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Greetings, Deep Thinkers!

We are now five weeks into our endeavor: Project DeepThink - a community building project to promote quality writers of the humanities on Steemit. It has been great having so many quality people coming together to read, write, and discuss the most interesting posts on Steemit. Check out the trending #deepthink tag to see what many have been up to. Then, come visit us on Discord ( to learn more about our community.

Our First Community Challenge

You may have seen yesterday's post for our first community challenge. @philosophist, one of DeepThink's founders, and @reiki, a new community member, came up with a challenge for our readers.

Imagine this...

A not so distant future filled with technology - but for what purpose? Will we, as a human species, ultimately find nirvana through artificial intelligence, the internet of things, self-driving vehicles, and robotic counterparts in the workforce? Or will we unwittingly bring forth the ever-watching eye of Big Brother, invite the wrath of Roko's Basilisk, or unleash an army of Terminators to rule over humankind?

In this thought experiment, you get to choose the world you expect to see. But not only this, you must also imagine your place in that world. Do you embrace? Or resist? Do you adapt? Or comply? Who are you, and how do you fit into this Brave New World?

For the full description and challenge rules, take a look at our last post: "Deep Think Challenge #1!"

We look forward to reading the dark machinations of your minds!

Highlights from This Week's DeepThink Posts

Here are some representative posts from our members:

@abishai - "Towards a Holistic Philosophy of Education - The Uniqueness of the Individual"

@soo.chong163 - ""Let them eat cake" - Thought marionette"

@alexander.alexis - "Words VS Actions"

@inquiringtimes - "Comments. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly."

@himshweta - "THE TRAP OF BEAUTY"

Thanks for your support!

Come join us on Discord!


it is an honor to have my post featured here. I am still humbled by the depth of thought the writers in this group add to their posts, and comments.

good luck, we need some more deep think stuff, more than ever in the world / peace

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