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I've re-inked and colored that one picture I posted last ... week?

I've been working on it live at Dlive if any of you care for that sort of action.



What I would suggest you to do in the future works is to speed up the recorded version from dlive(into 5-10mins) and accompany the final results with it. :)
Beautiful playlist. :)

Looks perfect, i love the details u put into the bike and into the character. U nailed it 👌
Upv0ted 🙂

thanks homie

aaaayyyyy i was at the livestream

oh yeah you were good :) I'm sorry I think my mic was off when I was talking to you, so if that is the case - my apologies. See you around!

can you multi stream on dlive would love to stream with ya

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love it, loveee it, klums!!! really channeling that old dragonball vibe :D the bike and the outfit and the gadgets and everything <3 <3 <3

gorgeous detailing too.... all those tiny screws and joints * __ * amazing~

and the colours are so pretty <3 i love how you keep things simple with the palette :> also the pose is great and natural and amazing <3 <3 <3

i love this~

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