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RE: Searching for Happiness - Is that the Problem?

in #depression3 years ago

Great post very informative. Myself I am a cancer survivor and that changed how I looked at life tenfold. I wake up every morning before I even put my feet on the ground I practice gratitude for all I have in my life. I end my night with practicing gratitude. Also I don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy every minute of every day. Thanks for sharing....appreciated @georgemason.


Thank you :-) Did facing mortality in such a strong way make you re-focus into the now? I imagine that must have been very powerful in that sense to alter every single perspective that you would have in your life and re-focus every single one of them, did you find that doing this helped you with your recovery?
I bet you are very strong now, to get through the worst darkness we must be very strong inside.

Thanks for reading and posting :-)
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Yes @georgemason my fear was quickly changed to faith to I could stay calm and have hope and put all my healing energy into my recovery. Every minute is precious to me and I make every minute count.

That is excellent, I admire what you have achieved with your struggle :-)
If it is of interest I have 2 new posts on mental health issues generally, would be great to get your view on them :-)

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