Tom Delonge From Blink 182 And His Connection To John Podesta - How His Full Book : Sekret Machines Was Leaked And Is Now Free To Read

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You are the company you keep they say. If you ask me, corresponding with the Podesta brothers and bragging about it will end up burning you in the end and so I would advise against it. Speaking of caution, most of the links in this post are going to lead to WikiLeaks or files found there that have been leaked. It is legal for me to view and post stolen material, 'Merica!, but check your laws and local censorship regulations if you want to be safe.

While talking over topics with another author contributing to Deep Dives Challenge 11, an interesting file came up.

It was hidden in the Podesta E-Mails which is a data base of close to 50,000 files that shows so much truth it's been impossible to fully take in so far. It shows how the brothers John and Tony have been wielding power and influence all throught the world with their wealth and political connections.

Honestly it was a bit sad to see Tom Delonge appear in this mix of Clinton corruption, political puppeteering and what seems to even point to child trafficking and abuse. I've never been a fan of the band Blink 182 but I did have some excitement for the possibility that this guy Tom had parleyed his fame and fortune into helping the truth movement with his UFO research. He was out on the social media doing interviews under the guise of disclosing some big secret, he spells it sekret, but at the end of the day it turned out his sources are the worst kinds of creeps and liars, even by D.C. swamp standards.

The following is a clip from WikiLeaks and it shows some serious hero worship going on in my opinion. Read the whole file if you would like to verify it is from Tom Delonge, you can even call his office and ask him with the information it lists.

I would dismiss that as merely butt kissing but unfortunately for tommy boy, his full book is the attached PDF file in that e-mail. It's not just a random promotional solicitation, it is more of a thank you to Podesta and a wink to this.

I could go on for quite a long while about just how disgusting the Podestas are, the allegations and pending charges have been adding up over the years and I can't wait until they get nailed on and put away. If you have heard about the movement to imprison Hillary Clinton it is in major part because of her connections to those two men. The darkest rumors about her are indeed about them as well due to the fact that they, arranged the deals that made her rich, acted as power brokers to sell out their country's uranium supply, child trafficking and charity fraud and on top of all that are the ones who crafted the lies and coverups for her presidential run! If you want to confirm all of this please read as many of the Podesta E-Mails as you can and see all of the files that reveal the real secrets and back door dealings before it is propaganda, watch the sausage get made so to speak.


I believe that all of the tainted sources the authors of Sekret Machine need to be exposed. If you are crediting one of the worlds greatest liar and scumbag in your forward it changes the way I have to view the information being presented. The dishonesty of how this book was promoted, as if it was going to change the UFO conversation, bothers me. It turned out to be fictional tale in the style of the Divinci code but instead of exposing conspiracy, it's really part of bigger darker conspiracy to distract people by muddying the water. These people literally write the propaganda that fuels the disinformation coming out of the MSM, they deserve zero trust. If anything the things they hint at will likely be just poison pills to discredit "conspiracy theorists", which is a term the Deep-State machine came up with anyhow. I doubt that there is a shred of truth in this book but please read the full novel yourself and let me know your take on it.

If you send your book to a person who is actively being exposed for their life time of crimes against humanity via WikiLeaks to thank him for your help, people like me will publish it.

Not just because we can, but because we should.


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