Questions about the upcoming DeepOnion Hard Fork? DeepOnion Hard Fork FAQ

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There were many questions regarding the new wallet, the hard fork and the possible chain split. Therefor I wrote this FAQ which I will update with newer questions from time to time. If you don't find an answer to your question, just post it in the comments.

What is a hard fork?

All nodes in a blockchain network follow the same consensus rules. If there is an updated version where these rules have changed and they aren't downward compatible, a possible chain split could occur. The newer nodes would create blocks which are not accepted by the old ones and therefor they create their own. This would result in two different chains.

Credits to @dragononcrypto for this beautiful info graphic​

Do I need to upgrade my wallet?

Yes, it's important that all users run the same wallets / nodes to prevent a possible chain split. Please use the latest nodes from here

Will I lose my coins when I not upgrade?

No, you won't lose your coins. If your wallet is not running or you only have paper wallets, you don't have to be concerned. Just make sure to use the newest version when you use them again.

When will the 'stealth address' feature be activated?

At block 460 000, should be on 02.04.2018

What is the current chain split issue?

This issue should be already resolved.

Old answer: A second chain appeared. This is a real issue and be careful when sending onions. So make sure you use this nodes when you are running the newest wallet

How do I check if I am on the correct chain?

Type getblockcount in your console and compare it to the current block of If it's nearly the same, everything should be fine. Otherwise resync your wallet with the new nodes (see question 'What should I do if my new wallet has syncing issues?)

Can I verify If I am on the correct chain?

You can request $onions from the faucet and see whether they arrive in your wallet or not.

Should I revert to the old wallet?

No, I wouldn't recommend to use the old wallet again. If you need to send onions, I would resync the entire chain. Remove all except your wallet.dat and deeponion.conf from the %appdata%\deeponion and start the old wallet again.

What should I do if my new wallet has syncing issues?

  1. Close your wallet
  2. Open %appdata%\deeponion
  3. Remove everything except wallet.dat and deeponion.conf
  4. Replace the node list in deeponion.conf with this list:
  5. Restart your wallet

If you don't have a deeponion.conf, you can also create one (it is just a textfile, save as conf instead of txt).

Further readings

Wallet announcement: (DeepOnion V 1.6.0 With Stealth Addresses ( Mandatory Upgrade))

Chain split announcement: (Fork Sync Problems)

DeepOnion Hard Fork Infographic. Thank you @dragononcrypto

DeepOnion faq thread:



  • Removed the chainsplit warning
  • Added a link to the latest nodes
  • Updated the answer about the chain split issue
  • Added the question 'Can I verify If I am on the correct chain?'
  • Removed the question 'What if I need to send $onions urgently?' - There should no issues anymore
  • Replaced the node list with
  • Added a link to the infographic
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The matter is handled professionally and swiftly by the Devs. Every coin growing up encounters at least one hard fork, it seems 😄

This article was really needed, I wasn't aware of the importance that this information has, since I didn't have any issues with my wallet upgrade! Thank you for clarifying so many things :)

Thanks for sharing this info. Since this is a mandatory update it is good to have all the information possible so that this transition can go smoothly. Afterwards everyone will be able to use DeepProtocol and Stealth Addresses!

Thanks for sharing this FAQ, I woke up thinking that one of these needed to be written for people who don't understand what a hard fork is and understandably have lots of concerns. I will put a link in the announcement I published regarding the new wallet :-)

Probably one of the most informative article regarding DeepOnion in recent days. Thanks for this man. I can also see that you are helping everyone in the forum to set the wallet. Appreciate your work!

thank you for sharing an informative article sir this is a great help to us

Valuable and very useful information, thank you very much for sharing, it is very helpful for many.

Actually I had doubts about the importance of the new update, now I am aware of the need for the updated wallet, and the steps I must follow for the update, I liked this post because it shows us what to do in case of doubts, apart that thanks to the faucet we can check if a new wallet is running successfully without losing our $onion.

I wasn't aware of it, thanks for the post!

Great information inside this DeepOnion Hardfork FAQ. The upcoming hardfork scares some members. But reading this article will relieve the stress. Thanks.