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The NextColony project would like to officially apply for a "mid-tier" Steem Power delegation from Steemit Inc., based on the application guidelines presented in this post.

Project Information

Project name: NextColony
Place of Incorporation: Germany
Token name: Stardust (STARDUST)
Token Type: Utility token. Will integrate with Steem-Engine later or SMT’s once available.


Blockchain enables the ability to trade digital assets between games, and the ability to trade digital assets between gamers directly. By using the blockchain technology, we can offer a game that is completely transparent and verifiable. On this basis, we reward players with STEEM for activity and success and creating a strong incentive for sustainable engagement.

Core Team Details

Holger (@holger80)

Holger has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and is an enthusiastic python programmer who knows everything about the STEEM blockchain. He wrote several python libraries and programs for the Steem blockchain which are widely used. He is also a dedicated Steem blockchain witness.

Jens (@jarunik)

Jens has a Master in Business Informatics and worked as a Software Engineer, Software Architect and Manager in the Fintech Industry. As an early participant in crypto community projects and long-term delegate/witness of the Ark blockchain, he covers the entire technical and economic knowledge from classical databases, over modern web clients to decentralized blockchain nodes including their operation.

Oliver (@oliverschmid)

Oliver lives on the internet: As a user, as an entrepreneur, as a YouTube junkie, to communicate, to search, to shop and to listen to music. He is an enthusiastic online marketing freak and entrepreneur. He is interested in how trends develop, how success can be planned and how online marketing strategies can be made transferable.

Robert (@bronkong)

Robert has a degree in economics and training as an industrial mechanic. His vocation is creative work. It is his great passion to visualize ideas and make them tangible for others. His love of detail has been proven many times and his talent is reflected in the graphics on NextColony. He gives NextColony a face, a heart and a soul.

Tim (@rondras)

Tim has a Master in Business Adminstration and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He has worked as a securities analyst, portfolio manager and as a Manager in an international Investment Bank, helping companies to raise funds and investors to make money. Tim is a blockchain enthusiast and a self educated programmer.

Minimum Viable Product

NextColony is a last days space simulation with RPG elements and tradeable collectibles built on the Steem blockchain. This game will change your life, rescue Steem and make this environment the most imaginative place in the entire universe. We are building an infinitely large - open world - universe that offers great adventures on a daily basis.

This game is made in Germany and built by an experienced and highly motivated team. We get our motivation from our strong community and our fuel is donuts and coffee.


Business Strategy

Revenue Strategy: NextColony sells tradable digital goods (NFTs represented on the Steem blockchain) in the in-game shop for STEEM.

Fiat Revenue Projections in $/user every month: We expect to earn at least $4 in revenue per active account per month.

How will this increase the amount of STEEM being powered up? Each player generates an average of nearly 20 transactions daily and we will increase this rate with additional and highly engaging modules in the coming months. An actively used game creates a high incentive to increase the amount of STEEM being powered up.

What financial incentives are you willing to provide to Steemit, Inc.? None. But we will create a special, wonderful designed and unique legendary Steemit Inc. planet. This planet is tradable and a key-element to the reward pool. The planet will be placed near the 0/0 coordinate.

How will you become financially sustainable once the delegation is removed? We have been financially sustainable since the first day and have kept the most important values, such as "daily active users", constant for four months. We have already powered up 121,000 STEEM. A delegation helps us significant to accelerate growth but our progress doesn't depend on it.

KPI Progress Measurement

Suggest at least 3 KPI’s with which to measure the progress of your project in its current phase. KPI’s must be measurable and objective (a percentage or numerical value), or binary (yes / no or completed / not completed).

KPI1 description: Daily Active Users
KPI1 target: 1,400+ / day

KPI2 description: New Users
KPI2 target: 400+ / month

KPI2 description: Total Steem Blockchain Transaction Volume
KPI2 target: 700,000+ / month

Token Offering

Token Launch date: July, 2019

Total Token Supply at launch: 16,512,786

Fundraising target (in order to fund expansion into the operational / project growth phase / mass market adoption): None

Yearly inflation: not defined

Percentage of total token supply that will be airdropped to ALL Steem stakeholders (a/k/a SP holders) in proportion to their SP: None.

How many tokens will you offer Steemit Inc. in exchange for the delegation?: None.

Do you plan to launch an IEO, ICO, or other public token offering?: No.

Do you plan to raise money from other investors? No. We are bootstrapping.

What is the vesting period for the following:
Team members: N/A
Early investors: N/A
ICO investors: N/A

% token distribution to:
Team: N/A
Marketing: N/A

Delegation Request

How much of a delegation are you requesting? Limit your requests to one of the three tiers: Mid-Tier

Specify the desired time frame for the delegation in 6 month increments: 2 years

Which one of the following answers best describes how the delegation will be used to add direct value to Steem: C. We plan to use the delegation for (A) and (B) as well.

A. It will be used to create new accounts
B. It will be used to give new accounts 15 SP to give them the resources needed to use Steem and purchase goods and/or services through our platform
C. It will be used to incentivize the creation of content that promotes Steem on external platforms
D. It will be used to provide limited trial or discount services to clients to encourage them to hold Steem and delegate in the future

We agree that our business will continue to leverage the Steem blockchain as long as we are receiving a delegation and 1 year following the removal of the delegation. During this time we also agree to promote the Steem blockchain as a valuable technological protocol that delivers unique value. We are willing to sign a legally binding contract with Steemit, Inc. to this effect.


full support from my side!

C'mon folks. Let's REALLY show this post some love. Pay your favorite upvote bot to upvote it (or promote it). Let's put it on the trending list!

I like people who have the courage to try new things especially in blockchain development and Steem! I think a delegation of this size would help to support the active player base as well the further development and degree of popularity of Steem.

I support this application 100%.

Once you have started the game, you will most likely come back daily, i.e. you will be active on the STEEM blockchain for a longer time.

These guys would use the delegation in a great way. They are working on building an awesome team and game.

WRT KPI2: Are the 400+ new users new to NextColony or new Steem accounts?

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400+ new users per month to NextColony
About 5% of them are new Steem accounts.

As soon as we have published the module rewards/wonders, we will focus on inbound marketing outside our blockchain.

Hallo @oliverschmid,
ich hätte da einen Verbesserungsvorschlag. Keine Ahnung ob sich das nachträglich noch sinnvoll ändern lässt.

Es wird immer bemängelt, dass keiner handeln will. Das liegt daran, dass jeder selbst die Rohstoffe abbaut, die er braucht. Interessanter wäre es, wenn die Planeten nur den Rohstoff liefern, auf den sie spezialisiert sind. z.B. wenn jemand viele Kupferplaneten besitzt, aber keine Uranplaneten, wäre er gezwungen sich das Uran wo anders zu besorgen. Oder auch selbst intern die Rohstoffe mit Transportern hin und her zu schicken. So aber produzieren alle Planeten alle Rohstoffe und man brauch nichts handeln oder verschieben.

Je mehr ich darüber nachdenke... Das ganze Spiel würd eviel mehr Spaß machen und viel interessanter werden, wenn man gezwungen wäre mehr zu handeln. Und ihr könntet mehr Transporter verkaufen.

Es würden sich Händler entwicklen, die sich auf bestimmte Rohstoffe spezialisieren. Das brauch keiner momentan, weil jeder selbst produziert.

Nur so als Idee ;)
Ansonsten geniales Spiel :)

In my opinion this is one of the most promising dapps to be launched on the steem Blockchain to date. The development team understands how to implement and deliver what the community wants. Not to mention, the incredible potential to on board new users into the ecosystem just through wanting to play this game. I believe they are more than deserving for this delegation.

I really like what the team created with NextColony. It's a perfect example how to integrate the Steem blockchain into a browsergame. The team is constantly improving the game.

Looking forward to bringing on new players to the game!

Problem Steem, that it has a limited audience. You can't enter the game without having an account in Steem blockchain.

Hence the delegation so that nextcolony can create accounts for new players.

This would be one of the best adresses for a delegation! They have a product that people spend insane amounts of time with, and are clearly dedicated to our blockchain.

Should be a must for! One of the most successful dapps.

I think that blockchain games with tradable assets is one area in which Steem leads the crypto field. It should be something that the Steem community & Steemit can leverage when it comes to advertising for mass adoption.

We should definitely be supporting the devs and teams that are pioneering in this field. The games currently being created trial new ideas and economics which will also provide the foundations for future games. There is potential to grab a sizeable piece of what could be a huge industry in future.

@nextcolony is one of the game changers app on the blockchain, bringing people together and giving them another reason for interacting with STEEM on daily bases.

Great job, guys! You definitely a slice of the big delegation!

I'm so happy to see this application for delegation by @nextcolony. I review dApps on my blog here and joined in early May when this game shot to the top of the ranks on the

I enjoy playing this game very much and write a weekly post about my progress. I am so grateful that you visit my posts and upvote them. Some other places I review never come by.

Since playing this game I have been impressed with how stable it is and well integrated into keychain. The upgrades go smoothly and make sense. Now that I see the strength of the team on this post, I know the reasons why things go so well.

I'm excited to read you are getting a token. I will be very glad to get in on that.

I only see future success for @nextcolony, and good luck on obtaining the delegation. You deserve it and your players will benefit as well as STEEM.

So, you would use the delegation to:

  • Create new accounts
  • Give new accounts 15 SP to give them the resources needed to use Steem and purchase goods and/or services through our platform
  • incentivize the creation of content that promotes Steem on external platforms

And "We agree that our business will continue to leverage the Steem blockchain as long as we are receiving a delegation and 1 year following the removal of the delegation. During this time we also agree to promote the Steem blockchain as a valuable technological protocol that delivers unique value. We are willing to sign a legally binding contract with Steemit, Inc. to this effect."

And all of this under a legally binding contract with Steemit, Inc.

I am just/only a minnow, and a new player of NextColony (I started playing NextColony today) (2019.07.27), but you have my full support.
I would still support your Steem Power delegation application, even, if I would not play NextColony, because I think that you deserve the delegation, and your actions with the delegation would help the whole Steem blockchain.
I not only commented, but I also upvoted and resteemed this blog post.

full support from my side!

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Nextcolony is one of the awesome game in steem blockchain that has potential to attract the user from everywhere. I definitely support nextcolony and I think game like these will utimately help steem to increase their userbase.

You Guys are awesome! i'm playing Nextcolony since the first minute, participate on an alliance and battling well in the last two month. Since then i was able to hold my first place ingame for destroyed battleship

Deserved, definitly! ❤️

I am in favor of this application, as an early investor and high ranking player. The team has been constantly working hard to make an absolutely fascinating game come into reality on the Steem blockchain. There are many hurdles, as the open blockchain is inviting bots and multi-accounts, but the team has many ideas to counter that through the game dynamics. NextColony doesn't have to hide behind Splinterlands, as both games show a successful business model and an engaging game. Digital ownership of Steem-based assets is included, like ships and planets. I have made all my original investment back through selling ships and the revenue share model hasn't even started yet. We also have multiple third-party applications already, showing the huge interest and demand in both the game specifically, as well as for Steem-based games in general.

Supporting this application will benefit the entire Steem blockchain, be demonstrating the world that no other product has such an immersive multi-benefit for gamers like Steem. I am already living entirely from what I earn with Steem-based games, thanks to @splinterlands and @nextcolony, as well as the Steem Engine tribes #spt, #steemace and #battle. I am living in the gangsta's gamer's paradise.

That is great. I will support whatever you did. I played a little bit late but I am very active and now I am in Top 10 list who makes most production per day. I hope you will get this delegation.

From the 1st hour I am fan of your project/game (dapp).
I think that you guys will contribute with this project/game a big and essential part to steemit.

Steem on!


I highly support the delegation to @nextcolony because I feel they are bringing value to the chain and we should try to recognize that.

For me personally the most engaging part of the Steem blockchain is the games that are becoming a driving factor in the community.
Let's start to stand behind these projects to make sure that they thrive!

Next Colony is a great dApp and I’m sure it will become even greater.

They put a lot of effort in this game and the community on Steem.

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The game is very addictive and great implemented. It's a very good addition to steem👍

Let's give some support! Playing also almost from the 1st day and the game is constantly developing and can attract more gamers to steemit for sure!

Vote 4 #NextColony

Especially the marketing strategy behind NextColony and the long-term planning from @oliverschmid about his game is worth the Support through a delegation from

The team behind nextcolony is active since Years on-chain so yeah... no worries about those guys! From my line of sight, they are absolute trustworthy!


Greetings, ~Benny

Having fun playing the game so good luck with the delegation.

Although Nextcolony is still in its early stages, it seems to have a tremendous amount of potential. These types of apps are exactly what Steem needs.

  1. It encourages people to create steem accounts and hold SP as RCs are required to play the game

  2. It provides something to actually spend Steem on. Players are encouraged to buy ships, planets, blueprints, and resources.

  3. It can generate positive PR for Steem. "Did you hear about the space exploration on the Steem blockchain?"

  4. It provides an example to future developers that games on Steem can succeed. Even though this game is being built and improved on the fly, it shows how effective and inexpensive it is to build on the Steem blockchain.

  5. Supporting this team will inspire game developers to build more games on Steem in the future. "Wow The Nextcolony guys got a delegation to help grow their game. If we build a cool game on Steem, it's possible we can earn a delegation as well."

Steem needs a killer app in order to draw in the masses. Is Nextcolony that app? Who knows? But encouraging this type of development will make it more likely that this team or others like it will invest the time and effort needed in order to help Steem succeed. Regardless of this specific app's success or failure, the lessons learned from the development and implementation of Nextcolony will definitely make it more likely that Steem will eventually get that killer app. Steemit Inc needs to prove that it is willing and able to support brave development teams who take a shot at creating a killer app that will benefit all of us.

Still here from the first day... and I love the game!
Nextcolony team did a great job!
Big Hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

Indeed it did. "This game will change your life..."before after nc.png

Awesome game. Keeps me visiting Steemit twice a day, every day.

I must admit that I am starting in the game, and although I would like things to be faster, I like how you are handling the product, keep up the good work!

Space is the final frontier! This game has great potential and the team has never abused any of the all too common farming incentives to simulate fake user-growth.

Instead the focus here is on building a long term sustainable project that stays attractive to a REAL playerbase.

The game additionally has tremendous strategic requirements in the longer term that will require community interaction and coordination that will further bring together and widen the global steem community.


Excellent information.
Still here and I love the game!
Nextcolony team did a great job!

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Give them a delegegation. They do a great job for Steemit!!! Boom

If Steem is sinking ship, the nextcolony is an anchor.

No. NextColony is balloon.

full support - you guys are amazing! I'm convinced Nextcolony would make a good use of the delegation.

I love playing @nextcolony and hope to for years to come. I like the whole idea of going out into space. It's different than other blockchain games and I have met good people playing it. I hope you get the delegation so you will be stronger here :)

It's been really nice reading so many positive comments in response to this application. So much has already been said that I find it difficult to add something that has not already been covered as to why NextColony should definitely have this application accepted. For me, it's more than a question of them deserving it, which they do; rather, it's really a matter of this team having already demonstrated that they are well able to manage a Mid-Tier Delegation, having brought in new accounts, created an inspiring and fun game, evolved a well-mannered and helpful community and supported so many authors with generous upvotes. I sincerely hope to read a post in the near future announcing that the Delegation was granted! Well done gentlemen!!!

if nexcolony deserves that delegation, above
All my support.

Fully support

I really see some great potential here. We need more DAPPs doing user onboarding and @nextcolony and games like it are a perfect candidate for that. I've been playing the game for months and I'm positive about the MVP. With delegation, the development can be done faster. But you could call me biased because I'm an early player. But I ask Steemit to consider at least a low tier delegation for one year as a form of approval of what @nextcolony is doing.

Resteemed for more people to see.

great post.. I like it thanks for visiting my post

I'm also supporting this application.

100% Support. Cool idea, Great Team. Already Good PR Coverage outside achieved. You Rock

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Please give nexcolony a chance. This game has a great future ahead and I believe in the success of the game. I am firmly convinced that Nextcolony could attract many new Steemers.

Nextcolony is one of the best DApps on Steem.

The game is great. I really hope you guys get the delegation.

Wait..... @holger80 is part of this!!! That's some valuable talent. I've already voted him for witness. Been playing the game for months. After seeing the names I have even better hope for the future.

The team is fantastic and the game just awesome and very well designed. It deserves all support it can get!

There is no question: Steemit Inc. will be happy to give you the delegation!

Good luck on your application.
May it be luckier than the average explorer mission ;)

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This could be a great way to bring in new users and it’s a great project to support all the same! They have definitely earned a delegation!

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This should get the ball rolling. Good luck!

NextColony is certainly one of the projects that can attract more people to Steem. I play it since day one!

Huge fan, keep up the good work!

Wowwww vote for @nextcolony
Really nice game...

One of the viable and promising projects on the Steem blockchain. If the development continues as till now, it can be a magnet for new users.

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OH yeah now nexcolony become more power full ,,,it is good for their user

Good luck. This is my favourite project on the STEEM platform. So fun to play.

Hamsterloria Citizien vote for a delegation to the Masters of Universe. :-)

Very cool. I think it's pretty good that you can apply for a delegation in this transparent way.

The growth rate in users is pretty good, I would say. Exchangeable items are always good and i think there is a future in the gaming field.

I also think a game like @nextcolony give reasons to spend more time on steem. And that's really important in the long term.

Since every user benefits from onboarding, I think a delegation would make a lot of sense.

100% support from me and keep up the good work!!!

All the best and i'm looking forward to more players joining us :)

Long await - showing my unconditional support to @nextcolony :)

A team/ project very much worthy of such a delegation in my opinion - it's a unique game, evolving all the time, and very long-term. There's just nothing like it on the chain!

The in-game digital asset feature makes it very appealing as an investment.

I think the key thing here is that they can sustain it without the delegation, which is precisely the reason why it should get a delegation, with no sense of irony!

Excellent information and I am sure that this will help the project!

What about idea launching own scotbot? I think NextColony tribe can be really great!

We're already thinking about it. The current focus is on expanding the product.

Good luck with delegation application. You totally deserve a slice of the pie.

NOW i become new user ,,,,it is different let me check it

Cool idea

If those guys dont get one who else?

I'm still new to the game but I like me some science fiction. I hope you get the delegation and literally take steem to the moon with one of your space ships

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I support @nextcolony 1000%. This is what we've been looking for. An avenue to use steem and also have great fun. What a wonderful team you gat here. With the likes of @rondras @bronkong @oliverschmid @holger80 @jarunik. It's definitely gonna be lit😂. These guys are good in what they do. We all should resteem, upvote and promote this post. This is the best post I've seen this month, if not the best this year. needs to give delegation to platforms like these. A serious problem affecting the growth of steem is solved easily here, creating many new active accounts and making them stay for a long time. What else do we need to grow? @nextcolony is gonna be the first of its kind here and I'm so excited. Great job guys. 🏵🌸😘

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congratulations for your post

best of luck

Awesome news!

Anyone bringing more users to steem deserve delegations.

Just curious how you plan to reach out to attract new users and have them play the game?

Great job and full support here.


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Great and transparent plan and nice to put it all here. I've been with the project from the beginning and it inspired so much. As a space traveler I hope great things are to come. Good job guys so far and good luck with the delegation!

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