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Delegations - a very powerful tool created for the Steem blockchain.
Giving voting power to users without needing to trust them with your Steem Power.
Diversifying your workload by letting others curate on your behalf.
Leasing out voting power for profit.

There are a lot of things you can do with delegations. I wanted to take the time to thank my delegatees for trusting me to curate on the platform early on. My focus into curation through trails since they existed sure paid off at the end and I tried to do my best with it on a daily basis.

One of the main projects that I created thanks to the delegations was the @ocd initiative, now grown to over 40 curators all doing a great job finding undervalued newcomers that create quality posts and raising retention rates of the platform that way.

I started out by delegating my own SP to each new curator as an extra initiative for them to do a good job curating and as the project was growing they were growing along side with it. Of course when SBD spiked the curation rewards they were earning through my delegation were a tiny amount, then again all curators on the platform felt that change as well which could explain why so many decided to start selling their votes through delegations instead.

I have to say that I tried my best not to abuse the power delegated to me when SBD spiked, I don't believe I went over 15% self-votes in the last 12 months. For many it was a great opportunity to increase their vests when SBD spiked and I don't regret that I started posting a bit more often during it. It allowed me to invest back into SP a lot during that time and I wish many others would have done the same. I don't regret not posting more either though, money isn't everything and although its not only about money here on the platform as SP gives you so much more than that I don't feel like I want to be a hoarder of SP and compete with the whales that invested early or have useful services which they grow bigger from.

A big reason I didn't post more was seeing how many other users here, older ones, those with a lot of support went a little crazy over the SBD spike. So much so that I lost the respect I had for them and I didn't want to see myself in the same light, or that others would see me that way.

Receiving votes on Steem isn't always about the posts or the quality as you might have noticed. It also has a lot to do with that users contributions to the platform on and off it. At the end of the day I don't have trouble falling asleep at night thinking I may have overrewarded myself or abused the voting support I have received through autovotes which may or may not be cast by users who may not be as active to check where their votes are landing on.

I am glad I had this opportunity to grow and become a vital part of the curation of the platform and I don't intend on breaking it even after I lose my delegation. I could easily lease out my own SP and earn a high percentage back from vote selling bots but I choose not to, the same way I never went for autovotes knowing they would double if not tripple my curation rewards. Max ROI is not why I am here on the platform, I am here for the long run and I want to see the platform and currency change the world and the people involved in it.

Anyway, what I wanted to get to in this post is that I hope more investors and bigger users on the platform would consider not leasing out delegations or selling their votes. I believe that the people who sell at these low prices might be those that are earning Steem without much effort and don't see the value in it that many others here share. The markets are not the best indicator of the value of a currency or project though, especially not short-term prices so I've tried not to look much at prices lately even though I keep getting reminded from others about them constantly.

After undelegating the OCD curators since they are earning a lot more through the project now and its not the best ways to scale the growth, I wanted to delegate to a few other projects that I believe will flourish over time.

One of them will be @decentmemes which I will be making a post soon looking for a few manual curators to help me curate original, funny and decent memes and of course also announce the winner of the Logo contest which took place ages ago. :)

The other will be @steemgc Steem Gaming Community which is a community for gamers on Steem that can connect with eachother through this discord link and enjoy some quality time gaming, tournaments and other various things together. You should definitely check them out if you are into gaming!

I have a few other ideas of what I might do with the rest of my undelegated SP, but for the time being I'm enjoying being able to vote with a bit more voting power even if it is only in SP value. :)

Thanks for reading everyone - remember that during times like these when activity goes down on the platform due to prices being on the low side is when you earn the most stake in the currency with your posts. It's kind of the same mistake that traders do when they buy currencies when they are on their way up instead of accumulating when they are at lows like these. Make the most of it! :)

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Each time someone delegates away their SP, we lose two more eyes. Thousands of eyes are converted into one paid vote. People are spending money for votes because they think it will help them be seen, yet they are paying people so they can look away when they buy the vote.

In my opinion the main problem is that people here vote for people, not for articles. Content doesn't matter at all (at least for almost everyone with some kind of weight, of course there are a lot of manual curators and communities like @ocd trying to found good articles) but most of the daily reward pool is for the same users, everyday, no matter what they post, you can check it by looking the trending page, its sad but its true. So its kinda obvious that minnows are using bots, its the only way to get some votes and some $$ to cash out. Everyone arrives here pretty excited and when they realize the truth about circle voting they just leave, I managed to get almost six or seven people here in the last couple of months, and sadly no one is still here. Its great what you say @acid about not selling delegation, also everything you did and keep doing with the @ocd, its awesome to have more curators willing to read and rewards good content, but the closed voting circle is literally killing steemit.

i totally agree.. i started the @ecoTrain for this very reason.. and more.. We really do our best to reward genuine people with something to say and who say it well.. it makes everything shine when we reward the right people and im for what @ocd is doing.. glad i discovered it here..

Just for a week, a minnow like me really struggle here for others to see my 'quality' contents. I hope steemit has a better way of promoting good contents rather than those whales using this platform primarily for money botting even their contents are garbage.

Agree. The logic goes like this: they notice a writer always gets votes, so they try to front run to get the curation awards by voting for everything that writer puts out, which causes other people to do the same and it snowballs.

I like to watch moto-vlogs on Youtube. I enjoy motorcycles and the scenery. I don't watch every moto-vlog because some of those people are lame. What makes a popular moto-vlog is the person. It's them adding their personalized touch. What they say, how they say it, who they are.

I'm an artist here. I always tell new artists to add their personalities into their posts. Not many want to follow the art, they want to follow the artist. There are literally millions of images to look at. What sets them apart is how they look, and who did it. That's how this works.

Let's say you came here and decided to talk about trees. All of your posts were trees. Pictures of trees and words about trees. "This is a maple tree." Who follows a tree? Nobody. Those who came here to share information and not their personality typically struggle because people want to know people, not trees. The moment you personalize your tree blog and make it about you and your experiences with trees, more people become interested and the rest of the tree blogs stagnate. This is the entertainment industry. That's how it works.

its the only way to get some votes

No it isn't. I've been here since September 2016. We didn't have these stupid paid votes before. We had people willing to look and find people who were interesting. If someone's blog is failing these days and they can't even pay people to look, it is NOT the fault of the platform, it is their own approach to blogging that is holding them back. That's life.

Maybe back in 2016 it wasn't this way, but Im here since June 2017 and it's pretty much what defines steemit for me. I get what you say about the person behind the blog, the personality you add to your content making it unique and worth watching/reading. But in my opinion thats not the case in here, its not even close to be like this, if you check the trending page as I said before you are gonna see the same users everyday, with the same shitty posts (in most of the cases, Im not saying all of them) rewarded with thousands of dollars, and whales keep voting for that shit. If you are new here you must be lucky to be discovered by ocd, or curie, or maybe make friends with some whale, it thats not the case then try to be happy with your 0.something posts.

So why not just fix the trending page?

  • Have the paid programming posts removed and put in the promoted tab after someone uses a bot to "promote"

  • Detect the self vote and have that removed from what the trending page picks up as popular due to high rewards and just let the other votes speak for the post. If someone games the system by using an alternate account to trend consistently, remove that vote as well. They'd still earn their rewards, they just wouldn't be exploiting the flaw to gain more exposure and they wouldn't be there all of the time.

  • Limit accounts so they only qualify for one trending post per day. They can still make as many posts as they want, it just can't hijack the page.

Simple stuff.

By the way:

but Im here since June 2017 and it's pretty much what defines steemit for me.

Only because you guys make it happen. I'm still here. I'm not buying votes. When you buy a vote, you bump my work down, so I certainly won't be voting for yours. Especially if you or someone else has $50 beside their post and 5 views. There's no way in hell I'd vote for that nonsense because those people are using tricks and attempting to mislead me into voting for them. NO thanks.

I totally agree with you in the fixing the trending page points, it's one of the most important keys to keep "a fair ecosystem". I'm still here too, and if was only about money probably I would last a couple of months, and I tried bots at first, the leave them, then used them again, then leave them, and so on. And if you check my wallet its nothing from the other world, I could buy bots, self vote all my posts and comments, I could rent some SP with my liquid money on bittrex and binance and I wouldn't make even a 10% of what some people are making with shitty posts everyday, so I don't care how minnows try to make something here, it will probably not affect the reward pool more than a couple of whales doing the same things.

For me, personally, I need to keep my track record as honest as possible. I could get work outside of this realm and use my blog as a reference to what I'm able to accomplish. If I bought my "salary" here, I wouldn't be able to laugh in the face of a low ball offer. Things like that are important to me. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, right? If someone came here scouting for talent, they would not look at the ones who are purchasing "success". Those folks are shooting themselves in the foot. Really though, it seems they just came for money and blogging or showcasing their talents comes second. That's doing it backwards. They don't know, because they're amateurs.

Anyway, that's just how I see things. People can game the system all they want. It's not everyday a shoplifter walks into a store, announces their name and kindly points out the fact they're about to leave with as much as they can carry. At least we can admire their "honesty."

I get your point, and I agree with everything, or almost everything, but as you said every action has an equal opposite reaction, so at the ends y sums up in a mix of what people are really looking here, and thats how content get spread, and wrote, and curated, and etc. its really hard to surf through steemit and find some interesting articles, not because people are not writing them, there are a lot of people doing amazing things.
At least people are getting more engaged in the comments, and discussing real things, not bot comments, this last pricing high brought a lot of things in here, in a good and a bad way, with their own reactions, thanks to both of those things more people ended up getting to know more about how things were going, or at least I can see that peculiar thing as a positive thing.

I think a lot of the points you brought up here are some that will get fixed or reshaped with communities and then hopefully with SMT's. I personally never check trending, which sometimes makes me miss important posts or people that have joined the platform but the vote-trading which is basically like self-voting 100% daily is what makes me not look there anymore. When I have free voting power to just curate for the sake of curation I find myself more often checking through tags in hot/new and tags that aren't as popular or abused.

I really do think communities will help this a lot, it will incentivize moderators of those communities to keep their tags clean and of high quality for other curators to spend more time in them much like subreddits work and grow.

SMT's will also change a bunch of things but its too early to say exactly how and what.

It feels weird responding to a comment knowing that the others above you may not read it. But oh well.

I really hope communities comes sooner rather than later, and I hope they don't wait for EOS before bringing them out, instead just keep EOS for the SMT's implementation. It's a hope because we all know we lose a lot of talented people everyday because they don't get discovered or it takes 1 month just to get approved.

It didn't take too long for Ben Lee, Donal Logue or Andreas M. Antonopoulos to get discovered here and it's great that they are here, but there are also people just as talented leaving frequently, I really hope communities changes that, allows us to discover people easier and more importantly keep them. That will make this place fun.

And OCD helps with that, great work building it.

I'm one of these: I'll believe it when I see it.

I hope we see change in the future but in the mean time, it would be nice to see some change.

Sad but true.

Also deep.

Hmm very true, like buying an audience to watch you concert sir.

We hope you keep us in mind for that delegation! As you can probably guess I agree with you on your not selling delegation point. That would stop all the delegations going to vote bots, abusers etc and instead to projects that will help steem!

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Diversifying your workload by letting others curate on your behalf.
Leasing out voting power for profit.

I would have also added at this stage of your post: supporting some steem project one carries in one's heart. I know this become apparent later, but I think this is important.

Receiving votes on Steem isn't always about the posts or the quality as you might have noticed. It also has a lot to do with that users contributions to the platform on and off it. At the end of the day I don't have trouble falling asleep at night thinking I may have overrewarded myself or abused the voting support I have received through autovotes which may or may not be cast by users who may not be as active to check where their votes are landing on.

I am personally trying to monitor how I vote on a period running over the last 14 days. Of course I fail in checking it only once in a while. My personal goal is to avoid voting too much for a given user, and sharing as much as possible within many different authors. (I btw just checked at the moment and adjusted my future votes accordingly ;) )

I really hope that steemians who are getting (biggish but also smaller) delegations would do something similar (or at least implement a kind of self-control mechanism), trying to self-monitor themselves to make the best usage for the platform of what they got. However, easy said... I have been through more disappointments than anything else so far.

Hehe, disappointments is the right word, so disappointed in many users over the last few months.

But yeah, diversity is a good thing, I'm quite happy currently with the daily ocd noms, my feed, steemgc posts, dlive streamers, decentmemes and then the "plz check this post" in dms. If many other curators were voting on a thousand unique authors a month we'd have so much higher retention rates and bouncebacks from new accounts.

The "plz check this post" is really annoying when it turns to be 25-30 messages a week of people thinking they are entitled to a vote (because they use the steemstem tag in my case), or telling me how bad I am to have missed their posts (having me spending more than 40 hours per week in reading and voting posts is probably not enough, the proof being that I am still managing to write one post per week...). Yeah sometimes, I just want to send everything to hell (actually, it happened 2 weeks ago but now is better).

If many other curators were voting on a thousand unique authors a month we'd have so much higher retention rates and bouncebacks from new accounts.

Already a few hundreds would make a difference. I prefer the baby-step by baby-step way. But I agree :)

Yeah, there are some that don't even try anymore. Like I'm open to checking out your posts now and then, but not every time every day you post. I have literally over 700 unread messages by people I know are just dropping links without a single word in Makes it hard to read messages of actual newcomers or people you do want to talk with, currently taking a small break from chat, lol.

Worst part is many of them know that at least half of my daily VP goes towards @ocd yet they still feel entitled to a chance to get an upvote - the worst part are those that never get enough. :/

This entitlement sentiment is actually the thing that upsets me like hell... I must admit I rarely connect to the steem chat, as we moved all our activities on discord (where we are also handling the complains better :p).

Sorry for the late answer, I was in offline mode for the Easter break ;)

Thank you @acidyo, at least we have a some people out here who still believe in the meritocracy of the community. And I hope to improve more on the frequency of my weekly post. I reduced it to 3-4 post a week since I enjoyed some auto-upvote then, didn't want to milk my generous giver. But now that the grace is over, I hope to add a little more to that.

I have to say that I tried my best not to abuse the power delegated to me when SBD spiked, I don't believe I went over 15% self-votes in the last 12 months.

They say power intoxicates, but it seems you have everything under control @acidyo
Not everyone will be able to coordinate themselves in times like this.

remember that during times like these when activity goes down on the platform due to prices being on the low side is when you earn the most stake in the currency with your posts.

I totally agree with you, most people feel there's no need posting frequently because the market is down. But they forgetting that every cent they make this period could be worth a lot more in months time.

I think delegation has it's pros and cons. Delegating SP to devoted communities who have taken it upon themselves to dig up quality post is a great way to improve this wonderful community.

Cheers @acidyo.. You doing a great job :)

i agree with you sir cos there is a saying in my country that "don't give small (little) money chance no chance at all...

Well said buddy... Thanks for shedding more light on this

thanks wow! i like your dp madara uchiha one of the greatest so are you...

I believe that the platform needs both good content creators and investors that are doing putting money in the system so content creators and engagement minded people can continue on creating great content and community building.

I have been a recipient of getting your OCD vote from time to time and I am very happy to see it because more of the value of the upVote it means that somebody appreciated my work enough to nominate.

I know the pull of delegating to bid bots and vote selling because I have tested both and indeed it provides better returns than curating but I chose to manually curate, engage the community and provide a message that somebody cares about their content.

I recently renewed my delegation with @blocktrades and it would have better for my ROI to just votesell but I choose to be an engagers and community builder. That said I am happy that you delegated to those communities and if I might be able to make a pitch I would suggest that you delegate to these wonderful advocacy.

@newbieresteemday headed by @davidmccoy who is pushing the Engagement and help of newbies in this Platform to greater heights. Him together with the ABC's of curation @amariespeaks, @beeyou, @charisma777 and @lynncoyle1 are doing a massive job of commenting an upvoting a lot of people. Need proof of how big their effect is all you need to see is @abh12345 league of curation and engagement published every week to see how much they do for the platform.

Asher's league is another great initiative here that is wildly entertaining and a great competition. It is a curation and engagement competition that everyone wins especially the Steem platform.

Aside from that the @promo-mentors by @futurethinker is another worthy initiative that brings together new and veteran Steemians sonthaay they can be mentored and given a better chance of being seen by major curation guilds as well as help people with taking their level of posting a notch higher with one on one mentoring and feedback sessions given. We know that not everyone can be curied or OCD so we also have an encouragement boost vote that we use and getting a delegation behind that would be great for the people.

You might say I am biased because I belong to these initiatives but to me I am there because I believe in their message and I am here for the long run. I want the platform to get better and I can do that by supporting such initiatives that bring value to the platform not necessarily interns of monetary ROI but in the quality and behaviour of people that they will become good memebrs of the platform.

Mav thank you very much for the promotion of the intitiatives... (even though you spelled my username wrong, I still found it thanks to our diligent allseeingbeeyou!) :)

This was very nice of you to say and of course I agree with you about the great work we are doing (everyone is included in that one)... I appreciate you taking the time to let others know what we are doing! And btw, you are an amazing communicator and I can see that you will be a star in Asher's league for a long time! Keep it up and thanks again my friend! :)

Here's a newbie nickel for @danielsaori just because you are an awesome person!

Congratulations, this newbie nickel is sponsored by #steemitcommentchallenge this week!


#newbieresteemday highly recommends this sponsor!

Haha sorry Dave! I was half asleep when I started typing this comment and i had good intentions hahahhaa.

I'm not nearly a super star like you and the rest of the folks that have taken your cause. Just look at the top performers in Asher's league and most of them are doing what we believe in supporting communities and spreading that vote.

So, I guess coming in No. 4 this past week in League No. 2 isn't "top performer"? :)

I hope we don't all have to do what @davemccoy and others are doing to make this a better place. Just the idea of all the rallying Dave does tires me out! Let alone attempting to do any of it.

We all have our own roles to fill, right? And we can change them up from time to time, too. So, keep on keepin' on and it will be more than enough to help. :)

very good Glen and so true.. Everyone helps in their own way. And btw it tires Dave out too sometimes... This is a great message to Mav and I'm glad you said it!

Just so that Dave (since we're both talking about you in third person now) doesn't get so tired that he burns out or throws in the towel, because that would not be good. Some tired is good because it meant you did something. :) Too much tired leads to discouragement. The rallier needs rest, too. :)

lol... Yes Glen, Dave understands and agrees! He appreciates the advice and realizes he needs some balance. Thank goodness spring/summer is close to approaching so he can get outside and mingle with the people in the real world at the park! (I know it is supposed to be here but its still pretty damn cold everyday)

have a good evening!

ps the rallier won't throw in the towel! ;)

That was me in case you didn't know ;)

Yep, I figured it out. And what is up with the cold, anyway? We're starting to get out of it a little here, but the cold has been hanging around. In fact, it feels like we've had colder weather in March than we had in February.

Funny thing is, Alexa kept telling us to expect dreary weather all day. All day, it was sunnier than it's been in several days. :)

hahaha I tend to not highlight what I do and like to share or put to focus other people :) Thank you so much for the kind words

Very commendable. You and I think the same way. I'm a lousy self-trumpeter, and I'm okay with that, even if it's too my detriment. I've never been able to strike a genuine tone with tooting my own horn. If I'm not feeling it, how can I expect anyone else, too?

Others though seem to find the way, and I can read it and feel like it was them feeling pride in a job well done. Some people can't pull it off, and it sounds self-serving. Like when I do it. If someone else does it for me, that's okay. Kind of embarrassing—not that I mind the attention, it just seems awkward. Probably something I need to work on and get over, I guess.

Doesn't mean I won't go pointing out what someone else is doing right, though. :) That I can do with no compunction or reservation whatsoever.

your words are very comforting sir.

lol.. I don't mind.. I was just playing with you Mav! I didn't want you to forget me by typing my name in wrong in the future... ;)

And yeah yeah... you can downplay it all you want, but I have a hunch you will be in the top of that league for many years to come! The reason? You just have that kind of good personality!

I love side you and the rest of the ABC's :)

you are such an angle and will always be. keep up the good work

Thanks for the time you took to write about @newbieresteemday and the individuals behind the efforts, especially our tirelessly leader @davemccoy. I'm glad you also mentioned @abh12345's curation and engagement leagues! What a wonderful way of showing your support to the different communities out there.

btw, I don't think you're biased at all. I have met some of the most caring and giving individuals with the #newbieresteemday initiative and Asher's leagues. Why can't we give ourselves a pat on the back sometimes? Especially when it's well deserved. Ask any number of newbies who have told us repeatedly that they would have quit if they haven't found our community. I am darn proud of everyone on our team...that list extends to the co-founders, cheerleaders, resteemers, newbie greeters, and our recently added title, sugar redfish, who will help with his upvote powers when called to the rescue! ;)

Well it's amazing what you and the rest of the ABC's do so i anyway that I can talk about it I'll do it!

Might as well use my branding and marketing background hahaha.

I'm really liking my new title the Sugar Redfish who will be there to upVote when needed!

I have seen the good that you ladies and Dave does to the platform and any kind of help we can do for you is to just fitting.

We want to celebrate what you all do!

This is very sincerely written @maverickinvictus. Thank you as well for engaging with our team of misfits. I wish there were more time in the day for steemit! I am really liking the sugar redish title too! I think that title is perfect for both you and @bashadow, but he already claimed the title of helper. So we will leave him with the title of upvoter, helper, supporter...until if/when he too chooses to be a sugar redfish. ;)

Welcome to our Newbie Resteem family! Ask @davemccoy, I'm very selective who I determine is part of our team. He has his own list of course--tagged me to add 100+ team members that showed interest. My list are those individuals that go that extra mile, albeit it with taking the time to write about others or giving up their blog space, showing support/mentoring and spreading around their cheerleading spirit, and just giving that extra bit of kindness to others. Happy to have you as part of our team Mave!

I'm with @beeyou here! And I heard our little sugar-red-fish can do a dance to that will knock your socks off. Isn't that right @maverickinvictus haha

No hork and spat here, that's for sure @lynncoyle1! Lol, that video still cracks me up.

haha I know right?? So funny!!

I am extremely honored and happy that the cheerleader herself to say this!

I can still remember that day I was fresh off the boat of the Empire of Max and we were talking about how I heard about you being the cheerleader and you welcoming when we visited (invaded) the shores of the Newbieresteemday.

Now you are recommending me to be a part. I am so happy and thankful for all of you :)

We are happy and honored to have you part of our team @maverickinvictus! Here is to us celebrating our 1 year anniversary with a kickass meetup somewhere in the world! Cheers!

There's always Mexico ;) It is a "kickass meetup spot" you know :)

Of course. On the top of my list!

Oohhh yes somewhere warm and lots of pretty women would do!

What a sweet thing to say Mav! We are thankful for you as well:)

What an awesome response @maverickinvictus! I'm am so pleased that you have chosen

to be an engagers and community builder

and invest so much into @newbieresteemday as well. I don't think you are the least bit biased either; I too joined @newbieresteemday (and might I add @asapers here as well) because their foundation is built on the same ideals that you admire and do I and everyone else that you mentioned here. That includes @abh12345 too!

@acidyo, I also have been fortunate enough to have received your attentions through @ocd and appreciate all that you do for this platform. When like-minded individuals focus their attention on what they can do for this platform, as opposed to focusing on what's in it for them here, it's amazing what can be accomplished. I am very proud of both @newbieresteemday and @asapers, and of course all of their members, in truly selflessly working together for the benefit of everyone on here!

Thank you so much our Engagement Queen! I like how you worded it.

hen like-minded individuals focus their attention on what they can do for this platform, as opposed to focusing on what's in it for them here, it's amazing what can be accomplished.

I'm very happy when I was feeling a bit lost and alone to have found #newbieresteemday :)

It is so great to be surrounded by like minded individuals and I know we will help make Steemit an engaged platform full of great content.

sometime it's only few people know how to give back to where they get from...
i believe in you and you can do it because that is what you have shown so far.. your generosity
will be well known my friend

Since I started on the platform I liked the idea of valuing the effort through publications and the effort they put in to each one, but from a time to time I see the growth of the accounts with inorganic votes and no matter how much I read, I don't get publications that make me feel confident that there are organic votes and people who really read you... I decided to stop publishing and dedicate myself to reading and learning techniques to be successful on this platform, but maybe the Spanish-speaking people have less opportunity here.... it was when I finally read to people who believe in the growth of the platform in the beautiful way that I knew, I put myself to the order if I can help with any project, I would love to help many in this way, many greetings.
Forgive my mistakes, I don't speak English, the translator helps me.

In many respects you are correct, the majority of the post are in english, however that does not stop people from reading a post. In our discord self-promotion drop box we get several foreign language post, I still visit, use the browser translate function, and read and vote or comment if it is a good post. Yes the translate function does not work real well sometimes, but it does work good enough. I have also read several German post that use the column function, and have German in the right, and English n the left column. I have also seen where one paragraph is in english, then repeated in the writers native language in the next. So there are ways around the English centricity of steemit. And as communities grow, native language sites will also.

thank you very much for your answer i recommend for your help with the translation

This is a wonderfully orchestrated post. You have done well by telling us who you really are and what you are made of but those who might get surprised are those who don't know you .

I have carefully watched your steps in this community and to be honest I consider you a philanthropist . I go through some very good posts on here and I see your upvotes on them. I see your drive and passion for the steem community and it's longevity with the creation of the @ocd project.

You've helped little fellas like me grouw gradually on steemit and you have given me a sense of belonging and I most appreciate that and I am sure many others who have felt your touch and impact on this great community does too.

All I can say to you is that you continue the hood work which you do on here and even though you have decided to remain disciplined with the sp delegated to you, you will still get your rewards big Time Bro. Your discipline is one which I envy...keep doing us proud.

I wish more whales would be like you!!!
I will never forget all your support you gave me a few month back when I was new here on steemit thank you for that.

Not posting because the price is down shows that some people are here only for the money how sad.

Everyday posting to give good information into the platform and community is what makes a real STEEMIAN


Its great to see some big users behave in a responsible way always thinking about the community and how to improve it.

Especially at times when its common to see people with a lot of SP delegating to bid bots!

Thanks for your work building communities man :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It's refreshing to read your opinions on the matter and see how well you have held true to your values. The spike definitely caused a lot of users to lose their minds when the $ signs started to add up and it all comes down to that ingrained value to money that people hold so dear to their heart. This will be more apparent down the line with the influx of users Steemit has had over the last few months and how it may affect them when STEEM inevitably increases in value. I just hope people hold true to what they believe in.

Projects that encourage genuine connection with a focus on each user's personal growth are few and far between; without them devolving into some form of self-promoting frenzy. I realized this early on from some of the discord servers I joined and decided to create a community that would be designed to give users the stepping stones to improve themselves, while also developing productive and genuine behaviors in the process.

When I first started BuddyUP it was aimed at new users initially and was restricted to anyone below 1000SP. After a couple of months of work on the server, it is evident that it will help all members of the platform to understand and realize what it truly means to be encouraging and engaging within the community. There are steps for users to grow and there is a definite focus on the improvement of each members skills and interacting ability.

Requests for micro delegation to the account have come through but have been denied because of the potential of wasted value at this current time. We want to make sure we are using the voting weight at it's highest potential. We have already started to focus on our limited voting weight right now and we're currently trying to employ the habits of using our percentage correctly to distribute a scalable and workable routine of votes.

I am stopping by as an attempt to get in your sights and to see if I can discuss the steps our community will need to not only sustain and grow heathly but to also benefit the platform as a whole by having all the elements required to be a well-performing community service for the users on the platform. I believe your knowledge acquired from running OCD would be extremely beneficial to us.

Thank you for reading. We will be out there in the open soon enough, I just wanted to drop by to show my appreciation for your efforts and also to share our name; so you can get familiar with our efforts to. @buddyup

Oh man in my half asleep state how could I have forgotten yours!

I believe in what Buddy up is set to do in Engagement and leaving great comments. More than that is a sense of community that encourages and create bonds that will make people be better Steemians.

I have see in first hand the unselfish promoting of other people's work, of giving positive feedback in order to raise the level of the author and the catch of the day celebrates the good quality work of people.

Your comments are always mini posts that shows depth and quality even better than some posts out there haha.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Don't worry about it @maverickinvictus! I know that you are part of a variety of communities and you have always shown massive support towards BuddyUP.

After reading through comments and replies on the post, I just wanted to state that our best interest isn't delegation. I think delegation would be a waste for us right now and our time would be better spent learning from somebody who is already utilizing a delegation and running a community/team on the platform.

The comment I shared last night was more reaching out for guidance and knowledge, about running a community that can function successfully at the center stage. Our foundation is solid and built to last, we are ready for the next level.

Delegations will surely crumble a community if they aren't designed to withstand influxes of members or if they don't have the correct practises in place to make use of the voting weight.

I appreciate you dropping a comment by to show your support @maverickinvictus. I have seen your comments too and they're top quality themselves!

I know mate and I really like what you are doing in Buddy Up. Just the grandwork that you are doing for it shows huge promise that it will be a community that will produce future superstars and influencers in the plaftrom!


See man, that's why I gravitated towards you @acidyo. Not only that you're a gamer but you are one of the main users that helps out the community, and I respect you for that.

So from a personal experience, I can say that curation makes people stay on steemit .
Just as I have been on the brink of leaving steemit , frustrated at the lack of engagement, there have been people on steemit who make you feel a part of the community.

On a personal level when I wanted to curate funny content on steemit, @dj123 from #comedyopenmic gave me a generous 500 SP delegation.
It helped me curate people who have raw comedic talent.

Well, its very noble of you and what's important is that you can live with yourself after making a decision. I'm also volunteering to be a manual curator of the decentmemes tag and I promise to do my very best.

Hey @acidyo, while I had no idea who you were in the very beginning when I joined Steemit. You have inspired me from the very start on this platform and showed what the possibilities are on the platform.

While the quality of a post is unrewarded at most times, with curation communities like @ocd, @curie or @steemstem (and probably other curation communities I am unaware of), these authors will have a chance for a 'fair' reward. The curators do hard work to search for these type of posts.

Contributing high quality but more importantly, unique content to Steemit is mandatory for the platform to grow. This is the reason why I have started the project @xposed. While there are communities like @promo-mentors, @thewritersblock and more upcoming projects that help new Steemians to get familiar with the platform, I hope to become a bridge between all these communities with @xposed, to combine the knowledge and spread the love from all these communities for Steemit in order to motivate, inspire new and old Steemians to get it back to ethical proportions. It's still a journey for me to discover who is ethical and who is not as people/communities claim to help the platform while their focus is more about helping out themselves to get the highest ROI as possible.

With Steem 'so low' people forget that it is still high compared to last year. I have joined when Steem was peaking to about 8 USD and haven't stopped posting new content almost every day. While I'm still setting up a base to understand the platform better every day, it sometimes is demotivating seeing so many people leaving or powering down just because they're sick of the circle voting going on and the low ass Steem price.


you're one of the good ones @acidyo =) Stay honest, and keep the rest of us in check! I have to admit I have been playing around with bots lately, just because it's disheartening to only get a few cents on a post. I know it's controversial and I'm not proud of it, but I only do it on posts that I think "deserve" it. Not on shit posts (which I don't think I write anyway, LOL). Anyways , I think its great that you haven't abused the self voting, I'm sure it must be tempting.

I think most people here have weighed this option with themselves and have to decide what choice they make. I remember using the bots at first, but it just didn't feel like the difference it made was worth it. Creating good content and building an audience is an art and a challenge. I think I'd rather focus on that, even if I have to deal with the low payouts. I also think once the Steemit Communities are here, it will help people attain an audience and better curation of their content. Fingers crossed!

I am fairly new to the platform, and have since after a month of trying to find my niche started a curation project called #CommunityGrowthProject (CGP). CGP Is my attempt to run an almost daily video series that promotes 1 community on Steem, 1 memebr of the CGP and talk about one crypto coin as well as provide a bit of motivation in the process. This is not me asking for delegation as I don't think I am at that point in my Steem career, and I still have so much to learn. However I wanted to take this time to just say thank you as a curator and supporter of many. In my opinion everyone has a voice, vision, and idea we all should be built up and showcased along the line and you have done that for so many. It is amazing to see the efforts you are taking to reach back to the communities and continue to invest in the platform. @Acidyo I would ask one thing of you. If you could view even one of my videos and provide your veteran feedback for direction, content, what I could do better, and what I am doing wrong as I l know I am not perfect that would be more valuable than anything else. Thank you for your time and I hope that I can make the impact on the community that you have made and curate the waves along the way.

I’m all over the map on delegations. Rented some for a while but let the leases expire, lease out some for pay, give out others “altruistically” (the quotes are much needed).

Overall, quite ambivalent. But as my account grows, want to do more of the “altruistic” delegating.

You should consider @trufflepig

It is an AI bot, that Discover hidden gems on steemit. He find a lot of interesting article that deserve more rewards...

Yeah, I've noticed this bot. I think it's a really interesting bot and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow. One of my favorite bots on steemit! It hasn't received the attention that it deserves yet.

Interesting, need to check it out!

That bot is cool, today it appeared in my post haha. I didn't knew about this bot until today

Truth be told.. delegation is one thing that has spiked the increase in the activity on the platform. And I can see you are a testimony to that. I wonder how long it will take some people to reach the level you've reached without going through the delegation experience.
Am glad your using the top level you've reached to grow other people on the platform @acidyo.

Did someone say ten posts a day? Oh, we already know who that is, lol, dang. Those were crazy times that showed the true nature of some people, I was and still am consistent with five posts a week.

Btw, can I get a delegation kind, sir, I will pay you $50 every day. This joke never gets old, haha. :D

Hi @acidyo
It's been a while☺. Delegations area great tool for community building. It's good to delegate to people that are actively involved in making this community better. Personally, i don't condemn those that use it for profit but i just think it is a noble thing to do to be able to help people with it. I admire what you are doing with @ocd, keep it up.

It's great to see some great steemit players behave in a very trustworthy and responsible way. They are always thinking of communities that are built with the concept of cooperation to advance steemit forward and they are always looking for ways to improve it. For the sake of a brilliant future.

Especially at times when stemians see people with lots of SP delegate to bid on bots!

Thanks you @acidyo for sharing the information and community of your work building.

It's great to see that not everybody abuses the system to get the biggest returns possible. I agree that it's a good idea to post now, when the prices are down. You can get noticed easier, since there's less people posting, and you get more SP (which is great for long term!).

Nice mentality about thinking For the platform before You're self :D

I don't think you abuse of you're voting power, You do you're job.
we can't blame you If you need money for live , we all need money.

And i pref you upvote yourself on Serious Post Or gaming post.
personally i never see you Upvote some Shitty content ( but i don't check steemit everytime) then keep going like this

you can sleep Serenity , We will not steal you're steam Account For make you Downrank on cs go :)

Like I said before, I am super interested in curating memes on decentmemes. The only problems is the platform doesn't work properly meaning some memes can't be publish. I can do a gif of the problem if the dev is interested.
I hope you will take into account my informal application for curating memes, it would almost be a dream "job".
Hope to see the project flourish and steemgc as well

Make sure to apply when I make the post for it, I'll try and remind you but chances are I will forget.

I will definitely do that, thanks for the heads up.

I think I'm currently at where you were long ago, last night I saw my work being shared by @ocd and then upvoted by their members including you (Which I dearly thank you for that). Delegation to a lot of people like me is more than just VP and vote value, to us is an extreme show of support, I remember starting up and felt unmotivated to continue before finding people from the #comedyopenmic delegating me which was all the support I needed to keep going and continue to spread and improve my craft.

People like @ocd, you and folks at the #comedyopenmic like @dj123 and @idikuci. @dhouse have been the main reason for me to continue I'd go as far as say, living. So THANK YOU Acid for being a great supporter and believer in this site and everyone in it.

more than just VP and vote value, to us is an extreme show of support

gold. if steem is to continue growing, this'd be a good bet. the more steemit feels like a no-place for good and authentic content the more the ugly image our "trending" page gives to this site becomes valid.

having floundered around steemit for months... i too feel blessed finding the comedyopenmic and its is truly refreshing to have folks interested in bringing humor to steemit all in one place. i can only read so many mr. im so full of knowledge blogs and crypto trending gizzball circle jerk salad posts before i just need a decent laugh to wash out my mouth.

Very glad you chose to stick around, talent like yours doesn't come around all that often. Luckily you found our contest and made us all laugh and you fit in well with the contest.

Really good advice on accumulating more STEEM on the quiet downside @acidyo . I Love those that stay Consistent and Understand the Long View.

good job @acidyo.
ocd makes amazing job.And yeah delegation is a very powerfull tool but in most cases i doubt that the one who borrows SP can make profit...Unless it is a bargain offer...Any thoughts on that?

They pretty much have to self-vote a lot to make a profit and of course the price needs to either stay the same or increase by the time your delegation has run out.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I have considered so many times to take delegation. I want your true opinion. Should i or shouldn’t?i won’t pretend to be a saint. I want to grow here like anyone...i guess. But I don’t know if i can afford it...could you guide me?suggestions...anything

I'm not him but let me answer you on that as i have rented delegation and have recently renewed it.

I paid about 90 SBD worth of SP delegation from blocktrades which will be good for 3 months.

Currently at about almost 1900 so I get a curation reward of about 2-3 SP a week normally so it's bad.

I tried at one point front running heavy bot users as well as those that get curie, utopian and dTube accounts and curation I got there was better at around 10 SP a week. However that week period I was not able to support anyone else because my focus was curation rewards.

If I would self vote I would need to be at least 80% in terms of self voting to get the ROI back taking in account that the value of SBD does not change drastically.

I've also tried voteselling as an exercise for a post and it comes to about roughly the same at 8 SBD -11 SBD (the 11 is there because I was too lazy to turn off my steemauto for those that I autovote) in a week.

So if you would delegate to a bot which can net you 95% returns or vote sell which can bet you 85% return it is possible for you to get back your ROI.

Now if you take my route which is manually curating and helping newbies you are bound to take in a loss. A lot have criticized my way of throwing my SBD away by spreading my votes to new accounts instead of concentrating on retrieving what I paid for my delegation. My answer is I'm doing it to make the community better by encouraging good content. Oh and I have recently started not selfvoting last week I did not self vote once so call me crazy and throwing money but to me there is something if you want to make this Platform be better in the long run.

The choice ultimately is yours.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Heyo acidyo, I was wondering if there are any vacancies for the post of manual meme curators? Would love to lend a hand.


@comedyopenmic is a recently-started (6 rounds done) comedy contest (go figure) that has been a great success so far, with epic Steemers like @kevinwong, @trafalgar, @nonameslefttouse and many more supporting it!
A lil' delegation from your side would be epic!

PS: As a bonus - will make a whole post filled with memes using as an entry to the contest after delegation! :P


You would be a great curator of memes I think, your manic monday meme dump is great fun :)

Thanks idi! Glad you like it. :D

But now you've got even more respect from people for not abusing it.
And it's not long before sbd will rise again :d

There is no reason in buying delegation if only the person doesn't have targets to vote every day. It can be profitable for simple users. But mainly for vote-bots.
Yes, I think you're a Saint when talking about self-voting.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Steemit keeps going because of people like you. Keep up the good work, Sir

Hello @acidyo

You happen to be one of the few steemians whom I know truly have the interest of this platform in their heart.

Honestly, bid bot business and unwillingness of many successful Steemains to delegate their SP to help curate quality posts, is negatively affecting this platform. Things are getting more frustrating by the day with lots of people leaving in droves... And I only pray things changes soon.

Anyway, what I wanted to get to in this post is that I hope more investors and bigger users on the platform would consider not leasing out delegations or selling their votes....

This is a cogent point by you and only goes to show how beautiful you think for this platform.

Personally, I think instead of delegating to bots most of who hardly give profitable upvotes to users, such delegation should be given to community leaders and be asked to charge some tokens in fee from its members. And the money realized from such exercise is then be transferred to the delegator.

To substantiate this more. Lets say the investor delegated some 50000sp to a community leader and ask him to charge a monthly 20sbd each as fee from 50 members of his community. That means 1000sbd will accrue to the investor monthly. This is very reasonable and can be used to enhance the experiences of Many hardworking minnows.

Thank you for your views.

@eurogee, *Steem-Ambassador, the founder of @euronation community & The Host, Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest

Those are amazing projects you got going on there man. I am very interested in the @Steemgc as I am a gamer by heart. I also hope you continue the fantasy premier league.

Bro, you are one of the most awesome and fun people from all the active people that are engaged in the platform. Love the creativity, love it!

It's cool that you choose to support real people, curators and projects that will contribute to the development of the whole community.

Most people do not bother and simply delegate their SP to paid bots to maximize profits. As a result we have overpumped bid-bots and tons of overrated shit content, upvoted by these bots. But fake value does not help Steemit growth. I don't know why this is hard to understand for our top-witnesses, half of which have their own bots...

About candidates... Do you really think that memes are undervaluated? They can get up to $40 from Dmania for one plagiarized picture with few words of text. 2 minutes work and you are rich. Does this type of content have such a high value?
Did you hear about @abh12345 with his Curation and Engagement Leagues? You can find many active curators there, to see and compare their stats...

Thanks for the mention Erika! :D :D

Hi @erikaflynn. I'm glad you too mentioned Asher's leagues. Our community fully support the leagues since it promote curation and engagement. Nice to see another league member here!

ocd has a good initiative to promote gd contents! Well done!

@bluewinter Yes you right, this is the best way to promote good content Abdul to motivate newbies creating good content

How can I get a delegation? What would I have to do??

Thanks, for peak-behind-the-scenes, @acidyo. I’ve only recently understood the concept of delegating votes (when Jerry Banfield suggested being paid this way, for his Steemit meetup).

I much prefer how you/ocd use it to curate talent — that way we all win, enriching Steemit. Wishing us, as a platform, continued success. 🙏

When delegating, the most important thing to have in mind is to help new people in the community and to encourage good content. Great job you are doing sir @acidyo

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I am very glad to hear this good news, before I also have to thank you for what you have done so far, a few months ago I traced some senior who made the content about gaming, and finally I found you @acidyo, which became my biggest question all this time, how can you get the delegation at the beginning of you start this platform, is it possible i also can follow the trail as you do? Last month when the SBD is still at a fairly high price, I try to add SP, so in the future the vote value that I give to my friends will be more powerful. I really want to be like @jodipamungkas, who can help other friends by giving a vote that has the power when friends make a post. But I have not found a way to be like him, at least I keep looking for people who can help provide delegation so I can also help my friends who are in the Community Steemit Indonesia (KSI)Komunitas Steemit Indonesia.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I think the deligation needs to be addressed, it is good sometimes to reduce the burden of time constraints and keep our steem power deligated but If we all start making someone to do our work, the concept of steemit be lost. Everyone needs to make something for others too.
Deligation ruins the idea of good content. A dumb bot can't see what is happening on steemit. A manual intervention can be a check and balance in system.
We loose a Steemian every time he deligates his steem power. We loose his creation. We loose his content and most of all we loose his interaction on steemit that was the basic fundamental principle of this modified blockchain.

really appreciate your open and generous nature that shines through this post. it's a wonder to hear more about what goes on in the heads of those who have a lot of SP. a peek into your qualms about it is refreshing and i wish more were transparent. i'm so glad to hear that you take your power on the platform seriously and are making a call for others to do the same, and to truly value the platform not just ROI. faith in steemit and humanity restored a little more; thanks!

Hiii Respected @acidyo, Really impressive lines you shared here with us with positive and high approach. I agreed and obliged after reading your valuable talk here which has a message for all. I always admire your well known Project of @ocd which you done sucessfully and i am hopeful for the success of your other projects like @steemgc & decentmemes.

Well! Shut my mouth! Time to get the Parker Hunter Bow out and go get an elk! You put a lot of work into this [email protected]

Hello friend how are you, I have an idea for you, I do not know how viable, but the sea has less than a friend who has less than 50 SP and of course they make the original and interesting post, he noticed that one of the things The most frustrating thing that plankton experience is that when voting, they do not generate the minimum reward of 0.01 $

Wow...I really hope that steemians who are getting (biggish but also smaller) delegations would do something similar,,,,, I will respect you [email protected]

Thank you for being such an inspiration. I will take your advice and make the most of it. Remain blessed.

I are really a philanthropist @acidyo , but please why are u no more upvoting memes?..

Da real Manual Curator ! Since May 2016,,

I would need to learn more on this since now Steem/SBD is dropping.

I benefited a whole lot from your Ocd curation when I came here firstly, infact it was the reason why I never gave up on my blogs, it was really amazing, knowing that someone sees your content.
You started way little I was surprised the Way you started, I'm proud of how far you've come

Keep the good work going, more of you is needed on this blockchain.

Good and informative post, I wonder on few occasions would it be beneficial to delegate my VP and if yes to where or to whom. I don't think I have enough to do so, but I also never seen a point. I guess it makes much more sense for people with a lot of VP.

I was out of the loop in terms of how delegating SP helps (or hurts?) the giver. Now I understand. Thanks for the break down.

I hope you will consider a delegation to this project. I am a veteran and we need some help supporting veterans on Steemit. I have nothing to do with this except I am a veteran.

Please Help Support Our Veterans

Delegate To The "Humvee" Bot @shadow3scalpel

I believe in Delegations. It's also one kind business. Delegates to the right place.

Still a mystery to me...


burn continues acidyo, posting in contes is always exciting

very good job. this post is very useful for steemit power.
Thank you very much for share.

Thanks for hanging in there when a lot of big accounts powered down a lot. And thanks for providing good gaming content.

Looking for your next post regarding decentmemes manual curation ... Hope I will be in that team 😍

I admire you. It is certainly hard not to get carried away by money. People must understand that Steemit can not work if they only look for their own benefit since that route only leads to the failure of the project.

In my case I also went a little crazy posting on the rise, but it helped me accumulate SP at least a little bit to start a curation project called @mosqueteros, aimed at quality content and new users on the platform.

I think that for Steemit to be successful it is necessary that the new Steemians find support and guidance, otherwise the adoption of the project is difficult since many of them end up abandoning their accounts.

The work of curating is something really difficult, especially when it is so difficult to gain relevance among so many post with votes purchased. For small projects we have no choice but to resort to autovoting and buying votes to try to grow. The same purchase of votes represents a great risk since many times it is not profitable and we can end up losing.

Sometimes I wonder: Am I not the one taking the wrong path betting on a project that depends on people leaving egoism and creating networks? I hope that is not the case, at least people like you help me to continue with this. Thank you.

P.S. Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.

How much delegation did you start with? I recently got 500sp delegated to me and I feel like I am n