My Design - Logo for GoChain: Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger Blockchain

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What is GoChain?

GoChain is a fast and efficient blockchain network that improves transaction speeds by orders of rude over Ethereum.

  • 10x More Decentralized
  • 100x Faster
  • 1000x Greener

This abilities that GoChain can tackle the scalability complications for blockchain and DApps that are constructed on top of them.

GoChain MainNet

GoChain is not a dream, it is a truth The task is reside and able for tasks to integrate!
The GoChain Wallet is ready to use. Every other can create a wallet and begin to use it for transactions. KuCoin has already joined GoChain as one of their nodes!

Proof of Reputation

There are lots of types of consensus algorithms powering the various blockchains. GoChain works on POR(Proof of Reputation).

POR works by leveraging a company's reputation to be sure protecting and efficiency GoChain will select 50 organizations around the world in different locations to run nodes. This will create a blockchain with remarkable transactions speed while still conserving the protecting features of a completely decentralized system.

In fact, a large component of mining power is currently founded around one place - China. By dispensing the organizations in loads of geographical destinations GoChain addresses the issue of competencies govt intervention as well as the opportunity of a 51 attack.

My Logo Design for GoChain

The concept idea of this logo I take from bicycles's chain. This is not about the mechanical world, but I just take one of the chains as an idea from GoChain. And the chain I take only two pieces only. Where these two chains can be defined as two interlocking chains, and also these two chains also symbolize the "C" of GoChain itself.

Inspired :


So, here is my logo design for GoChain, hope you like with my work. Thank you. :)

Logo Result

Logo Mockup


CDR, SVG, and some images.


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Full License will only be granted on this project, or any other party who wants this work.

Contact me
Email: [email protected]
Discord: anaufalm#7965

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Good work @naufal. nice clear thinking and good to see your journey and progression. mock ups are effective ! Well done :) you earned a new follower :)

Well thank you, happy to see u :)

this project is blowing my mind. your skills as a graphic designers are amazing

upvoted big time


Hi again @naufal

I've tried to contact you on your email: [email protected]

but my message cannot go through. Something must be wrong with your email provider.

Perhaps you could contact me: [email protected]

I really love your work and I have few questions. I hope to be one of your "customers" :)


Hi, thanks for contacting me. My web is currently maintenance, sorry.
You can contacting me at [email protected] :)

@naufal thank you for your prompt reply.

Please check your email box.

ps. how long have you been doing graphics? your works are amazing.

I learn graphics since high school. So, maybe about 7 years. But I started to focus again since I was in Steemit. :D

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