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in depression •  10 months ago 

goodmorning Paul from my corner of the world, in Holland. First let me welcome you to the steemisfere and lovely to have you here, normally it would be sooner when you enter the platform buuuutttt i missed you coming on.
So thats of my chest and second i want to thank you for you honesty. Bipolar is a drag maybe but look at it like this, you have it so flaunt it, dont be scared we wont judge will will embrase maybe we dont know enough about it so maybe you must be the advocate to explain, do blog about it some more, i know a few steemians that are in a similar health situation and metting friends here online is a way to talk away the heavy black clouds. HIV is something i know you must deal with and almost dieing twice is hell i think, but also its there so try to come at ease with it. I know i have an aesy way talking about it not having it but i want to say i am felling your pain, living on benefit its there so use it, ifyou werent allowed you wouldnt have got it. I hope you and your fiancee will work things out, life is to short!

For your blog part i love the pictures maybe yu shuld enrole in Tree Tuesday see the #treetuesday and you will meet alot of new friends to follow.

Depression makes stories that need to bee told, for releaving your own mind aswell as for making people aware, so enrole in the #freewrite or #5minutefreewritepromt, look at @mariannewest her blog for information.

I use the Steemify app to see whats happening in my account who replied etc thats easy and quick.

Also look at #depression here on steemit YOU ARE NOT ALONE

well enough said , i hope i didnt offend you and i mean well, i will go and read some of the other blogs you made now,
let me know how you are doing,
from holland

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Thanks @brittandjosie <3 I love your statement "you have it so flaunt it". And yes, almost dying twice is hell. I am better now, just have to take care of myself.

Thanks for your suggestions! I will check out Tree Tuesday! And I will check out the depression topics.

Thank you so much!

You are very welcome ! Iam going to look out for you and remember i am always somewhere on the steemisfere if you need the girl with just ideas and i wish you a sunny Sunday dear.
From over sunny Netherlands