The Heart of a Giant - Conquering Depression Part 1

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Look at this happy, magnificent bastard!! But life was not always so great for our little hero

A story of hopelessness, depression, and triumph. Wang Zhongyn, you have forever changed the course of my life, and for that I am eternally in your debt. I will never be able do your story justice, but Wang Zhongyn, I dedicate this series to you my friend!!! @strongerbeings

Tragedy Strikes

In 2003, at the tender age of 19, Wang Zhongyn thought his life was over. Overwhelmed by emotions of grief, anger, and hopelessness, he could not help but think to himself, "WHY ME!". You see, Wang was just in a horrific car accident, and was currently being rushed to the nearest hospital in an attempt to save his life. Upon arriving, his fate was sealed...

Doctors proclaimed:

We are going to need to amputate your leg! Your life depends on it.....

"no, no, NO, NO, NOOOO!!!" Wang screamed out while in agony, tears streaming down his face. He simply could not accept it. Not my leg... Why me? Wang thought to himself. Why me!!? I have done nothing wrong. I have done nothing wrong........

Oh life... You are a cruel, and unforgiving mistress.. Only moments later, doctors had amputated his right leg; 10 centimetres below the knee....

In an instant, in the harsh, unforgiving eyes of Chinese society, Wang Zhongyun, a once healthy, strong individual, was now physically disabled... A fate so cruel in China that many are condemned to the life of a beggar...

The Dark Recesses of the Mind

Depression drowns out all hope. Extinguishes all dreams, and drags us down into the depths of despair...
I wish it upon no one....

Over the next two years, Wang fell into the cold embrace of depression. Each day was a struggle to feel alive... To feel anything.... Days drifted into weeks, which drifted into months. Time seem to blur, and his existence was a cycle of eating and sleeping, with nothing much in between.

Wang "knew" his fate. Without the ability to find work, he was at the mercy of his family. Of course his family loved him. But competition for resources is fierce in China. He was meant to be the "man" of the family. He was meant to take care of his parents in their old age. Not the other way round... He knew he had to do something. But he could not. It took everything he had just to wake up each day...

That is the sick and twisted nature of depression... It shackles the body, mind, and soul in a prison of darkness... Those trapped within it want desperately to escape, but they cannot. For those fighting this internal war, the struggle is real...and each day feels like a losing battle.....

Until next time

Thanks for reading! I met Wang Zhongyn two nights ago, and he is truly a life changing type of individual, with such a positive outlook on life. In this series of post, I want to share his story with you, and perhaps give you all hope that no matter what life throws at you, there is always a chance for redemption.

For the new year, I wish you all nothing but happiness and triumph. Remember you are human. One of our greatest gifts is our ability to change, and to see the person we wish to become, before it becomes a reality.

All the best, and Happy new year!!

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Wang Zhongyn


I'm hoping you told him to get on Steemit and start writing his story. People will lap that stuff up.
Great Post!
And Happy Aussie New Year. I belive the Chinese one is a month later :-D

Hi @just2random, thanks for stopping by!!

Yeah i did, but they are a little bit technologically impaired.

He always wanted to write his story down, but never had the time nor the ability. Its all just contained in his head, and he is such a humble individual that he doesnt want to seem like he is showing off or boasting.

I plan on writing up these posts, and using some of the proceeds to buy him a gift. Courtesy of steemit!!

It'd still be great to have him here so that he can share his positive outlook on life, if not his story. If he doesn't want to post, he could always stick to commenting. There have been a few people who have talked about their own ongoing battle with depression.

Yeah I agree. More people need to talk about it. He is computer illerate, and doesnt own smart phone or computer, so it'll be hard to convincw him to jump on board. Ive been trying to get his partner to write up the rest in mandarin and join in, but they hwve other priorities atm. I tired :(

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