DeepThink update: Technical issues and solutions

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We have been live for just a couple of days, but have already run into a major problem.

As you know, DeepThink is a community whose members join together under the agreement to produce quality content in exchange for automatic votes on the posts related to the humanities.


For that purpose, we chose Streemian to help us vote on each other's posts published under the "deepthink" tag. However, the service appears to be non-functional, and regrettably, its support hasn't replied to us in days.

As @abishai explained it on our Discord channel, the problem may be with the ever growing Steemit’s database and 3-d party apps not being able to keep up with it.

That said, the problem persists and prevents our community from functioning as intended.


As a temporary solution, I have turned to Steemvoter instead of Streemian. Steemvoter worked better in my tests in the past. I added everyone with default settings.

Steemvoter recently joined forces with @minnowbooster which gives me hope whatever issues may arise, they will be addressed more quickly.

Edit note: corrected @minnowsupport to @minnowbooster


The site still has a lot of misleadingly written messages about the paid service (it is not clear if it is in place or not), while letting you set more than 3 rules without any issues (but with some warnings later). I can’t recommend this as a long-term solution for our community yet.

It doesn’t support tag filtering like Streemian does. Since I will be upvoting everyone and everything, please be careful of the amount and quality of the content you post. We have a small community, so I don’t expect any unethical behavior, but just in case, please follow the general rule of 30/70. 30% should be deepthink-targeted content, 70% anything else (but of decent quality).

I hope everyone can move to Steemvoter for a while to make sure our community is functioning as it should and we are benefiting from each other's votes - especially if you have no time to monitor the discord channel or Steemit for new deepthink content.

Extra insurance

Our discord channel now has a channel dedicated solely to the deepthink-tagged content produced by the approved authors. It is used as a bookmark channel. If you are a member, please post your deepthink content there so the members who are not yet using Steemvoter (or until we know Streemian is fixed) can upvote your post manually.

Please reply

All members, please leave a message below and let me know if you are using Streemian or Steemvoter, so we know which one works better. @steemdeepthink will stay on Streemian for now, so don't expect votes from it.

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Disabled everything on Streemian and followed your Steemvoter example.

Well I'm staying with streemian for now, and upvoting deepthink content manually as it appears in the #deep-think-posts room.

Signed up for stremian to do this, but can't even get to the curation trail page. It errors out. I will have a problem with steemvoter, as I had signed up once, and then could never get back because something fell through the cracks in my registration. So I ended up simply blocking the thing.

Are you sure there is no way you could fix it?

I finally got to Minnowbooster's Discord channel. I will ask them tomorrow. Steemvoter belongs to them now, it seems.

I didn't realize steemvoter's rules could have that many layers. I'll give it a try.

Spoke too soon. I thought that was all one rule. So we have to each pay for their service to make this work?