Update on Whitelist User Upvote /关于白名单用户点赞更新

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Hi, All

Thanks for your delegation to @xiguang. It has been noticed that voting power is frequently drained by upvoting whitelist users with 20-time of delegated SP, as the number of whitelist users grows, not every whitelist user's posts get upvoted recently (sorry about that). Such a situation may not help for this service to grow. To make this service sustainable and grow, there are two possible solutions:

Option 1) Reduce the number of whitelist users.
Option 2) Change the voting weight from a fixed 20-times to a variable weight.
Drawback of Option 1:

For a long time, option 1) was preferred by limiting the number of whitelist users, but there are a few drawbacks:

  • Cutting the whitelist users reduces the amount of delegation
  • It only serves a few whitelist users with less Steem power
  • is not helpful for this service to grow.

So, option 2) proposed below may be a better and fairer solution to keep this service sustainable, but this means some of the whitelist users with lower post curation with receiving lower voting weight.

How to apply the variable voting weight?

The general rule is to match average curation return close to 25% APR, which is the interest paid to delegators to this service,

  • For whitelist user provides >25% APR curation rate, the fixed 20 times of delegated upvote will not affect
  • For whitelist user provides <25% APR curation rate, a variable of 15-20 times of delegated upvote will be applied linear to your posts' actual curation rate

The curation rate on your post calculation is very complex, it depends on the amount of your delegation, your post value, and the upvote you received within 5 minutes after your post creation (a penalty applies to early upvotes within 5 minutes after the post curation). The actual curation rate is the calculated average value from the curation payout from your recent posts upvoted. However, the figures below give an estimated voting weight with some assumptions that 0%, 10%, and 20% upvotes in the 5 minutes penalty window. As you can see the decreasing curation rate is more resistant to increased early upvoted for larger delegation.

To matin a high average curate rate in order to increase the voting weight, the bot may occasionally skip some of your posts if the curation is too low (for example, the bot detect a large amount of early upvote, which causing high penalty)


谢谢您们对@xiguang 的代理支持, 随着白名单用户和发帖数量的增长,点赞能量经常不够,导致一些百名点用户的帖子出现漏赞,对此深表歉意。 长期漏赞白名单用户可能会影响本服务的公平性和可持续性, 解决的办法有两种:

方案 1) 削减白名单用户.
方案 2) 采用动态点赞回报,由原来的固定20倍点赞改可变的 15-20倍点赞力度.

长时间以来,方案1 是保持本服务可持续性的选项,通过控制白名单用户数量,但是有以下缺点:

  • 削减白名单用户会导致代理流失
  • 本服务仅限于少数白名单用户
  • 本服务代理数量无法增长

方案2 中由原来的固定20倍点赞改为 15-20倍点赞力度, 具体点赞力度取决于白名单用户的curation回报率。这样可以加公平合理的回报以保证此服务的长期可持续发展。


动态点赞力度的调整的目标是使得点赞您的贴子得到的 curation平均回报率 年化接近25%,以维持利息支付。 25% 的年化目标是为了能足额发放代理给 本服务的SP用户每日利息,保证此服务的可持续性。 Curation平均回报率是通过统计最近帖子实际付出的curation来计算的。 点赞力度正比于您的帖子的平均curation回报率.

  • 平均点赞curation 回报率>25% APR, 维持20倍点赞不变
  • 平均点赞curation 回报率<25% APR, 点赞力度随线性递减直到最低15倍.

通常点赞帖子的curation回报率取决您代理的数量, 您帖子的价值,和您五分钟之内收到的点赞量 (过早的点赞会有惩罚。 计算方法较为复杂, 下图基于一些假定给出了大概的点赞回报率,分别假定5分钟窗口收到0%, 10% 和 20%点赞的情形。可以看出大的代理数量对于因为增加的早期点赞而导致的curation 回报有更大的抗性。

为了维持相对高的平均curation 回报率,获得高的点赞力度,机器人可能会偶尔跳过点赞您的低回报率的帖子,比如机器人发现你的帖子在5分钟的惩罚窗口收到大量的点赞。






Hi @xiguang. How are you?
I am delegating 300 SP to your account. Please chack it.I hope you will upvote for me every day. I will increase the delegation instead. I hope you will support me.

Thank you.

hi @rasel72, thanks for your support. you are now on the whitelist.

Thank you dear.
You will give me as much upvote in the posts except for the beneficiary set. Because many of my posts have set beneficiaries. Which is harmful for me to vote. Hope I understand you.If you don't mind.


hi @rasel72, I am not sure whether I get you. Can we discuss this on my discord channel? https://discord.gg/8QfgjsEzAB, Thanks.

Thank you so much.

Hi @xiguang, I've delegated 2900 SP to your account. Is there anything I should do to be whitelisted or do you have a code that automatically evaluates the user? I believe I can be whitelisted due to my post history. Thanks for the support.

hi @zoltarian, Thanks for your support. The bot should automatically add you to the whitelist, you don't need to do anything.

I submitted an authorization yesterday and did not receive any positive vote only returns
I want a positive vote, how can I edit?

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