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RE: Update on Whitelist User Upvote /关于白名单用户点赞更新

in #delegation11 months ago

Hi @xiguang. How are you?
I am delegating 300 SP to your account. Please chack it.I hope you will upvote for me every day. I will increase the delegation instead. I hope you will support me.

Thank you.


hi @rasel72, thanks for your support. you are now on the whitelist.

Thank you dear.
You will give me as much upvote in the posts except for the beneficiary set. Because many of my posts have set beneficiaries. Which is harmful for me to vote. Hope I understand you.If you don't mind.


hi @rasel72, I am not sure whether I get you. Can we discuss this on my discord channel?, Thanks.

Thank you so much.

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