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Hi there, everyone.

@snakiest here with a new update.

We have just finished voting our new members in, and the list is as follows:


Thank you for going to the trouble of filling out the application.

Complete list of members:

New members


Old members


Main account


To new and old members

We have run into several technical issues with Streemian. The project seems to be abandoned, and it is not functioning as it should (more about the issue here). To ensure all members are getting their votes, please do one of the following:

  1. Visit our discord channel and upvote all the new posts in the deep-think-posts sub-channel. Make sure to do so a few times a week.
  2. Register with Steemvoter. You can follow this tutorial. Steemvoter is being supported and worked on, and is functioning as it should. Please note it costs 3$ a month and you cannot set it to include the “deepthink” tag only, so you will be upvoting all posts of the authors. Nobody in the community spams posts, so it should not be a problem. For a more granular and cheaper control over your votes, please follow the instructions in 1.
    Note: I have been using Steemvoter for a few days now, and since I don’t actively curate content myself, my voting power stays over 90%.

Please be warned that if you do not comply with either method 1 or 2, we may remove you from the list when new members are announced next time.

Why get in?

We conceived DeepThink as a community for those who enjoy writing long, well-articulated and thought-out pieces about life. Education, philosophy, psychology, religions, thoughtful and well-supported opinions and numerous other topics related to the humanities are our bread and butter.

This community is for smaller Steemit users who want to benefit from higher payouts for their quality writing. We do that by auto-voting approved authors’ posts.

DeepThink guarantees that its authors write quality content while rewarding them for that with automatic votes.

Application process and voting

New authors are welcome to submit their application using this link.

We keep the application open most of the time except when we are choosing new members. Each applicant is reviewed by the current 6 members of administration, and is voted for or against anonymously using GoogleForms. We are looking for a roughly 70% support to qualify somebody as a new member. Authors that do not get through are welcome to try again later as many times as they wish.

This approach enables us to retain the vision and quality standards we have set for the community. At the same time, some of our members are more lenient than others, which will hopefully prevent DeepThink from turning into an exclusive circle.

We are also planning to let every active DeepThink member vote for the next voting session.

How to help us

We also welcome support from bigger Steemit users. If you are one of them, you can do so by delegating some of your SP to us or by joining our voting list. Please leave a message below if you would like to help first.



Very cool. Looking forward to getting the chance to use the tag... Which means I'll be busy researching the next few days!

great, now on to producing some deepthink worthy stuff...

Thank you very much! I'm just a little bit afraid that I won't contribute very often... but I'll try to keep a certain level of quality at least. Thank you for accepting me! :)

I think I will vote manually. I don't really like the idea of auto-voting all posts. I don't even want to receive auto-votes on my non-deepthink posts either. Would be great to be able to filter by tag with steemvoter soon.

Had an invite before I went AWOL due to relocation. If the offer still stands, I'd like to participate.

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