Little Slices Of My Home

in decor •  5 months ago

Aside from cooking, reading and gardening I love decorating my home! I’m such a homebody although due to my husbands profession as a musician it always seems like we are out and about. But we both really enjoy our time at home!
My favorite part of the day is when I’m done seeing clients and we’ve had dinner. I clean up our home and just enjoy being. We play a couple of records or my husband practices his singing and trumpet.
We always enjoy desserts with either coffee, tea or a nightcap. There’s nothing better than a comfortable nest to call home surrounded by those you love.
Do you enjoy being at home?
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I like the elephant ears in the glasses, nice touch.


Thank you! I love growing and rooting plants in clear vases, the little root formations enthrall me!



Have you tried a potato in a glass? they can sprout too. I did not realise you could grow elephant ears in water. Besides potato I only know of pothos that can grow in water.


I have grown sweet potatoes in water outdoors, so lovely! These are not elephant ears but Monsteras (the leaves have not split yet) I like to display and root them this way ☺️ However, elephant ears do grow in water, I grow mine in my pond 🌸Lovely day!



Oh nice, I grew one that sprouted out in my yard and the vines nearly took over the whole yard. They grow so fast, ah good to know..thanks you too

No place sweeter then nuzzled in the nook of my couch, slowly letting hours melt away, a quiet solitude often interrupted by the tromp of a bear, laughing merrily, nuzzling into my nook with me.

beautiful house.

Yeah, I enjoy being at home and love nuts.

How have you been Girl!

If I had your home I am sure I would never get sick of it.