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We need a name!

In our last community digest we mentioned that we were going to host an upcoming contest. Well, here it is!

[EDIT: We will be closing the digest naming contest Sunday at 8:00 pm UTC. We'll be pooling together the best of the submissions and get a community vote going on our Discord channel.]

We need a new name for our weekly digest of information coming out of SteemDeepThink. Our current title - "SteemDeepThink - Weekly Digest #1" - is just flat out BORING!

We need something that is eye-catching and intriguing, demonstrating our passion for the humanities. The title should create enough interest that Steemit users not aware of our community will be drawn in. A challenging task - but we believe in you!


  1. Post your idea for a title in either the comments selection below, or in the #deepthink-challenges section of our Discord channel. (
  2. The title must reference "SteemDeepThink" or "DeepThink" - either in the digest title itself or in a parenthetical note.
  3. You can submit up to 5 different titles for review.
  4. Know that the title will be numbered each week for reference.
  5. Current DeepThink members will vote for the winner among the most popular choices.
  6. All titles will be subject to admin approval. We don't want a "Boaty McBoatface" on our hands, or in this case: "Deepy McThinkface."

The Winner

The winner of the contest will receive a vote from @randowhale on the post of their choice. The winner will also get a highlighted section in our next digest promoting their blog account. We will work with you on writing the content to be included.

We look forward to your ideas!


Venting Steem

Deep Think Weekly
Thinking Deeply
Keep Calm, Think Deep And Carry On
Thinking Deeper
Deep Think Q&A Session

I'm sorry, but I can't get away from the first thought that comes to mind when I see the image/logo for deepthink, which, sadly, makes me thing of Ex-Lax. Disturbing mental imagery gets in the way. BTW what gives with the curation trail? Looked for it, but it errors out.

Lol. I thought it was just me that uses this pose in the bathroom. :)

Streemian is a mess right now.

I know, but I can't use steemvoter. I'm trying to have my old account wiped out, and then start again. No other way to fix it as far as I can tell.

Yeah I'm gonna manually vote whatever gets dropped into the # deep-think-posts room until this gets resolved.

some suggestions that imho look better than "SteemDeepThink - Weekly Digest #1"

  • Light up! - SteemDeepThink #1
  • Think by yourself! - SteemDeepThink #1
  • Pool of Thoughts - DeepThink



SteemDeepThink - Thoughts of the week

Weekly Wonders: DeepThink
The Truth Is Out There: SteemDeepThink
Bend The Spoon: SteemDeepThink
Future Influences: DeepThink
There Is No Try: SteemDeepThink

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