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RE: Open Letter from Dapps to @justinsunsteemit

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To be honest... these dapps had delegation for far too long. I see it as a startup bonus... Here have a delegation for 6 months prove us that you are doing something with vision, and gather your own audience. Simply because you have a dapp does not give you rights to have million steem delegations.If you are good enough you will find supporters and start build dapp and community around it even without delegation.

Fundition has misused funds for so long, no one addressed this and they have 0 users on their platform (state of the dapps metrics).

Steemhunt had interesting vision and project - never went deeply into it and apparently has the most users on them all. can't comment anything on that.

Steempress is a nice implementation but so far for being present for 1.5/2 years to only have 20-100 users in 24hours - does that require 1million delegation to go on?

There were numerous talks about dtube and their policy... the I don't care about steem and whatever happens, has been voiced by dtube few times. Why would you support them more? Yet they still have significant chunk of steem delegated.

3speak got their own 1mil... nothing to worry about that - was never delegated in the first place, not sure why it is listed there - might be developed by oracle-D but there there is SPS for development not a delegation...

And oracle-d has also been around for about 2 years - the most supported thing is a football school academy - which their last post was 5 months ago. And the promise of bringing whales and write posts for them... I don't know


hi @svemirac, I guess you are talking about the use of the delegation for supporting and attracting more players to drugwars, and I would like to remember that we never did that for our personal profit, and we did it with the consentement of steemit inc, furthermore this has been stopped as soon as the delegation committee asked us to do so. When they gave us a month to stop the dw voting pattern, we stopped it before a week. And it was not for so long as you pretend it to be.
But as I can see you don't understand Fundition and how it works, in that way you should inspect first how it works before claiming that nobody use it.
Fundition does not necessarily ask to its users to use the platform to make updates, in fact Fundition is the first DApp who permit to use any DApp on the Steem ecosystem to make updates to a project, so any founder can start his project on Fundition but still use Steemit, Steempeak, Dtube, 3Speak, Steempress or any other existent app to make an update to a project, making the statistic of steemapps useless in this case. Same when an user receive a donation, it is not displayed on Steemapps.
Additionnaly, Fundition converted a tons of FIAT and other cryptos to STEEM. Probably much more than many other DApps here.
So if you think this is the most misused delegation, why not, but if you can't even understand that the metrics on SteemApps does not represent the state of fundition, I guess you are fooled in your judgement.

Best regards,

Is this fundition? Hadn't really heard of it before, am not sure this is right

hi @petertag, this is gaming.fundition the little sister of

Do you have disabled javascript? strange that the translations and the numbers are not updated.

Ah, fundition itself does look a lot better. No, I don't, that's why I thought it seemed really weird. Refreshing it got it to show up correctly around 1/3 times, not sure what's up with that. Using brave w/ shields up

No idea where you gathered that for @dtube. Us not running a node and not taking part in governance doesn't mean we don't care about steem. I guess you had nothing to say considering it's probably the delegation that had the least issues over time.

No offense but from what I've seen dtube do over the years, some of it is questionable ethics. Nothing against the good you all have done, but some of the statements I've seen in the past told me that dtube didn't care what happens to steem. It's not to say you want it to fail, but it still made me feel like dtube didn't care. It's all about how you put yourself out there.

It wasn't until they came for YOU and YOUR delegations that you decided to speak out. Not for others, though. Just yourselves. Just saying.

Eventually things catch up to you, so you have to wonder if the way you've been running things is 100% right. And just because something is legal, doesn't make it right.

I think a tier-based delegation system based on milestones achieved would solve a lot of these issues while still supporting the dapps in the ecosystem.

That's a fucking brilliant idea man

I agree.
A lot of truth in this.

I hope you're aware that @oracle-d has brought more than 500k investment to STEEM? Find out and restructure your comment. And oracle-d is way bigger than the Andre Gray Footfall Academy. That takes less than 4% of the curation.

hmmm remind me again about everything this @justyy Dapp has done? I didn't figure you would be a JSun shill... are you just salty that @curie doesn't have a delegation?

If I was I would be running 22.5 on my witness node, and probably got some delegations just like justy.

For the last 2.5 years (my presence in curie) curie didn't have steemit's delegation, and obviously curie doesn't have a dapp - just like all other curation projects. Why would I be salty now because some other dapps had it?

On the other hand, Justy is supporting chinese community and with sorting JS out and supporting him - he gets to advance on the chain, and gets delegation for his community/project.
Some people like to have leaders to follow - he clearly chose his, nothing wrong with that - after all everyone has a choice.

"The paths fork and divide. With each step you take through Destiny's garden, you make a choice; and every choice determines future paths. However, at the end of a lifetime of walking you might look back, and see only one path stretching out behind you; or look ahead, and see only darkness."

JSun "apologist" may have been a better term for me to use than JSun "shill". Coming here to troll these DApps and make it seem like JSun is doing a reasonable thing here is shitty. Period. This wasn't part of some well-reasoned reallocation of delegations, shifting some away from DApps that have had delegation for a long time and delegating to new promising DApps. This is a slash of outgoing delegations to free up more SP for the powerdown and dump. He frickin' removed the delegation from STEEMCLEANERS dude. Get your head out of your ass. I honestly can't believe you would come here and try to justify JSun's actions. You have lost a ton of respect from me.