DeepOnion - The Anonymous Cryptocurrency

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Many promote the altcoins they invest in as being the top cryptocurrencies to hodl but it is very easy to say & prove with DeepOnion Privacycoin. The features already implemented are shown in this poster below and can be seen in the road map here

(Apart from DeepVault, DeepSend & DeepProtocol above imagines are my possible Logo designs :) )

DeepVault - Unique Technology
This verifies a file integrity using cryptographic hashing which allows copyrighting of digital documents that are registered and verified from the wallet on the secure and private natively tor integrated DeepOnion blockchain. This is a very useful real world application and should be especially valued just for this alone.

Privacy & Security
However anonymity is at the heart of DeepOnion's ethos and so has integrated the latest TOR Edge V.0.3.3 and OBFS4 + Meek protocols ensuring that no nation can block or trace onion transactions plus these other key privacy features as well.

DeepSend - Dual Key Anonymity
This will use a combination of multi-signature privacycoin based obfuscation technologies including Zero Knowledge, ConJoin and Ring Signatures as can be seen in the White Paper (link given below this section) plus here is very informative technical but easy to follow explanation by DeepOnion member Nevena

DeepProtocol - Stealth Addresses
Here's a great article by Moderator Vaas who can explain this technology a little better than me :)

This is another industry first whereby a dedicated system is in development and will soon be implemented which will give a weighted vote on the future development decisions of DeepOnion. Many altcoin communities say they are decentralised but this will truly deliver "Democracy on the Blockchain".

Here's more on this feature with a good article by JimmyBob

Development Fund
The development fund will allow great features including smart contracts and other blockchain technology to also be incorporated which demonstrates that DeepOnion is determined to be ahead of the cryptocurrency curve and will become the dominant altcoin leader.

Mobile Wallets
Android and Apple iOS wallets are another important feature that's coming very soon, allowing onion payments on the go opening up the huge digital economy.

Hybrid PoS PoW
With instantaneous and ultra low transaction fee, very fast confirmations and with great PoW mining & PoS staking onion interest plus huge scalability .. One word... Brilliant


White Paper
More info on the great technology and vision of DeepOnion can be found in the White Paper

The Key To A Great Cryptocurrency: Technology, Development Team & Community

This is one of my main points which is true for many and it is a very important attribute for any altcoin is its strength. DeepOnion has an amazing community which is near to 13,000 and continuing to grow with many talented members writing great articles, designing wallpapers and memes, giving help posting on the forums, tweeting & making cool videos.

Many know that i'm a fan of all things science and technology plus scifi & especially of StarTrek I made a poster in the style of The Next Generation computer display with the DeepOnion tech specs a while ago plus I made a few DO StarWars and a Back To The Future video which had the airdrop rules at that time which are now old so i wont post it here..

However now a DeepOnion member twitter @ KitchenWithMatt @ mrchef111 "Captain" has made an amazing 10 Minute Movie

StarTrek DeepOnion : The Search For Onions

This should should win the CryptOscars. Live long and prosper with DeepOnion The Anonymous Cryptocurrency.

Plus Matt also creates other very professional output too.

Development Team
Including Deeper and JimmyBob there are other very professional blockchain devs that work to aid the project. Recently the very skilled and committed developer Harris Brakmić‏ joined DeepOnion and significantly helped add great value to the cryptocurrency integrating the latest protocols plus implementing low cost & efficient staking on the Raspberry Pi 3 (INFO here ) & soon Stealth Addresses & mobile wallets as mentioned previously. Great work to all involved.

Not only this great news but this growing team is also looking for more talented blockchain developers so if want to be part of an advanced and successful altcoin project with a huge supportive community plus you have the drive and the ability then contact Moderator for consideration.

The Super Mods
DeepOnion also has very cool moderators who maintain the positive atmosphere with fantastic professional promotion videos, live-streams keeping us up to date with all the great news and developments, plus making a rap song and other important responsibilities.

Goin #StraightToTheTop.. with nearly half a million views.. Very cool Impressive & DogLover #InTheHood

All this effort by the whole community ensures that DeepOnion is a very popular and well know anonymous altcoin.

DeepOnion: Is The News
There's more visibility with great mainstream media articles which are almost being written on a daily basis. Here's the latest by The Merkle News whom describe DeepOnion as having a lot of features #UnderTheHood

Others recent press release include

Digital Journal - DeepOnion Announces Exciting Launch of an Anonymous Cryptocurrency Sent Through the TOR Network

More recently DeepOnion came first in a Fair Reporters article too

Some others include the following
Coin Bureau - DeepOnion: Review of the Latest Privacy Coin Integrated with Tor

Plus DeepOnion was even "mentioned" on the "Last Week Tonight" show with John Oliver


Heres the youtube link to this

For such a young crypto it is remarkable to have such a big community and press attention.


Poster above from a Great News Vid ;) on youtube by Paolo Giannone available on his channel here

After The Airdrops
Now on week 36 of 40 airdrops here's a price prediction for DeepOnion for the next 1 to 5 Years by Wallet Investor

In my op"onion" It could be higher as DeepOnion already has better tech than many cryptos.

This is my predicted chart for the next few months ... buy in the dip & hodl.

The DeepOnion ATH price of $20 / 130,000 sats will be reached again very soon with all this good news and it will outweigh any small amount of dumpers near the final airdrops.

Some short term investors didnt realise the growth potential and with such a limited supply of useful coins it really doesnt take much for DeepOnion to rise...

DeepOnion Exchanges
Onion's are trading on these exchanges & pairs.

DeepOnion is also on the decentralised bisq P2P / Tor Exchange

Their motto which is very apt to both bisq and DeepOnion is;

"To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete" BMF.

Here's below is a link to a tutorial on how to use this great exchange

Plus most recently Deepnion was added to trading directly into fiat pairs Dollars Euro's & Rouble's


Other Exchanges Soon
Next Exchange​

Where DeepOnion came first place in the community vote


Again DeepOnion dominated stormed ahead and won both round to be listed​


Nova Exchange
Will soon be back trading too... Our first.

Bigger Exchanges
With the full distribution of the airdrop onions the main exchanges will open up to DeepOnion thus gaining even further attention of the traders and should raise the market cap. Including the other features to be released soon plus more blockchain technology to be implemented after the airdrops utilising the large development fund growth will definitely continue especially with the committed and active dev team & huge community support.

So in my humble op"onion" DeepOnion will significantly increase in price. Possibly astronomically.


Heres a great DeepOnion evaluation using "The Spacesuitx Method" by member lucasgabd

DeepOnion is The Anonymous Crytocurrency
Despite the fud by some nations regulators and banks against cryptocurrency, which is only driving their popularity and the desire and absolute necessity in this modern era to ensure your assets are totally secure private and that you are in control. So with the advanced privacy and technology on offer plus a very friendly and creative community DeepOnion should be more valuable than Monero and many other privacy cryptos and with all this information i firmly believe and many others #DO to that DeepOnion will soon be $100's and in the long term possibly $1000's.

There also cool DeepOnion merchandise for all ages at

Hodl free onion's with a new faucet up to four times a day here

Thank you for reading.

My last article

My posters & designs thread AKA Cryptomaster

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The images are difficult to read, especially the first one with the comparison graphic. Could you please add links to high quality images.

Apart from that really informative and well written article. I am looking forward for the releases. Would prefer the stealth addresses but I guess the next release is vote central

Hi ra213 thank you very much.. Yes i cant wait for the other privacy features which will be out soon ..oh I have updated the image more coin data and showing time line Q1 to 3 I've just posted the newer one in my forum designs thread page 18
Its available as my twitter pinned tweet
I think you can click into the image on steemit to zoom into it too. Thanks again..

Thank you for your response. It doesn't seem that you can click on the image, but you can copy the image url and open it in a new tab. Here is the full size image:

One question regarding the nodes. The image states that there a 406,472 nodes online, but this doesn't seem right. I remember an article which mentioned that it should mean 406 + 472. Could you clear things up? Are there about 900 nodes and what is the difference between those two counts?

Hi ra213 I zoomed into the image using my browser.. plus depending on what browser you use allows the image to be further expanded...

Regarding the nodes I copied the info from another member who created a different comparison poster..

However the total node number of DeepOnion is huge as it uses all the nodes on the tor network and not just the DeepOnion wallets.

There were two posters the dev put onto bitcointalk quite a while back showing the amount of tor network nodes vs bitcoin... The data from that was between 2012 and 2013 which gave the total tor nodes as over 200,000 (200K) back then.. I combined the two images so it was twitter friendly here is that tweet ..

Plus an uploaded preview here possibly not zoomable ::)

So i assumed that the total daily online nodes now is over 400,000 as in the other comparison poster i referenced...

I have another update to the privacycoin comparison poster too in my thread on the forum which includes the completion of the DeepOnion Android wallet & Stealth addresses aka DeepProtocol. This is on DeepOnion wallet Version 1.6.0 which is mandatory before block 460,000 . P.S I've just seen your article about the wallet update. Good work..

Nice article, really thorough. I'm looking forward to the features that DeepOnion hasn't released yet but from the ones that have already been released like DeepVault, I can tell that the upcoming features will leave us all satisfied. This coin is destined for big things and will be top privacy coin in the future.

Hi angeliki Thanks for reading.. Yes DeepVault is one of my favourite features of DeepOnion, but then again i like everything including the great community. These aspects plus the great privacy already and upcoming anonymity tech should be appreciate by investors more than they are at present, but since the btc dip today DeepOnion hasnt suffered to badly compared to others. DeepOnion members are 95% hodling & some lucky members who have fiat or other cryptos spare are buying more onions...

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