Hi @just2random, thanks for stopping by!!

Yeah i did, but they are a little bit technologically impaired.

He always wanted to write his story down, but never had the time nor the ability. Its all just contained in his head, and he is such a humble individual that he doesnt want to seem like he is showing off or boasting.

I plan on writing up these posts, and using some of the proceeds to buy him a gift. Courtesy of steemit!!

It'd still be great to have him here so that he can share his positive outlook on life, if not his story. If he doesn't want to post, he could always stick to commenting. There have been a few people who have talked about their own ongoing battle with depression.

Yeah I agree. More people need to talk about it. He is computer illerate, and doesnt own smart phone or computer, so it'll be hard to convincw him to jump on board. Ive been trying to get his partner to write up the rest in mandarin and join in, but they hwve other priorities atm. I tired :(

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