WikiLeaks Shows How Teams Of Unscrupulous Figures Control Popular Politicians From The Shadows

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To me, the American poet Saxe said the truth about government best (and first, sorry Bismarck) as expressed by the quote above. In essence he is trying to convey the same feeling we all get when we see what is really going on behind the scenes with our politicians, the feeling of mutual disdain.

As we all know respect is a two way street, so when we finally get the chance to see how little respect our leaders/lawmakers have for us, it is only natural for us to start feeling the same way about them.

I noticed something during my last deepdive into WikiLeaks while I was reading through the Podesta e-mail leak but I couldn't exactly put the words to the emotion that was coming through then.

It wasn't until today when I began reading through the Clinton e-mail leak that I was able find a glaring example of the false and phony nature behind political propaganda. It is an e-mail from Cheryl Mills to Hillary and it shows just how many levels of insiders there really are who get to add their insincere pandering to every one of the political talking points before the message even gets to a candidate for approval.

It originated from Jim Kennedy who writes all sorts of propaganda and when you learn how connected he is throughout the media industry, you will see why I'm calling him out.

Yes indeed, this guy has controlled big sections of news media, one the world's biggest movie production companies and the message of some of the infamous politicians in living memory. If Mr. Kennedy wants to bounce around different positions of power and craft nearly every message we are forced hear everywhere we look for news and entertainment, then I believe we have the duty to show how he really feels about the problems he puts into people's minds. You can see for yourself how disingenuous and flippant he is when it comes to the issues that are important to his intended audience.

As it turns out, it's not so easy to convince people that Hillary's history of switching up her entire personality depending on the people she is speaking is something to celebrate. We didn't like the lines that were intended to make us laugh off her criminal connections to her party and globalists either. At this point in time, I hope no one thinks that it is a good thing to attempt to mix identity politics and a call to solidarity, it has only caused division over the past few years in my opinion. The idea that such a foolish statement was stopped by the celebrity status of the players rather than the cognitive dissidence of such a tactic is insulting to me for sure.

Mr. Kennedy goes on in his e-mail to Mrs. Mills in ways that gave me more of a visceral reaction than just some talking points though. What gets to me is the way these people invoke heavy emotions in others while being completely with out passion themselves.

I truly believe that none of the people feel the way about these issues but have no problem causing us stress and worry by faking emotion here. Mills, Kennedy and Clinton only care about getting elected and staying in their high positions of power if you ask me.

Despite the best efforts of her team to delete as many of Clinton's mishandled e-mails as possible, quite a few still were preserved for us to look through. They reveal two important things as far as I have personally read. First and most importantly they show that she absolutely illegally used private e-mail to conduct State House business thereby giving inside information to her foreign counterparts and any one else who wanted to hack into her secret server.

Here is another example of negligence to show that because of this course of action, everyone meeting with her personal associates and officials from the U.S.A. State department had an unfair advantage due to us having our negotiation tactics laid out in advance.

Over half of Mrs. Clinton's e-mails were deleted in complete disregard for law and procedure and what we are left with needs to be viewed with the consideration that this is what her team wanted us to know. I don't say that to dissuade anyone for finding the big thing that was missed in the rush to cover up these crimes, I encourage quite the opposite really, the point I am trying to make with this article is that what we do have shows Hillary to be, at best, simply a figure head.

The leaks overwhelming paint her as the definition of limousine liberal politician who only wants to correspond about her preference of ride services or the next destination in her jet settingfantasy lifestyle. It depicts a person who cares only about appearances and will go where she is told and say what they want her to say. Perhaps there are plenty of examples of Clinton making her own decisions and expressing her actual feeling but so far I haven't seen any. I see the words of people like Jim Kennedy and it sounds like contrived nonsense instead of genuine thought.

Here is Hillary's appearance before the press after the rally at Yankee Stadium which was the ultimate product of all the behind the scenes work by her cronies in the media I am illustrating. I think this video from after the speech below shows exactly what I am talking about in a very concise way.

Did you happen to notice how empty everything she had to say was? It seems like all fluff and no substance to me except for one instance that stands out. There was one issue that came up in all the foolishness and it came in around the 4:00 minute mark of the clip. Unfortunately for Mrs. Clinton, it seems like the issue brought up by this one honest reporter didn't seem to be on her preapproved list of talking points. Her response to an actual tough question was to change the subject and then to immediately refer to Rubin Diaz to speak for her. She didn't add anything to his statement but agreed with an amen and took one more softball question about subway tokens before ending the conversation and rushing off.

This goes beyond an authenticity problem, it shows a puppet being pulled by its string before our eyes indeed. If a politician like Clinton doesn't have prewritten bullet point, that has gone through the hands of countless media experts and power brokers, they will pass off the question to a handler/ally instead of being honest or risking a glimpse of their actual critical thinking skills.

We have a serious problem in not just the U.S.A. but many countries around because of dishonest politicians engaged in these tactics. When cold hearted people craft a divisive narrative that is based not on what they believe but what their research says will get the most heated emotional reaction it does damage to us all. They want us to make rash decisions based on our feelings, ones they have inflamed, meanwhile they act in precise and calculated way that leaves emotion at the door. It's devious and something only the worst kind of unscrupulous person would participate in if you ask me.

Please remember a few things the next time you get angry during a political debate, behind the individual WikiLeaks documents I read through for this article there was the over all feeling of disdain and disrespect for all of us. I for one walked away feeling like I just took a tour of a sausage factory and can report the product looks to slimy to be good for our health. The people who put words in our politicians mouths don't care that their rhetoric is ripping the country apart, I assert they only care about winning and power.

The attempts of those involved with this scandalous plot to hide this information, just so that they could keep their honest thoughts secret, has perhaps reached criminal levels. We need to call them out if we ever want this to stop, if we don't we will be back here talking about the Trump administration's leaked documents soon enough.



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