eSteem Delegation Renewal Application Review

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eSteem Delegation Renewal Application Review

Deadline: October 8th, 23:59 UTC

@esteemapp @good-karma

We have prepared this commentary as a step prior to final processing of scores and delegation recommendations to Steemit. We'd invite you to respond to the questions presented here in the comment below.
We plan to score the application based on reponses provided here before submitting to Steemit.

Please submit one answer per comment below and reference the question number in the comment.

Questions from the Committee

Please note that scores above are preliminary and will be improved once the committee has received acceptable responses to the below clarifications.

Please respond to the clarification questions in the comments section below.

Please respond one question per comment and put the clarification number at the start of the comment.

(4) About terms of delegation:

(4.2) Under what terms (if any) did you receive the delegation?

Please confirm that you accept that any approval of this delegation renewal becomes the terms for your future delegation.

(4.4) How have you applied your delegation for that purpose?

Please confirm if your delegation has been used for purposes other than those intended. If this is the case, please further specify what the delegation was used for

(8) Business Strategy

(8.3) How will your business strategy increase the amount of STEEM being powered up and/or burnt?

This does not explain how Steem will be burned or powered up as a result of steem purchases / revenue generated. Do you have a strategy or a reason for users to power up on your platform? Alternatively, will you burn some of your profits to help curb Steem inflation?

(8.4) What financial incentives are you willing to provide to Steemit, Inc. and/or the Steem Community in return for the delegation? i.e. What’s your skin in the game?

Please confirm that you will allocate this 10K ESTM tokens monthly to Steemit Inc.

(8.5) Are you or how will you become financially sustainable once the delegation is removed?

Can you please explain specifically how you will create a demand for the ESTM token that exceeds the amount of steem sold into the market from ESTEEM Upvotes.

(9) KPIs

(9.1) How do you measure retention?

(10) Token Details

(10.7) How many tokens will you offer Steemit Inc. / the Steem Community in exchange for the delegation?

10K per month of delegation? This should include previous months of delegation. Please confirm this is correct.

(11) Delegation Request

(11.1) Do you have specific guidelines for how the delegation will be applied?
(11.2) Will there be other ways in which this delegation will be used to directly benefit Steem blockchain?

(13) Renewal Metrics

(13.8) How much external revenue have you generated in USD per quarter? Do not count Steem income from curation / voting.
Please confirm what your revenue streams are that are NOT curation rewards, or beneficiaries.
For example, have you considered charging steem to apps to list on ESTEEM?

(13.15) Describe your project roadmap with expected timelines and milestones.

Please specify estimated timelines for the roadmap.

(14) Other Questions

(14.1) Do you have published guidelines for how the delegation vote is used?

Deadline: October 8th, 23:59 UTC

100% Beneficiary set to @steem.dao


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