Are You An Active Redfish/Plankton/Minnow Worried About Transacting?

in delegation •  6 months ago

Let's give some promising Redfish a hand.

Many are concerned about our smallest users being able to transact, and I want them to be successful also.

Yet, I am strongly in favor of cutting down the bot comments, spam and other noise.  I don't want to retain all of our users, I want to retain our best users.

If you are a new account with under 50 Steem and concerned, let me help with a small delegation.

I have not yet decided how much to delegate, I need to do some math...

Up to 10 delegations of 100 SP each.

Here is how to ask:

If you think you need some help to transact on the chain...

Please put account name, details, and one post or comment in the comment section here..  

I will use that to choose which accounts to review.

You may suggest yourself or someone else.

Delegation length will be at least a month and maybe more depending on how you use it and how transactions pan out.

Let's give our promising minnows a hand!

Encourage the best!

Enter below!


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For the sake of god, don't un-delegate at the moment! It drains entire voting power to 0!


Do you ever look at minnowbooster and delegation hub?


I have seen it, but no I don't look at it.

A kind and good scheme, @whatsup.

Ask not what your redfish can do for you, but what you can do for your redfish.

As far as I can gather, it would be redfish in the very lowest SP level that might need help, probably in the range of less than 30 SP, and they probably would not need more than another 30 SP each to create highly functional accounts.

I know that as my 89 SP account suddenly became very highly functional yesterday. Yay. :)


I think that sounds about right somewhere about 30 sp... I could leave it on for a month.

Interesting fact, for all the yelping, I don't have a single direct entry yet. :)

Wouldn't it be cool if by good behavior accounts could get sponsorship and easy peasy, they would be just fine and we could retain the best and lose the rest.


Yes, exactly, but I think a little bad behavior may be back any moment, as it just became very easy for low SP accounts to transact again. I mean, I went from you-can-walk-two-inches to you-can-walk-a-marathon last night, at 89SP lol!

In fact, resource credits are now so plentiful, that they are depleting slower than votes, so if I vote everybody I comment on, as I did before, I will run out of votes long before I run our of resource credits.

What I cannot do is spam thousands of comments all over the blockchain, so there's the win.

You may find that folks don't need any help for now, but may in the future, if and when the resource credits noose gets tightened again.

Overall, I think what is happening is that SP holders are gradually being put in charge of resources now, while the blockchain is fully functional, so that if and when resources become scarce in the future, SP holders and witnesses, rather than STINC, will be more able to come up with and control immediate responses regarding how to cope with and allocate those resources.

I don't think buying and selling resource credits would be a smart move though, cos if some resource credits aren't free to new users, they simply will join another blockchain, where they are free.

Just rambling, as I really haven't got a grip on this yet lol. Hope all is well in the caboose. :)


I am guessing the serious redfish will find a way to win with or without me. If I can reduce some stress that is great.

Also those who are really upset by the changes will get a chance to see how easy it is to give a tiny amount to support users we want to retain and let the rest go on their way.

Hey, that is super nice of you. I, luckily, have earned enough sp in my time here that I can use the site normally for the most part with the way things are now but I really do feel for people who are still having trouble. I remember running out of bandwidth and having to sit on posts and it sucked pretty hard lol.

Aw great idea! If too many people apply, maybe I can also help? Never delegated before, but I could learn how!

Nice one @whatsup, I'm sure there's going to be a few grateful users...Let's hope some really great content-creators get on board.

Hi, I'm @goastrighter. I couldn't post or comment for a few days but it's evened out a bit now, nevertheless, I'd appreciate any help getting established as a blogger.
I write opinion pieces about mind sciences and reviews about stuff that has impacted me and also some poetry and fiction challenges. Check my work here.
I haven't posted for a bit while I recovered but I have a few articles in the pipeline which I will be posting hopefully in the next few days.

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Out here always doing some good... :)

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There were a few days where I could not post at all, but they seem to have sorted out the bugs. I wouldn't say no to a delegation as I would love my vote to be worth even 1 cent to help reward the wonderful posts I see on Steemit.
I post origami tutorials like this one

I nominate @lucyreloaded, for two reasons...
Firstly, it's my girlfriends account, and I use it 70 % of the time.
(But she's good, and would love the extra..)

Secondly my account is too big to nominate.

I started this as a grovel, but I ...just...can'


:) Neither account is new and struggling. :) Just power up some of what you are earning! :)


bugger - it was worth a try...

I will be powering up next month onwards...steemit has been keeping food on the table - quite literally (don't need much in asia).

The financial hiccup is over, but still need to dip into it..

I AM struggling I tell ya's!!!
😂 😂 😂

You are now a colonel ! congrats!

edit woods - Copy - Copy (2).jpg

Great idea. Trying to recruit another lady. Now I can finally explain what STEEM is all about! (a little bit) lol

Good news, RC’s seem to be shaking out and folks can do transfers fairly easily.

Bad news, I just got my first spam memo since HF20. 😂

I had a short list of low-SP planktons I was thinking about microdelegating to but they seem to have stopped being active since several weeks prior to HF20.


Yeah, I think we will be okay, but also thought it might be fun to remove some stress.

I suppose we will still get some spam, but the big abusers will be dialed out.

Glad you're doing this, I was thinking of a similar action... What made you decide on 100 SP? Have you calculated how many transactions that would allow on a daily basis?


I'm not sure how much to do yet... I said UP TO.. So, I have time to do some math. :)

If I do a smaller amount I will be able to leave it on longer.


Hey guys, you should wait for this 10x thing done. I have 1323 SP = 2674G RC atm. Only one comment requires 1.5G RC currently (it was 1.4 a few days ago) so it makes 1778 comments in total of 100% RC.

If its regenerated 20% a day makes it 356 Comments a day. After 10x it will be down to 35 comments only without any transaction or vote operation.

It means it's about 2 comments/day for 100SP.

My math sucks so you can see required amounts on


Yeah, I'm not sure where we are in the process of stabilization either

Great initiative! I hope it gets traction as I have seen this offered in the past and have seen how it does not get leveraged as much as it should... I would wait a bit to determine the right amount as resource credit usage and weight is still moving a bit...


If we can delegate a small amount to accounts that are actually trying we could get the quality up and retain hardworkers at the same time.

well since the new patches where inputed transactional cost has redyced significantly, but i don't mind getting the delegation so I can still do more. so i am nominating myself, @nonsowrites, and here is my post:

How sweet of you,@whatsup. Would like consideration for @beatking13


Thanks for the consideration. That would be awesome!! (^_^)

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Absolutely I will consider him! Nice nomination.

Nice offer ...

I would like to nominate @madeyearcher who I just finished having a conversation with about RC credits and they could use a little boost to help with the posting they have planned.


I will check it out, thanks for the suggestion.

<3 good move

Well, I'm @dranuvar. I started posting some photography mixed with thoughts about life, a couple of music reviews and some small snipets of literature, before I stoped being active in Steemit for more than half a year.

After coming back, I decided to concentrate my post on spanish guides and articles about Dungeons&Dragons, and participating in whatever literary contest seemed fun, and from time to time publish new original content of my own creation.

The thing is... I still feel completely lost by Steemit's way of function. I don't know exactly how much SP I have, how to get more, or how to help others. Hell, I still don't quite get the interactions between the different "currencies" used here.

So... even if I'm not picked for this, I would really apreciate any advice, or being given a link to a comprehensible guide about this all. After I learn, I do intend to help others as much as I can.


Hey, if you had a specific question, I would be happy to answer, but if you are looking for a lot of info...

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You're awesome! I would suggest watching the @pifc contest this week and see if anyone features someone who would qualify for your delegation. :-)

Thanks for your support to push me into minnow status as well!
It will get paid forward soon.

Dear whatsup ... i would like to nominate 2 beautifull souls I met in the steemisfere first @macoolette a dear and hardblogging friend and @crosheille she is the driving Source behind the #needleworkmonday group. I think that a delegation is a great push😉 and if There is something left , I just became a minnow friday but a delegated piece would be highly appreciated.
Greetsz from Rotterdam

@ehatsup Impressive!Thanks for the post
@sbanerjee0017 (Shyamal Banerjee[Age:62] Kolkata,INDIA)✍

You're always willing to help people on here. You are a good person.

What a great idea @whatsup :) Have you seen what @hitmeasap has been doing, with of course the help of many? Here's his latest post with all the details, but it's about a community effort to "push" people to 500 SP. You, him and so many others ... it's awesome to see people helping people. That's really what it's all about, isn't it?! :)

@whatsup, this is kind of you. Please consider @abidemiademok21, he will need the delegation

Hi @whatsup
My ordinary day was 5-7 upvotes, minimum 2 comments and anywhere between 1 to 4 posts- short stories, food and climate change.
After HF20 I leased SP from Minnoowbooster to get back to regular working and a support of 70-80SP would go a long way towards Steeming without constant worrying.
Thanks for this redfish-friendly Steeming ( even if you are not convinced to brace me with SP) Steemians like you ( and that is Many) are what makes this place so good.
My latest Short Story:

First of all, Thank You @whatsup for the awesome support. You guys are the real heroes helping the community to grow & develop.
I would like to nominate myself, @khan.dayyanz I just joined 2 days before Hardfork. I'm still learning about the environment & community, but after the hardfork my performance becomes suddenly slow due to less sp in hand (less RC). For normal operations, i would like some support so that i may regularly engage with the audience & do my part.
Thank You once again.
& Thank You @novacadian for helping & informing me.

If you’re actively trying to push plankton over the 150 mark, it would take 25 for me (I’ll have a payout of 25 incoming in a few days to put me at 125).

I would appreciate being considered!

~ Mako

I nominate @abidemiademok21 He writes great post and will make us of the Sp wisely.

Thanks for your generosity @whatsup. Please, @amelin needs your help. Due to low SP, the upgraded halted my activities on steemit.

what can make a 100sp upvote worth now?

Voting % will deplete more faster than hf19,


I'm just looking to find real potential users who came here to work, not running a charity. :)

you are such kind of person. god bless.

God bless your heart

This is a great initiative for redfish like that finds it difficult to have $1 on a post.
Pls consider me @abidemiademok21

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Brought to you by @tts. If you find it useful please consider upvoting this reply.

Really nice effort @watsup. Thanks for it. Will inform if I find any good person. More people should come forward helping newcomers like this and also voting their posts and encouraging them.

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Wow your the angel from the heaven good job men

Thanks @whatsup for doing this.

I don't want to retain all of our users, I want to retain our best users.

I think you hit it spot on with this above

Is it too late @whatsup?

Just want to throw myself @gabriel90sson in contention.

My activity reduced over the last month because of work but I am generally an active steemian

I more or less need the delegation so I can delegate some to @steem-ua. Does that disqualify me?

If it doesn't I'll gladly appreciate if selected

Terrific idea @whatsup, I would like to nominate @deigoam he just started writing #freewrites with @mariannewest. He joined Steemit in September and I believe he's having some posting issues. Thank you for this kind gesture. 🙏


I was just going to nominate him too LOL


I know he had issues when he tries to reply to comments, so he popped in my head this early morning.


Yo estoy de acuerdo con nominarlo también...

I don't really understand how this works, but I need help, I'm still at 39

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Hi @whatsup!
That's a good initiative! It will help and inspire new steemians to do better on Steemit. Thanks very much for this initiative.
I just resteemed this post.