SteemDeepThink - Weekly Digest #1

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It's been almost a week since we went live with our launch of @SteemDeepThink, a community project promoting quality writers of the humanities. What started out as a small venture, is now picking up steam (and picking up Steem!) as a growing number have come to show their interest and support.

We've had more than 40 users come through our Discord channel over the last several days. Some just stopping by to say "hello," while others have already made some significant contributions!

Upcoming Contest!

"SteemDeepThink - Weekly Digest #1" -- How BORING!

We need a catchy name for our weekly post that details the weekly comings and goings of all things @SteemDeepThink. Our Discord channel will soon be hosting a contest to help name our weekly digest. If you have an idea for a title that tickles the ear, drop by our Discord channel soon! (Link provided below.)

New Members

Please welcome the following users as official new members of SteemDeepThink!

Both @gamesjoyce and @heretickitten have demonstrated an ongoing support for the project and a passion for writing, and so have been promoted to moderators. You will often find them on Discord chat, and they have been a huge support to @SteemDeepThink overall.

If you are interested in joining and contributing to the DeepThink project, come join us on Discord! (

Support Us

If you are intrigued by this project, we can certainly use your support! Our @steemdeepthink account is actively curating quality authors who post using the "deepthink" tag. You can follow our curation trail on Streemian if you'd like to help us grow.

@snakiest put together a helpful guide on using Streemian if you are unfamiliar with the site: "DeepThink manual: How to join our curation"

Highlights From This Week's "DeepThink" Posts

Here are some representative posts from our new members:

@gamesjoyce - Is Government a Necessary Evil? - Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan (Debate This! #!)

@heretickitten - Chemical-Physical Reality Prelude: Observation

@holoz0r - holoz0r's rambling: On time: What is it?

@soo.chong163 - "Let them eat cake" - the 10,000 years of literati tyranny

@ajdohmen - The Forgotten Hero of Nanking

@insideman - Inside Man: Clarity & The Luxury of a Clear Mind

And a Few from DeepThink's Founders

@abishai - What's Your Hidden Curriculum?

@alexander.alexis - Are women attracted by muscular male bodies? (Part 1.5 of 2)

@philosophist - Street Epistemology: James & Barbara | Contemplating Contentious Differences

@snakiest - A few good things about public education

Thanks for your support!

Come join us on Discord!


Interesting, i will check it out. I dont understand what a discord actually is though, can you explain how this works?

Discord is an application that lets groups chat/post in community forums. It is an easy way to connect with others live. It has a stand alone application for Mac/PC, apps for iOS and Android, and a web-only application too. ( Once you have Discord installed, you can just click the link in the digest above to get access to our group.

Thank you, time to get the app!

Fucking epic digest @abishai! Way better than I would have imagined it could be.

Lol. Thanks!

There's still some layout design work to be done on the next issue for some better visual aesthetics. And we need a better name too!

Sounds good... I'm not so active on discord but I will follow the tag of deepthink, ty, sounds cool ! new follower

Great. Thanks for the support!

Upvoted and resteemed!

Does this fit the project?
What Dialogue really is and how we can achieve Collective Meaningful Thinking

Saying hello on Discord now... :)

Yup! That's what Project Deep Think is going for. Nice intro to mindfulness you put in there at the end.

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