Deep Think Challenge #1!

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Welcome To Our First Challenge

Project Deep Think is proud to announce it's first deep thinking challenge. The rules are simple: answer this weeks challenge question in an original post of your own and follow the submission and voting rules below to enter as a contestant.

This Week's Challenge Question

How do you perceive your ideal self in the technological future? In other words, we want you to write a post that looks into the distant future of your lifetime and imagines what technological and scientific advancements you expect to see, then explain which advancements you would adopt and which ones you would reject and give your reasons why.
Your reasons are ALL valid. We want to hear if you have spiritual or sacred reasons or if you have cold calculating ones.

Would you accept potential immortality from science? What about a neuro-net interface between you and your pet? Will you be selling your crypto right before quantum computing is made real? Will you ever use a Star Trek transporter? Would you ever clone yourself with said transporter? Would you raise a perfect clone of yourself? Would anti-gravity help you get over your fear of heights? Fly-on-the-wall drone bots in exchange for any rights to privacy? Would you colonize space? Give it some thought and come up with a practical idea of what you expect of the future and how you expect to react to it.

Submission And Voting

To enter as a contestant you must do the following:

  1. Create your own post responding to the challenge. Make sure to use the 'deepthink' tag in the topics section.
  2. Upvote this post and reply to it with a short comment describing your position (What technologies you expect to see and adapt or reject, but save the why for others to read in your post). This will be your entry comment. We recommend that you upvote your own entry comment just to be fair to everyone but if you fail to do so or have personal issues with self-voting we'll imagine that you have one more vote in there during the tally. Bot votes are not counted and any seemingly intentional upvotes from bots can result in disqualification. Remember, the tally will be taken from your comment entry. Do whatever you want in the actual post article.
  3. Read and upvote at least two other contestants' entry comments to qualify. The suggested voting criteria is to upvote the entry comment whose post is the most well thought out and well explained response to the challenge question. You can vote on as many entrants as you want, just try to not bias yourself on whomever's answer is closest to your own. Try to vote on the posts that are thinking deepest!

Winning Entries

The posts with the most entry comment upvotes (number of votes, not upvote price value) will win the challenge.
1st Prize: 45% of the SBD payout given to this challenge.
2nd Prize: 35% of the SBD payout given to this challenge.
3rd Prize: 20% of the SBD payout given to this challenge.

Good Luck!

UPDATE: The final day when we will tally the votes will be Tuesday, Sept 12. This will be to allow for a week of posts to have a judgement phase. New entries will be allowed, but do realize that your chances of winning are lower if you didn't submit during the first week. Voters, please do not be dissuaded from upvoting a good entry post even if it is past the payout period. Even with a 0% upvote it should count as a vote we can add on Tuesday.

Deep Think
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I took a positive approach to this question. Discussing why I believe a tech-less-future would be an ideal future for me :)

The following post describes a dystopian future, ruled by immortal oligarchs and puppet political figures. I describe the pitfalls of immortality and acceleration social dysfunction due to technological advances.

I commended soo.chong163's writing and story as it's quite well written.
I suggested that I wasn't as optimistic about the future and he replied that ITER will save the day...
My reply is below and I am not so optimistic​:

Was this meant to be an entry comment? It's not clear if it is since it's a reply to @soo.chong163

Just a friendly counterpoint to Mr. Soo's piece:)
I sure as hell ain't no writer! Lyricist maybe..........

My post uses many of the ideas and technologies taken from Star Trek as a guide to choosing appropriate technologies and morality for the future.

I then take this further by re prioritising our perspective from the actual technology and moving the focus instead to the economic / political systems that it comes from.

It is the spirit, ideology and ethics behind the technology that is key, rather than exactly what it is.

I will describe how we will merge with the Eschaton omega hypercomputer via prosthetic extension into the global webmind. Would have preferred a collective voting by the participants or a panel of judges. Upvotes don't measure quality, they measure popularity.

If you plan on making a post for the contest, be sure to link it in your entry comment.

As for your judging suggestions, which of these suggestions would you say is better and exactly how would you go about arranging it? As much as we recognize that popularity is not always a measure of quality, it does serve as an objective measure that usually does reflect quality once a niche demographic is determined as the voting pool. But we are always open to suggestions on how we can improve our methods. It's just a bit unclear at the moment how the suggested alternatives avoid the same problem.

My reply above does not qualify as entry comment? It does mention the technology I see vital for bringing about the tech-singularity: Prosthetic extension such as e.g. Musk's neuralink.
As to the judging system: Next time perhaps let all participants to the contest judge eachother and indicate a 1,2 and 3rd position. Voting for yourself being forbidden. Just a suggestion.

The entry post needs a link to your reply post. You're supposed to make a whole article. Check for an update of the deadline.

I withdraw. I am overburdened with work this week.

What is the expiry date for this contest? When are final submissions due?

Have a look at this "selfportrait-contest" (use this as tag)
and my contribution and compare it with the other contributions that got more votes and higher rewards. Now you'll see what I mean that if the upvote or the reward determines the winner, the outcome has nothing to do with the quality of the product. Basically it becomes a skewed lottery in favour of those who have a mutual upvoting clan.

We're going off the number of votes on the comment for the entry. Typically bots don't follow comments to vote, and as we are seeing now, the upvotes on the entry comments have only been by people who have read and are participating in the challenge :)

Hmm, not too pleased about competitions being based around upvote counts. It essentially means 'whoever happens to be the most popular will win', and you can't sift through every single account upvote and analyse whether or not each one is a bot

Do you have a suggestion of how we could arrange it with better security? We can easily change it if we catch it in time or at least make a more secure voting system for the next one.

Urgh Steemit doesn't inform me of replies (you know that but hey). I can't say I have the best way anyway, but typically the ones I like have people voting to put things up for consideration, then the OP makes the final choice. Can't think of a perfect way though, really...

You don't check the top of your "replies" page on a regular basis? I do.

Not regularly enough, but I caught yours within 2 hours! I typically just look at my most recent post comment numbers, but yeah I should be more disciplined

Im sure @rieki will approve the 'winner' manually and read them alll.. that is the best way i think. If the post doesnt look great then it doesnt win!

Hi alex! I'm actually not picking the winner! It's being voted on by the participants in the comments section :)

i know. i was responding to a comment that people were concerned that bots and self promotions could skew the results.. so i was suggesting that even if someone got most upvotes that you would read and have the final say.. If you read something that you thought really wasnt a good post.. maybe you would award the next best one.. just my idea so that you protect against groups just self voting each other to win things..

Oh yes, of course :) Although, I'm not actually running the challenge. It's being run by @steemdeepthink and I'm not one of the moderators there. Just a participant :)

Though, I guess I do have the final say in who the winner is in my mind ;)

Plus, as we all share and merge our ideologies and ideas and come to more whole conclusions, we're all winners in this process! So, it is a bit concerning that over half the comments on this post so far are discussing the parameters for winning rather than participating...

A very wise answer~*~

Thank you :) :)

Thank you =)>
~ 💖~

lol.. yes this is one of the small issues with Steemit i guess.. we have to watch things and not waste our energy .. and also they do have valid points i think.. even if they never come to be.. i think a final say (approval) is a nice simple way to deal with it all..

That would help alleviate the concerns no doubt :) I agree with you!

Technically I'm running the challenge. As with other scenarios, if I somehow win I plan to split the win with the other runners up. @rieki is proving to be a natural deep thinker, so I find it highly likely that they will become an official member soon.

@rieki you are welcome to help take initiative and run challenge #2 if you are interested. We just need to build a list of topic suggestions and to make the post for it. If you want to take on that roll of helping to run the challenge, I'll talk to the other admin about making it official and giving you the posting key to help create challenge posts. Feel free to build more discussion in the #deepthink-challenges chat on discord about future challenge design and topics worthy of deepthink.

Thank you for the kind words :)

Awesome! I would love to create the next challenge. I have a host of ideas for it I'll throw at you :)

When are you thinking of having it launched, I know this challenge is still getting some action, but I'm ready to launch another one whenever!

I'll confer with the other Deepthink admins and see if they approve or would request additional qualifications for upgrading you to mod status. Once that's established, I think any time someone is ready to make Challenge #2 this week we can launch it. Let's chat on the discord about the topic ideas for it and perhaps aim for Sunday since it's a convenient weekly deadline?

I believe that the human race is unprepared for the technology on the horizon. However, those of us in the know who are capable of harnessing such ability are mostly meaning well for the rest of Humanity. Of course, I won't let myself be blinded by my own optimism. I plan to adapt and develop technology that will allow for me to expand my mind and protect myself from all possible threats, all in the name of continued existence.

Hope You like it!

pretty cool, i might have to try this out (-:

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