Trying out SP delegation - Day 1

in delegation •  last year

I found out about @jerrybanfield 's project about helping fund the Steemit community. I thought it's a pretty good and interesting way to help the community grow, so I decided to delegate all my SP (190 SP) to his voting bots.

I'm not sure how this delegation will work out.

Follow my posts to find out more about my little experiment.

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hey you commented on my page the other day about coinbase charging ridiculous fees.

Coinbase also has GDAX exchange with advanced features. There are no fees for doing limit orders by the way. is the brother of coinbase. No fees. I hope this information helps you because i used coinbase before too.

no signup required if u alredy have coinbase on gdax.


Yea, I heard about GDAX, which is similar to Coinbase. Currently, I'm exploring various exchanges such as Gemini and Quoinex to exchange fiat currencies not limited to just USD to hodl some coins long term. Thanks for the heads up!