DeepOnion V 1.6.1 With Stealth Addresses (Mandatory Upgrade)

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Please see: DeepOnion V 1.6.1 Released Important Upgrade

We discovered an issue that prevent people to send large blocks in 1.6.0, and the new 1.6.1 fixes it.

Introducing v 1.6 with Stealth Addresses!

This wallet is a major release that will support Stealth Address (SA) after block 460,000. This is a mandatory upgrade that everyone should upgrade to before the block 460,000 to avoid a potential fork. We have about 2 weeks to reach block 460,000.

GitHub Source Updated


This is a major release and is a mandatory update.

Here are the new features integrated into the wallet:
(1) Support Stealth Addresses after switch block 460,000 (will be reached in about 2 weeks)
(2) New DeepVault algorithm which will be faster.

This is a mandatory upgrade due to a hard fork which is required. This will be done on block 460,000. All mining pools and exchanges will have to upgrade.

This version also includes the latest TOR version, OBFS4, and Meek for optimal privacy.

We are now Truly Unstoppable & more Powerful than ever. Let's Keep Dominating!

Download V. 1.6.1 DV for Windows:

Download V. 1.6.1 DV for Windows (MEGA):!t6wTAbzY!Gjml2RwWfpYngEB13-pgchmZBYRF79Ew7pJwW-kB3zE (MEGA)

Verify Wallet with DeepVault:

Attention: Do not use (unofficial) DeepVault unverified wallet files for your security.

Attention! Make all tests only inside the testnetwork with a compulsory backup of the wallet.dat file. Actually, don't use your main wallet.dat file for the test network (a new one for the testnet will be generated automatically).

Stealth addresses will be available in the mainnet only after the switch block 460,000.

DeepOnion.conf for the testnet (be patient – it takes some time to sync):


# testnet nodes

Ask for testnet $ONIONs in the comments section below (post your addresses in the test network).

Virus Check
( MD5:126bdd683d09565659a93917c1879075 0% Scanner(s) (0/39) found malware! - - Free Multi-Engine Online Virus Scanner v1.02, Supports 39 AntiVirus Engines!)

You can check which version you use from Help > Debug Window

Mac users, please, read the info inside the Release notes.
If you have already installed and/or compiled the latest Release 1.6.0 then all you have to do is to replace the old binary with the new one.

If you are here for the first time, please, follow the instructions from the Release notes. You will have to install certain libraries before you can use the binary provided in the Release.

Download V. 1.6.0 DV for Mac :!o3wHQD7J!97zh8TeRStBI1knDkfVeY1uRcOGqczoo7lMk4Ki7Eko (MEGA)

Verify Wallet with DeepVault:

Attention: Do not use (unofficial) DeepVault unverified wallet files for your security.

How To Upgrade Wallet Tutorial: (Step-by-step Guide)

Always get your necessary backups before any upgrade.
1st backup your wallet dat
Simply download the file and run in a different directory

  1. Backup wallet and private key (IMPORTANT)
  2. Download version 1.6.0
  3. Install
  4. Done.

Source: DeepOnion V 1.6.0 / V 1.6.1 With Stealth Addresses (Mandatory Upgrade)


For more information: Hard Fork FAQ | Hard Fork Infographic | We Want You To Upgrade - Join The Consensus April 2nd

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There are a lot of good privacy coins out there, however the dev team and features of DeepOnion sets it apart.

This is awesome news! Glad that DeepOnion continues to innovate. The updated wallet will allow us to benefit from the new features! Thanks for taking the time to post this.

DeepOnion keeps progressing. That's why I believed and I'm all in to this project. Great job Dev!

Thanks for sharing this. This release has been long awaited and finally it is here. no wonder the price took a boost up when the news was released :)

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

DeepOnion released a new wallet version with a minor bug fix.

The main feature of the v1.6 is the support of stealth addresses which prevent other people from tracing your wallets. I could already test them and wrote an article about it. You can find it on the DeepOnion community forum.

Thanks for the reminder @ra213! I have updated this post with the news of 1.6.1 and updated links etc :-)

Excellent article, with great information very useful!

This is really good news for all DeepOnion user, DeepOnion such a privacy coin.

Thanks for sharing this here. It's so good to see more features getting released now and still more coming. Next big step: VoteCentral :D

Very happy to see the new update. The 2nd layer privacy is here.
Now once the DeepSend arrives, no one can stop this coin. Thanks to the dev team for continued support. It gives me great confidence in the coin looking at the hard work of the Devs.

Very good private coin!!

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Great article, DeepOnion is a great project that has many benefits with your Wallet, that's why I prefer DeepOnion.