Deep Dives Research Challenge #5 | The Wikileaks Archive Winners Announced (38 STEEM!)

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Once again, ground zero for the fifth instalment of the Deep Dives Research Challenge series focused primarily on the immense Wikileaks archive.

“WikiLeaks is a giant library of the world’s most persecuted documents. We give asylum to these documents, we analyze them, we promote them and we obtain more.”

- Julian Assange

Research into this archive has and will be a mainstay for Deep Dives as there's endless amounts of information contained in the the assorted leaks. We hope you find this research as rewarding as we do. A strong core of researchers has already immerged to take us deep below the surface from week to week and we're grateful for all those that are doing in-depth reporting on their findings.

Here's the link to the original research challenge post for Deep Dives #5.

Official Deep Dive Contributors


We'd also like to recognize the work of @geke who is doing some excellent research into corporatism and military spending on a daily basis. Without hesitation, we recommend that you give her a follow and show her some support.

Winners (19 STEEM)

DD5 pali.jpeg

The Vela Incident South Atlantic Flash

by @palikari123

Time after time, @palikari123 is able to uncover a subject matter that is both fascinating and yet also almost completely unknown to many of us. In their latest Deep Dive, @palikari123 unearths the story of the Vela Incident or South Atlantic Flash. From the article:

The official explanation of what occurred on that day, was that it was an unidentified double flash of light detected by an American Vela Hotel satellite, near the Prince Edward Islands off Antarctica. However, the more common and prevailing theory to this day amongst researchers, is that the flash was of nuclear origin, which originated from a joint South African–Israeli nuclear test.

That the Israelis are an undeclared nuclear power in the middle-east, is perhaps the worst kept secret in the region today, but there was a time where the Israeli nuclear program was still very much under wraps. This article really makes a strong case, backed by official documents, that the Vela Incident was indeed a nuclear test. Well worth the read!

Second Place Winner (11.5 STEEM)

DD5 krnl.jpg

Perverse Sexual and Cannabalistic Rituals of the Elite

by @krnel

Though not directly mentioned in the article, the Pizzagate investigation originates in the emails of John Podesta released by Wikileaks in October of 2016 just before the US presidential elections. A frenzy of research was sparked in large part due to the strange contents of emails between John Podesta, his brother Tony Podesta, Marina Abramovic and several more well connected Democrats. In this piece, @krnel delves into the emails that lead into the dark, bizarre and twisted world of elite rituals and secret societies. This is a great introductory article on a subject matter many are all too quick to dismiss.

Third Place Winner (7.5 STEEM )

DD5 img greg.png

Wikileaks Releases Dow Chemical Memos, Exposes Government Corruption All Around the World

by @greogorypatrick

Last but not least, we have an entry by @gregorypatrick highlighting how multinational corporations such as Dow Chemical use their power, money and influence to manipulate governments around the globe. The piece explores how large corporations work hand and glove with the Military Industrial Complex in order to achieve strategic geopolitical objectives. Great work and welcome aboard!

Deep Dives 6

Next Stop - Cryptome


In the next Deep Dives research challenge we will explore the Cryptome Archive. This collection is probably already familiar to some and is widely considered to be a precursor to Wikileaks.

Keep an eye out for the official research challenge announcement which we plan on posting in the coming days!


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Another fantastic an in-depth analysis of the treasure trove of information that surrounds us, and yet remains ignored by the majority.

A huge congratulations to all that entered, great work from @krnel @gregorypatrick and a special shout to my friend @palikari123 .. great research on a subject I was unaware of .. dude you've found you're niche, keep up the stellar research!


You are an absolute legend. Thanks for your constant support and encouragement!

Well done to all the entrants who participated and thanks for this great research initiative guys. As you can tell, I really enjoy it:) It really is a challenge and an enjoyable one at that!

I really do hope we can have more entrants in the future. So anyone out there that has even a small interest in any type of research, please join in next time!


Hey P! Well if people like yourself keep pumping out quality articles like you do then I think people will slowly start to take notice of what we're building over here ;) I've had a few DDs of my own on the back burner, really was trying to find time to add mine into the mix for DD5 but got bogged down with work. Hopefully, I can get it out there for DD7 ;)


Thanks V....Yes, that's understandable with all the different projects you have going at the moment! Maybe, you can let me know the topic you have in mind for your next DD, in advance;)

Sweet! Good job everyone. I hope more people will join in to write for the next round. Exposing some of the stuff going on is good to do for everyone to learn, plus you get a chance at winning some great prizes :D

Congrats on another succesful round of research! I've only read @krnel's entry so far, which was pretty disturbing and shocking at the same time..

@palikari123 you're on the roll, maybe you've missed your calling ? :)


Hey @anouk.nox. This is something I did in my own spare time, before I even joined steemit and had any monetary reward attached to it. As far as the 'calling' goes, I would just say I have a fascination and passion for these topics. When you have a passion for something, it shows in the quality of work can't fake it:)

You are more than welcome to pass by my post to show your support. It's not only the high reputation authors that have something to offer and can produce quality content. Everyone has to start somewhere...


I feel you on the passion part! I've always had this "problem" that when I was forced to work on something in the past that I just didn't like or find boring at a certain point.. it will affect the quality of work immediately!
I love lots of things, and I have a passion for many things too, I am happy that nowadays I can focus on those... because like you said, you can't fake that!

I am not really sure what you mean here: It's not only the high reputation authors that have something to offer and can produce quality content. Everyone has to start somewhere...

Are you aiming at me personally here? Just trying to clear this up, because I'm not quite sure how to take that sentence..

As I have my own very heavy history of a government doing horrible things to us, combined with a psycho ex (father of my 2 oldest) and the missing of those 2, I am not always in the best mood to read articles like this. I've started on Steemit writing for @familyprotection almost daily for quite some time.. Which meant that I was sucked down in my emotions constantly.. reading things about corruption of governments are for me personally, almost always linked to my own story.. And when I get sucked in these stories daily, I can't function anymore..

So a while ago I chose to not read them all, because it can literally bring back my own nightmares.. so when I'm not reading every story (even if I'm interested) it's because of protecting myself ;)


I didn't mean it to come off that way (personal), if in fact it did.

Of course a lot of these topics are dark and/or negative, and if it's going to affect your emotional well being, then yes, it's best to avoid them for the most part:)


I didn't think so thats why I checked with you. Its so early still and I didnt really wake up that nice with construction workere since 5 am next to our building.. maybe I've read it wrong hehe..

I am all about exposing those things, as you may know.. but sometimes still very cautious and ran by some fear too.. which is not the best emotion to guide a person lol..

Sometimes I save posts like the deepdives entries, to read later because they have my interest for sure.. its just bad timing for me sometimes to read them.. I will try to jump to your posts more often and leave a comment though because your posts are good! :)

Thank you so much for the support! You all are great and I will always step up to support the cause anytime :)


Thanks so much for your entry @gregorypatrick, we really appreciate having new people and getting their angles on some of these leaks. Happy to have you here :)


I'll keep upping my quality until I get my next entry looking polished and perfect, it's something I really look forward to 100%.

It has been great finding like minded people who have a strong interest in these subjects for sure, thanks again.

Congrats guys! I expected a lot more articles this round. I hope the next round more people will join.
I agree on @geke's work those geke venn diagrams are deepdives in their own right

cool, I look forward to the next challenge, this is helping to promote some very interesting content.

Congrats to the winners! I really enjoy this contest, it gives me some time to read up on things that are important but don't give me enough time to look at them on my own time.

I'm having some doubts about cryprome. I think we first need to know a bit more about cryptome and the documents that are hosted there, Who, what, why is cryprome. Where did the documents come from. This is so new that anyone could behind this with whatever agenda.


Cryptome is not new...In fact they were around way before wikileaks as far as exposing government corruption and classified documents.

Fantastic reporting everyone. I have learned something new to research. #VelaIncident.

Great job everyone, and great challenge project!

Shame I didn't get any àrticle worthy information. Hopefully the next time