What Will The New Year Bring For The DeepOnion Forum?

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As many members have noticed, December brought a lot of changes to the Deep Points system of the DeepOnion forum. Some members saw them as positive changes, some others not so much. They certainly were cause for discussion among the members.

What changed?

After Sunday, the 24th of December, members won't be awarded points for completing Domination tasks anymore. While this method has put DeepOnion on the map, so to speak, it's no longer necessary. Furthermore, the growing number of the forum's members are making such tasks seem like annoying spam to non-members, almost imitating the moves of bots. In the end, it doesn't matter if you leave a quality comment, if it's the thousandth comment a non-member sees.

Deep Point abuse

Despite the best efforts of the forum's moderators, there were people who were completing ten tasks per day. That is a huge number! In my personal opinion, this shows that people didn't care about the DeepOnion project as long as they got their points which would then turn into Onions. Which is not the right way to think, because what would the sense be in having more Onions if your actions lead to their value decreasing?

The next day for the DeepOnion forum

As it has been announced, there will be VIP domination tasks for a few people who will be appointed, thus ensuring that the name of DeepOnion won't be associated with spammers. The moderators will choose the best dominators who have proved in the past that they can handle domination tasks with grace, finesse and self-restraint and these people will represent the DeepOnion community.


Surely, not all people can have a positive reaction to this. Being excluded is never a nice feeling but in this case it's for the good of the project. DeepOnion needed the kind of all-consuming publicity before because no one in the cryptocurrency world knew about it. Now the world needs to know that it's a serious business. Not everyone can promote DeepOnion the way it should be promoted, which is why the people who will have access to the VIP dominations will be the best of the forum.

What about the regular members then?

Those who have no access to the VIP tasks can still contribute to the DeepOnion project. Don't forget that we still need other promotional material, such as wallpapers, videos, music, even memes will be useful. Be creative. Spread the word about DeepOnion. You can still do domination tasks without getting Deep Points too, which can also serve you in the future if more VIP dominators are needed and the moderators need to take a look at your work. But more importantly, choose to become an ambassador for the project, whether there is a reward for it or not. It's up to you to help yourself by helping DeepOnion. We all believe in it or we wouldn't be involved with it. We just need to make the rest of the world realize DeepOnion's real value.

So, what will the New Year bring for the forum?

Hopefully, a breath of fresh air. People had become too complacent, thinking they could just get their Onions without any work (yes, 5 minutes of clicking and typing is not considered much work where I'm from). The change in the rules will push people to become more competent, to strive to earn a place among the VIP dominators by promoting DeepOnion the right way. Others will find new ways to promote it, some will find that they have a creative streak that will allow them to make some DeepOnion art. I see this as a positive change which will allow the forum to keep attracting new members who will also promote DeepOnion and make it even more well known.

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