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RE: Searching for Happiness - Is that the Problem?

in #depression3 years ago

We share exactly the same perspective. For me, seeking implies lack. We don't have it yet. Consequently, so long as we seek we won't find anything.
Even more, by seeking we focus on the lack because we complain about not having "it". So basically, the more we seek the further we drift away...
And yes, future and past are illusions as they are thought constructs. Without thought there is only Now.

😃Sorry, I need to stop it here, because if I continue it won't end!

Thank you! I like it very much! :)


That is cool that you look at it this way too, it is easy for us all to forget this every day and get lost again in thoughts that drag us into the past or future and in that way fear and worrying.

Is there any method that you use to keep centred and in the now so that you don't do this?
Trying to keep a clear head without all the noise of the past and the future is probably the way to be free.
I guess letting go is the key, I try as hard as I can to let go but I also need to make sure when I do that that itself doesn't become something I am holding onto to try to achieve :-)

Thanks for reading and posting :-)
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Dedicating my time to mental Silence was most powerful. This brought all my fears onto the surface in no time in the dream state. Now, I am as awake in the dream state as in the waking state, but back the mental Silence was accelerating exactly this process of becoming more awake in the dream state. In order to digest the pace at which this happened for me I had to practise even more mental Silence, otherwise it would have been too much. Telling myself to accept this and that I cannot change it but my perspective on it was key. My body physically released density every night and I felt it in my whole body. Over time, these past thought patterns naturally dissolved!:)

Thats interesting :-) have you ever tried lucid dreaming? I used to be able to do this but seem less able to do so these days, in fact I don't even seem to be lucid when I am awake anymore which is possibly why, do you think what we experience in the dream state is more who we are than what we see and feel in the waking state?

Interesting concepts :-)
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Dreaming has so many benefits. One of my first articles here "Artists as telepathic Soul readers" addresses this. I lucid dream every day. I am as awake in the "dream" state as in the waking state. The more we release thoughts and worries the deeper we get into our subconscious. Here, the magic starts! :)

Interesting concept, do you find if you alter things within the dream it can alter reality and vice versa? :-)

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