now to spread this nonsense, glad you were smart enough to see it. I hope others don't get infected as well because of this. I take partial responsibility cause I didn't warn him more, this suck. Sorry again!

Its okay, I always re-check the website are take out from steemit.

Hope you get back your account.

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