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That's not insane, it's just how you invest. You buy low.

Self flag to correct value of content.


lol xD


Wow. A self flag to correct value of content. I feel like I am seeing a unicorn or something.

Do you think Steem would be better if more authors used their voting power for this sort of thing?

I'm going to have to write about this later. Going to see just how rare self flags are with a little help from SteemData.


You have been banned from r/decentmemes.

dont think i missed your self vote saying you self flagged

good of all
i have also resteemit that

thanks good post & activity

wow...nice post @klye . i like your Test Shitpost post. thanks for share the post.

It's not shit post. Meme is best. Hope you will continue.

I always following to you
I like your all post so I cant but resteemit your post
yes that is resteemit done

good activity
again resteemit done guys

i am worried about the downward movement of crypto-currency !!

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Thanks for your support in the art contest post.
Would love to see your creation as well ;)

Steady Upward from hence fort no bearishiness

@klye Re-Steem to your publication so that my followers are informed of this platform.

I, myself, fancy a different approach.