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RE: Searching for Happiness - Is that the Problem?

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The search for something, anything, is the expectation of the future to fulfil the present. Which is not possible. Living the eternal now is the whole of all self being. Living where you are instead of where you will be provides that which you currently are bestowing to the future.


I totally agree with this yes, it is weird that humans are probably the only creature on the planet that destroys itself through seeking something that doesn't exist, so many aspects of human society are built on the past or the future, if it was structured on the now I think it would be a far kinder world that we would all share. :-)

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Most appreciated good sir, though I strive to live in the present I do not mean to say we should never put thought into the future. Since here even on steem we post now expecting someone to read and hopefully gain insight by reading our writing in the future. There is a philosophy I've been cultivating which allows living the dream every moment while still bringing about a prosperous future. I'll be sharing said mindframe as now allows.

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That sounds cool my friend :-)
I guess life is a balance right? Planning for good things but not getting so lost in the planning that we lose sight of today :-D

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