Exploring Natural Dental Health | Pt. 1 - Pulling Oil Morning Routine With Coconut Oil

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For concrete methods to improve our dental hygiene and health I wanted to start with something many of you may already be familiar with: Coconut oil! Yes, coconut oil has become somewhat of a superstar in daily use because it can be used for so many things to great benefit.

But arguably one of the best uses for it is to clean your mouth and to help it detox by "pulling oil".

For that we want to use a tablespoon of organic coconut oil and have it melt in our mouth. Once it is melted we want to start swishing it around in the way people use mouthwash. You can start creating local vacuums with your jaw and muscles in order to "pull" the oil through your teeth and far corners of the gums, and do so for a few minutes. After that you can simply spit out the coconut oil or spit it into a paper towel to dispose of.

Please do not swallow the oil after pulling it through your teeth - the aim is to get the toxins out of your body not deeper in ;)

Coconut oil used in this way can "gather up" all sorts of toxins and remnants of natural detox processes, bacteria and byproducts of maintaining your body functions. Oil pulling can reduce the amount of malicious bacteria in your mouth to great degree and get you off to a great body-friendly start of the day.

As such, oil pulling with coconut oil is best done in the morning right after you get up. This way you can greatly help your liver do its job by already removing many of the agents it would otherwise have to work on over the course of the next hours. Think of how much detox work you are helping your body do for you with this simple supportive technique.

If you're interested go find some organic coconut oil and try it out yourself! I think the ground is set for a few more less-known hacks to achieve a health-encouraging milieu in our mouths and around our teeth now that we can get rid of of all the excessive leftovers that accumulate over night.


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Thanks for stopping by <3

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And then ( just after replying on your earlier post - first one on dental hygiene ) - I saw this one :>)
Good to know about this being more beneficial in the morning. I will start with it tomorrow!

I do these at the first sign of a toothache and they work! Also whenever I am sick. Not everyday though. I don't do anything every single day.
Let me ask you this: I think these oil pulls might also prompt the body's organs to do toxin dumps of their own, so the value is not only in pulling toxins out of your mouth. What do you think? The results seem too powerful to only be in the mouth. Or out of the mouth I should say.

Thanks for the reminder to do this again... I am out of habit but its an awesome thing to do!

I do oil pulling often. I often do a tooth mask of ground dried herbs intended to support oral health and then I do oil pulling after. I'm about to be 41 and never once have had a cavity in my life. My teeth are in excellent shape. We make our own tooth powder for brushing and do oil pulling. It works!! We also don't drink soda, juice, and eat very fresh and healthful foods. That definitely helps.

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Wonderful have done this for a week or two thanks for the reminder 💯🐒