Delegate to @upmyvote and share 98% of our profits

in #delegation5 years ago

Want to share 98% of our incoming profits? Delegate any amount to @upmyvote and get daily payouts based on your delegation.

How to delegate?

Use SteemBotTracker Delegation Tool to easily delegate to @upmyvote.

Want to change your delegation?

When you delegate, you want to specify your total delegation, not how much you want to add/remove. If you are currently delegating 500 SP and want to change it to 1000, you specify 1000. Want to drop it to 200 SP? Just specify 200 SP and 300 SP will return to you after 7 days.

Want to remove your delegation? Just click the remove button.


@upmyvote hello i sent 3 steem to buy upvote on my post but
you bot did not upvote and refund please refund my money @alishannoor

You vote is in the queue, the voting round isn't over.

Hello, I sent you 2 steem for an upvote on this post
15 hours ago, could you please tell me why I haven't received an upvote?

can i delegation now 100sp?

@upmyvote please refund my 5 Steem loss due to my id blacklisted thanks

Is there a minimum delegation value?

Thank you. So 5 SP is acceptable? Because my account is still low.

If you have only 5 SP, I would use it for yourself as you will need it for resource credits.

Hi @upmyvote apparently I am blacklisted and did not get my up vote. Can you please refund me.

Also why I'm blacklisted? I have been posting better content.

@upmyvote , done , i delegated to u now 122 of luck

Im blacklisted to bid?


Any answer wold be fine, or at least return me my Steem (1 steem sended from this account to a tale writed by myself)

You need to talk to @minnowbooster, you are on their blacklist.


Yup, somehow im block on that service.

Im not spamer or nothing.

Refund pls =) not using your service anymore.

Also, can you name those bots related to minnowbooster?

No. Im talk to them, and you have it. Im blacklisted cuz i write about politics and they just promote content for kids.

Now also im banned for insult those tards.

Send me my steem please, dont steal.

No refunds? Just steal like that?

help i m new .... :(

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