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RE: Searching for Happiness - Is that the Problem?

in #depression3 years ago

Happiness is a state of mind, it has to do a very little with what we have. To achieve that point of view is not easy at all ... We naturally seek for more, connecting that search with dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Very important for happiness are gratitude and forgiveness, what does not mean that we do not have to grow anymore.
Are we unhappy by nature and have to learn to become happy persons or we are born happy and then taught to be unhappy and now have to learn to be happy again?


I think you are right, it very much is a state of mind, we can have very little but in a particular moment feel an huge sense of satisfaction and contentment, I think it is on those times that we are not thinking, we are just being, we are living instead of trying to live, those are the moments when none of it really matters, it isn't about goals or status, it is just about being ourselves and letting go of all the rest of it, it is totally doable with practice, we can all do it, and maybe one day we will all be better for it :-)

Thanks for reading and posting :-)
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