Why You Should Join the Deep Dives Research Challenge

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Have you heard of the Deep Dives Research Challenge? Well if you haven’t heard of it up until now, let me acquaint you with it. I encourage you all, to visit and follow the @deepdives account to familiarise yourself with this initiative and what it’s all about. You can read about how and why it was created in this original introductory post.


So in summary, what is Deep Dives?


It’s a project and initiative being driven by prominent members of the steemit community, to foster and encourage quality writing and content, in the form of research driven investigative journalism. That’s right! You can skip journalism school and join in a community of writers who contribute and carve out their own niche on the blockchain, whilst also having the ability to earn great prizes along the way! Who knows, you may even become a household name in the wider writing community by uncovering interesting facts that can be shared with others on the platform…

You may have some common questions that may be associated with this type of project!


Do I need to be a conspiracy theorist to join in this type of writing?

No! Unlike popular belief amongst some circles, you don’t need to be or believe in conspiracy theories to participate. In fact it is widely encouraged that documentation that is associated with this type of research writing, is well founded and official documentation is supplied from credible sources, which are provided for you in the post releases from the @deepdives account itself!

Can I be a conspiracy theorist and still join in this initiative?

Yes! You can be or call yourself whatever you like. It has no bearing on the results or research itself, as there are specific guidelines in place that need to be followed to submit a successful entry into the contest format.

All you need to participate in this project, is a keen interest in writing and research, digging deeper into a specific subject matter, or one of the motives listed below:


• Counter Propaganda
• Exposing corruption
• Honest Reporting
• Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
• Digging Deeper
• Political commentary
• Activism
• “Truth”
• Self-Improvement

Who is welcome or encouraged to join in this community of research writers?


• Independent Journalists
• Citizen Journalists
• Open source investigators
• Researchers
• Activists
• Information, news and political junkies
• Crowd Sourced Investigators
• Writers
• Those looking for a challenge

In other words, everyone! Nobody cares who, what or where you come from, or believe in, in the real world. Not only that, but you have plenty of time to submit an entry between each challenge. It works out to be almost 3 weeks between submissions which gives everyone plenty of time to research, write and also engage in other areas of interest on steemit!

Why should you join in the Research Challenge?


There are many reasons why you should join in the Deep Dives Research Challenge. Among them being, that you may actually get to engage and meet some nice people along the way, while learning about topics or issues you may have not been aware of previously…

This research initiative is not just for politically motivated individuals, but also for anyone who has a passion for learning, research and writing in general! I absolutely love it myself, so come join me and the other members of the community and get involved!


As always, have a great day and PEACE


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I always participate and can back up this post 100%. Even though we all want to win we still encourage more people to enter because the cause is that important.
Wikileaks is an unbiased source of truth and the more people there are sorting through all the information they offer the better.
The deepdives group itself gives great feedback and excellent support for writers and journalists so I'd say get in on it asap ;)


Thanks for the comment @gregorypatrick! It's always rewarding in many different ways to participate and contribute to a great initiative such as this one. Also congrats to you for your ongoing participation and adding value to whole concept from a personal level. I look forward to reading your future entries:)

Nice article @palikari123, I'll try to spread the word.


Great iniative. Following.

Awesome! Thanks @palikari123 an unexpected but pleasant surprise in our feed. We really should be trying to get the word out more, so this is greatly appreciated. In the future we hope to have some 'best of' posts to showcase some of the great articles done by researchers such as yourself. Thanks for grinding it out with us through the dip ;)


Your welcome! Can't hurt to occasionally remind folks of the original intent:)

Huge respect to #deepdives .. all the contributors, and people working hard to make this magic happen! I will definitely be diving at some point, the problem I've had is with the move etc .. plus I have a backlog of posts I've roughly sketched out, but when the time is right I'll be there. You've put some great research into this project and watching you grow has been a pleasure .. equally, thank you for spreading the word @palikari123


It will be great to see you enter the fray when the time is right! Thanks again for all the support and encouragement:)

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if this is a contest what is the prize?


The prize and how it will be payed, is announced by the @deepdives account before the start of each individual contest.

You can see the previous post announcement below



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