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RE: Open Letter from Dapps to @justinsunsteemit

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He doesn't care about anything steem other than and the stake he has. He just wants to assimilate as much of the userbase as possible and bring them to TRON. I had hope that he would open his eyes and see the destruction he's causing, but this one leaves me very pessimistic. The survival of our blockchain cannot rely on this company anymore, it will have to come from the community.


People should focus on his track record. He invests in things to profit from the decline.

The blockchain has been dying for the better part of the last 2 years.

Yes indeed. He has a history of using lies and shady (borderline illegal) tactics to profit.

That is exactly the issue he doesn't see or probably ever will understand. If it were just, I think nobody would even blink an eye about everything. But steem became a platform that goes way beyond a decentralized blog network. It's an actually really well functioning blockchain I would say. Now we see what blockchain tech really is about.

keccak77 (29)in SteemLeo • 2 hours ago
Just in, the Sun will be taking over uranis... What respectful planet would be called your anis, I'm just Sayin... Justin Sun is a shill, that is being funded to cause this problem. We need to gather, like minded people, so we can," FUCK" "JUSTIN, in his newly formed anis. And that's what hes talking like and acting like,"Justin Sun," needs to be our victim. The new economy, the believers in, "STEEMIT", other wise I just went to" Bitchute" and I Like it!!~!!
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