How To Delegate Steem Power The Easy Way!

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As easy as....

Without all the calculating of Vests and so on!

I shall keep this post really short and straight forwards.

There are many services out there supporting us here on Steemit and they depend on our DELEGATING STEEM POWER (SP).

First thing is first:
When you delegate Steem Power you do not lose your Steem. It is still in your wallet and you can undelegate the SP at any time.
All you are doing is letting someone you want use the Steem Power. It's almost like a "loan", but the money stays in your pocket, it doesn't leave your account.


Simply use the steemconnect service:

Simply copy this link, type in your username without the @ symbol where it says YOURUSERNAME no spaces. Easiest way to make sure you don't make a mistake, just copy paste your user name without the @ symbol.

Then type in the username of the person you want to support where it says THEOTHERUSERNAME.

and to finish it all off, just type in the amount of Steem Power where it says 100.000 ,
take note, you must have three numbers after the decimal dot.

Note: all letters of names are to be in small letters, NOT CAPITAL LETTERS.

Once you have done this, hit enter and follow the steps.

All your permission keys are in your wallet section, under "PERMISSIONS"

Once you are done, a screen confirming the successful delegation opens up and you can check it simply by using this link:

or just go their account, click on their wallet and scroll down!



With all the new users out there, and all the questions that people may have, I know, was there not all that long ago, if anything isn't clear just ask away in the comments below.

Delegating is one of the best things we can do to make life easier and better for all of us here on Steemit!

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good info I agree that delegating is one of the best things we can do to make life easier and better for all of us here on Steemit, thanks

There is an application called vessel by @jesta that you can use also.

PS. Every post I found here in the first page or two of the search engine results kept telling me how to do this and that I HAVE TO CALCULATE VESTS....



I played around with the link and typed in SP and the amount of STEEM and it all worked just fine!

So that is why I am sharing this info, so that others don't get all confused with the calculating Vests and so on!

After all, we all know exactly how much Steem we have and how much of it we can delegate, when we start talking in Vests..... OMG.... talk about going back to school and watching a teacher do the Charlie Brown special.....

I have a question when you delegate the steem do the steem rewards for vesting go to the account you are delegated the steem power to or does it still go to you account? I know the vote power goes to them just wondering about the sp earned from vested steem and where it ends up.

"Curation rewards used when upvoting contents goes to the account you hve delegated to. The interest if any goes to the owner of the steem."


Wasn't sure myself, so I double checked, just in case...
Better I ask and be sure, than to give any wrong information.

Thank you for the info I thank you for finding the answer to this question for me.

My pleasure, I thought it was so, but I wasn't 100% sure, so I double checked, both for you and for myself.

Hope this info helps in making a decision to contribute where you believe your SP can be put to good use for you and for everyone.


Not sure, when delegating i just looked at it as giving my support where I believe support is due.
I know that the Steem stays in my wallet, so I am not losing any money when I delegate.
As far as the Vested SP earned, IDK.... that is my one and only honest answer.

Shall ask some people who know the answer and get back to you on this one.

Nice info for share

Is there a reason to "loan" out dollars to anyone?

You're not loaning dollars, I guess you could look at it as loaning out some Voting Power (VP).
The dollars stay in your account.

The answer to your question is YES there are many reasons for this, first and foremost some of the best examples are the Minnow Support projects out there.

Many of them are bots that automatically upvote your posts, for these votes to be worth anything as far as $ value goes they need Steem Power.
This way we give them some Steem Power and everyone gets something back from it.

You are in fact helping the entire community here on Steemit, even yourself...

If you look at it exclusively from a financial point of view, then there is even more reason to do so, I guess, because in the long run it pays off big time.... most of us have a vote that is worth only a few cents, this way we get votes from some of these services that are way more than we could accumulate by self voting!

So not only are you getting rewarded for your support, in the long run you are actually making a profit so to say, along with everyone else who is pitching in.

Some of the services out there like for example, the first ones that come to mind are @centrelink , @stsl and @mrsquiggle help out groups of people without any prerequirement to delegate, so it is all about a team effort and making things on Steemit even better than they are now.

Very good explanation. Actually I have "loaned" the money and wasn't even sure what I was doing at the time.

Join the club, when I first figured it out a few months back I was so hyped up and full of enthusiasm that I delegated like almost everything I had at the time... 100 of 120 Steem in SP.... and my bandwidth went to hell.... at the time!

But it was a good feeling knowing that I could pitch in too and be a part of something bigger than just my account here on Steemit.


thanks for sharing keep it up

Some SP delegation this side. I can use it.

Hey There. Newbie. Interested in meeting people who can explain Crypto to me, and are socially/politically motivated. Want to know if a Crypto can be tied to a socially constructive aspiration. A philanthropy for example.

Wow, this look so easy, i'm gonna give it a try

Thank you