We hope not 🤞

Hope is always a good position to have. My hope is that the chain doesn't have to survive on it though :)

I've been concerned about Dtubers losing this delegation pretty much since the day it was given. I feared many content contributors would simply take it for granted. I'm wondering how many Dtubers actually powered up? Is there enough SP available within that community to keep the place afloat for awhile while things get settled? Is this truly a disaster or can they step up to the plate and take care of themselves now?

Justin left us 200K SP, maybe as a sign of good faith? Anyway DTube existed before the delegation model, and was doing fine. We also have our own token opening in May that will allow us to start rewarding new users again if our STEEM delegation is truly rip.

Hopefully this news and the potential loss of income (for now) will encourage people to carry on and try really hard to look out for one another. If I felt like giving advice to anyone today, that would be it. It's so easy to feel defeated around here these days, with more and more seemingly bad news and confusion constantly rising to the top.

I miss the days when a vote from a dolphin like me had some serious power behind it. There's literally thousands of us here who could be helping out if that value was higher... but I digress.

Good luck.

I think this is what it really comes down to. These communities have been around for a long time and the users need to support each other, not succle at the tit of Steemit. Those days are done.

Exactly. People can decide today if they want to act like victims or prove to themselves that entity they despise isn't turning them into the puppets they don't want.

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