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in decoration •  4 months ago 

I promise I won't sing though, no one wants here that!

I do! I do! I think it would be fabulous. What would you sing?

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@abh12345.ccoin makes a good point...That's a classic...I could also teach you Waltzing Matilda but it's just as likely to be Got your six by Five Finger Death Punch...Either way, we'll have a great time. I know how good a singer you are so we'll have fun.

THis is on an island off the coast of Finland.yesterday

I am going to start breeding them now that I have some more space in my room.

White "kenguru's* huh? 😆

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Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport

Is a good one :)

Unfortunately "Kangaroo" meant something different to Rolf.