My 3 entries for quibee graphics design contest

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quibee is loyalty on the blockchain.
Win win situation for brands and customers by helping brands run their loyalty programs on the blockchain, quibee give loyal customers the freedom they deserve.
For more information please visit qiibee website

I choose to design for this graphics contest because i love designing, it is my passion and profession. Since quibee is new on the blockchain platform i also choose to design as an opportunity to connect with them for their further requirements.

These are my designs related to quibee and their goals.

Entry No. 1
Explanation - A happy customer who shops from various brands and earns loyalty points. Now she is happier because she has an option to redeem her loyalty points as cash in form of dollars, pounds and various other currencies/cryptocurrencies . Her loyalty points do not get wasted, she can redeem at other brands/stores or cash out her loyalty points.

Entry No. 2
Explanation - quibee is a platform that has benefits for Brands and Customers
Benefits for brands are - Plug & Play , Engaged customers , Removes liability , Remove cost and risk
Benefits for customers are - Access them all , Trade them all , Earn real value , Enjoy security

Entry No. 3
Explanation - quibee helps brands run their loyalty programs on the blockchain and gives loyal customers the freedom they deserve. Win win situation for brands and customers.

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The three entrances are fresh and very modern. I really liked your designs, success!
Good job! Good job!


Thanks @gersson :) i am happy you liked my work. Do resteem, if possible.

Follow✔ Upvote✔ for my new Friend :) Awesome graphics work.


Thank you :) my new friend :)