Evolving The Internet! Decenternet's Publicly Owned, Decentralized Web Apps To Replace Google, Youtube, Uber & Ebay?

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As I wrote in my previous introduction to Decenternet, the white paper describes a wide array of Apps that are proposed to radically reshape our world for the better. Complete decentralization of web technology opens the door to the next generation of fair and equitable services - think of what AirBnb and Uber have done already, but remove even more centralization such that 'the world' owns the new version of Uber and AirBnb, instead of a centralized corporation - and you have touched on the power being pointed at here! Can this model really work for us? Or is this a nice idea that will stumble due to the complexities of our world and the human condition as it stands?

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In Decenternet's Own Words - Their Mission

Having now read through both the Decenternet and the Anuvys white papers, it is clear to me that while they have not yet published every last detail of their plans - which leaves me with several important questions unanswered at this point - they have managed to demonstrate a correct understanding of many of our internet related problems and their causes - plus potential solutions.

I feel that perhaps the best introduction to their mission statement comes from their own words:

“The Internet seems to affect every aspect of our lives, yet nobody seems to ask the most fundamental question of all: who controls the Internet? Monopolistic powerful intermediaries physically own most of the data you see on your screen. They have amassed massive wealth worth over $USD 3 trillion as of 2017 , taking advantage of the content you create. How much of that money it’s in your pockets? What about the fact that they also have gradually designed their browsers and operating systems to surveil you. Realize that they have every single piece of information about you, that perhaps you didn’t even know existed. This puts the individual at risk at all times while centralizing wealth and power to the very few. This is why we must reclaim our liberty by decentralizing the Internet.”

With specific technological and social aims in mind:

The proliferation of a decentralized Internet infrastructure that gives access to limitless sources of information for the public good backed by a performance driven dApp architecture.

● Neutralizing the back attempts to limit our basic rights and freedom by protecting free speech and net neutrality through the use of libertarian technology, instead of fear, violence, blame and separation.

● Replacement of the current monopolized internet Infrastructure by establishing a hyper-speed non-cosmetic physical decentralization of storage and retrieval of data. The new infrastructure should not belong or owe anything to any particular government, company, organization, or individual except the collective consciousness of the people.

● Establishment of a non-inflationary transparent crypto economy with a solid foundation based on a currency with an appreciating intrinsic value; backed by the most valuable resource on the planet (more details in Section “What is the Most Valuable Resource on the Planet?”), and not regulated by a centralized third-party cartel which can just print money out of thin air.

● Gradual redistribution of the ever-growing estimated minimum of $3 trillion US capitalized by the internet data market withheld by the ISP cartels and content delivery intermediaries to its rightful owners: the people.

● Decentralization of the current centralized mining activity and political power in the crypto-economy.

● Liberation of suppressed technology withheld by the middleman (can be naturally achieved as a by-product).

● Liberation of mankind (can be naturally achieved as a by-product)

Source: Decenternet white paper

In Decenternet's Own Words - Their Software

The basis of the Decenternet infrastructure relies on several core components that facilitate the privacy assured and empowering features that Decenternet promises. Desktop and mobile OS versions are on offer, plus a specially developed browser suite and a new search engine for the web:

Main practical components of the Decenternet ecosystem:

● The Osiris Browser: The fastest and most secure Decenternet native Browser that allows people to experience the Decenternet. It gives you access to both traditional websites and Decenternet websites. In addition, dApps on the Osiris can enjoy the best performance with the proliferation of enterprise grade intelligent routing supported by SD-WAN architecture. Osiris does not discriminate data sources or collect and send data about you to anyone. The Osiris is faster than any other data decentralization solution proposed until now thanks to the proprietary Proof-of-Reliability protocol. The Osiris is Market Capitalization of the Largest US Internet Companies as of August 2017 (in billion US dollars), free because it is sustained by the libertarian Spyce mining activity. Osiris jailbreaks the internet as you know it.

● The Anuvys OS: A Linux-based Decenternet native OS, which is designed to protect your freedom and privacy as well as improve the production rate of spyce. Unlike traditional OSs, Anuvys is not bloated with surveillance protocols that report every simple activity to a 3rd party. Also, the Anuvys experience is free because it is sustained by the libertarian Spyce mining activity.

● The Decenternet native Liberty Search engine, which is designed to simply fetch the web content requested from the Decenternet without any political or economic third-party distortion or influence. No information is withheld here. Search engines define how people interpret the world. Liberty is self-sustaining and confidently free because it is not a “product.” It is a public domain utility like search engines were originally supposed to be. Again, the Liberty experience is free because is it also sustained by the libertarian spyce mining activity.

Source: Decenternet white paper

Beyond this we have the Distributed Apps that solve specific challenges for society, such as economic/financial, entertainment/education and many others... Let's take a look at what is being promised.

In-house decentralized web applications (DWApps) ranging from education, healthcare, retail, transportation, social media, content media, airline, IoT to e-commerce, artificial intelligence, marketing ads automation platforms and much more will be developed in parallel with the core development. The Anuvys Meta-Corporation is constantly funding and negotiating with the world’s top institutional leaders and influencers in each industry to bring in the best in-house solutions that will be hosted on Dnet from the adoption phase of the new internet.

Decentralized Applications Mentioned By Decenternet So Far

The vision presented for Decenternet attempts to encompass almost all key systems that sustain society today as it is. The common focus appears to be to replace the services considered most able to influence and effect human consciousness in a limiting way, such that the limits are removed and humanity's potential can be expanded.

Liberty - Search Engine

Liberty is the native Decenternet search engine. Liberty is simply designed to fulfill one simple purpose: to speak the truth. When you type “sexy shoes” it will fetch the content with the most popular demand first. It doesn’t bring you the content with the most ad clicks. When you type “Hermetic philosophy,” there’s no third-party organization
preventing you from obtaining the secret occult alchemic art of metaphysical mastery. Liberty does not suppress human progress for fear of the unknown. It encourages it, for that is the very essence which makes us collectively more powerful together with the appreciation of the spyce economy.
Centralized media giants, who used to control the insemination of information in the past, attempt to display the world as being dangerous, fearful, and full of conflict. They are desperately trying to focus on the negative aspects of humanity because the cycle of negativity is ending. Do not buy into their stories, for you are a magnificent being whose potential is yet to be discovered. Build your own ideas and make your own rules. The Liberty search engine boldly encourages all human expression. Humanity is waking up to a new level of wisdom and responsibility. Power should not be privileged to just a very few number of people. We should all become powerful together. This philosophy is omnipresent in all native Decenternet applications. Unlimited freedom awaits your decision. Now it is only up to you to express your vote of confidence by contributing to the Decenternet with your inner decision-making leadership. The Decenternet belongs to you, the people.

The idea of a distributed and decentralized global search engine is a very attractive one. The current range of alternative search engines claim to offer privacy and a lack of tracking of their users, but is this really true? How can we know for sure? Additionally, their search algorithms sometimes rely purely on Google's own ones and sometimes simply aren't very good. The result is that Google doesn't really have a strong competitor that is respectful of users' real needs and being able to create such a system that is also decentralized and open source would be a great thing for the web.

The vision presented for Decenternet attempts to encompass almost all key systems that sustain society today as it is. The common focus appears to be to replace the services considered most able to influence and effect human consciousness in a limiting way, such that the limits are removed and humanity's potential can be expanded.

Apollo - Tokenization App

Apollo™, the tokenization engine of Decenternet, offers ease of use together with already registered companies with a market potential of 150 Billion USD on day one putting it as a winner on the stage even before its debut.

Potentially replacing crowdfunding sites as a means of raising funds using cryptotokens. Apollo is intended to connect investors with creators in a transparent way to power projects and accelerate change in society in the ways that the community prefers.

Projects tokenized and promoted via Apollo will also benefit from promotion via the Liberty Search Engine. All tokens created via Apollo will be added to the the Anuvys trading exchange for immediate trading.

Themis - Credit Ratings and Reference Data Management

there is an urgent need for a fully decentralized next generation credit rating autonomous agency d-Wapp on the blockchain that is unbiased and being able to support governments business and private citizens across the globe. It will be free to use and only verified data on the blockchain could be use therefore eliminating the middleman that can affect information as it wishes.

Themis™ is capable of providing all reference data related to all individuals and organizations interacting with the Anuvys and Decenternet ecosystem. It is designed to expand in order to store and handle organizational data globally, and provides controls-based access to data, analytics and insights for businesses, the decentralized republic and individuals. It provides the foundational system for developing a wide range of products and services for credit ratings, risk, finance, operations, supply chain, sales and marketing. It also provides authorized access for research and insights on global business issues, serving the decentralized republic and multiple industries. All data pertaining to Themis™ is be stored/retrieved by using Dnet Decentralized cloud storage platform.

Many privacy advocates and system busters will feel the hairs on the back of their necks raise up when they read of the intention to use Decenternet to monitor and measure it's users in such an all pervasive way as is being described here. However, there can be no doubt that the existing paradigms of finance and government (and their advocates) will find this 'service' to be attractive. I personally find the selling point of this project that says that we should treat the internet like a public service such as a public library, to be at odds with the idea of then monetizing the users directly in such ways. As always 'the devil is in the details' and if users can completely opt out of this kind of monitoring then there will be no problem - however, it remains to be seen exactly how this will be implemented and we await future documentation to make this clear.

Veritas - Global Identity Trust

Ownership and management of private data worth trillions of dollars a year can now be transferred to its rightful owners - the People, through a compensation system. Data regarding identity, credit rating, financial records, health records, criminal records, and so much more will no more be owned and manipulated by a centralized authority thanks to the Veritas™ Decenternet blockchain ID Network. It is your data, and only you can give access to it under your consent. Veritas™ is truly revolutionary because it allows you to transfer your citizenship and obtain a passport to the new decentralized world.

Your identity is the most valuable asset which should be integrated into the planetary neural network of Decenternet for all financial interaction with the highest level of protection and value appreciation. Even though the technology is very simplistic and easy to create, the social, economic implications of Veritas™ integrated into the Decenternet universe are profound and goes beyond the scope of this paper. Nobody will ever have the right to rule over another human being. People will be self-governed, self-organized, and self-sustained. The world will never be the same.

Veritas is essentially a method of defining an identity on the blockchain that amounts to something akin to the artificial personality that is created by governments currently. At a time when many who choose freedom are rejecting such 'legal fictions' and seeking to only be defined within their own limits and not those of others, there will be many who reject this kind of software system outright. However, as with Themis - there will also be many who choose to experiment with the Veritas concept as a valid and perhaps more liberating alternative to the national passport systems we have today.

Again, I cannot help but notice that (as others have already pointed out) - the fears of a 'one world government takeover' and even the Biblical 'beast' system whereby power is completely centralized are likely to be triggered here. A balanced implementation of this and similar apps could help humanity, but a corruptible or corrupted version could enslave despite intentions to the contrary.

d-Shop - E Commere platform

d-Shop is a new age e-Commerce platform that does not just emulate the biggest smart shopping complex around the world but aggregates them to Decenternet Spyce-Coineru Mining and Marketplace Aggregation Platform. The open source Liberty™ d-Ads network and the Liberty™ Search Engine brings immediate cost reduction to businesses and cheaper prices to consumers from day one. Notice how the removal of the third party intermediaries playing the profit extortion game is completely absent in all Decenternet d-Waps. The d-Shop™ digital d-commerce platform will empower all storefronts and aggregate e-commerce platforms to use Coineru for payment for anything and all things in addition to aggregated payments using traditional fiat payment options like credit-card transactions.

This sounds something like a decenteralised replacement for Shopify and maybe Ebay. Many in the cryptocurrency world have long wondered when a fully functional replacement for these commerce systems would emerge. A fully workable system of this kind will truly explode. However, this is not as simple as many have hoped - not least due to the myriad of legal requirements for commerce to occur internationally, couriers, refunds and so on. There is a reason why Ebay is so successful and part of that is their extensive customer support teams and financial guarantees (that have come a long way since their shaky early years). If d-Shop addresses these issues in a reliable way then it will certainly be interesting to see where this goes.

ENVOL - Advanced Energy Research and Internet of 'things'.

“ENVOL(™), ENergy eVOLved, is an advanced research and product/service engineering development project that is aimed to produce more viable alternative energy solutions. A Foundation for Humanity’s quest for renewable, clean energy powered by Decenternet Technologies and Crowd Research. Suppressed knowledge will naturally surface to mainstream awareness powered by Decenternet’s Liberty Search Engine expressed into physicalization by the magnificent ENVOL™ platform. Phase 2 of ENVOL™ focuses on the development of anti-gravitational propulsion systems. Planetary greatness awaits us.

Yes, you read that right - there is an app to help research 'anti-gravity'. There are many who will say that this technology already exists (albeit not under the name of 'anti-gravity') - so perhaps this app will reach its goal quite fast! Certainly one of the more uncommon aims for a blockchain project. Given the amount of inventors who have been bought off or murdered in the last 100 years who have worked on the issue of alternative fuel sources - maybe a blockchain solution is the best way for us to collectively reach an ignition point for cleaner alternatives to the death machine we call the oil industry.

Janus - Educational Platform

No more nonsense in the archaic classrooms, no more hidden agendas, or brainwashing. Janus™ is integrating all of the top universities around the world and verifying the educational material before you can enter a virtual, or physical classroom where you can graduate for free. We believe that all citizens have the right to access free top level education… Modern day schooling has turned millions of people into robots, it has killed the creativity and has made our society more violent. The current educational system has trained people to work in factory type of environment. Janus allows the global citizens to think creatively, informatively, critically, independently with the ability to connect and able to find a real fulfilling careers that matches their talents”

This is an idea that I myself had not long ago and at that time I found that others had already started projects to implement this, but that it had never taken off. Being able to study for 'blocks' of education with teachers from around the world, without limitation of space or funding would truly be a major shift for consciousness, unity and many other aspects of human life. None the less though, just as with the many other apps here - we need to see the details of how this will be implemented before its merits can be fully assessed.

Artemis - Real Estate Investment

Real Estate is the largest asset class in the world, and also one of the most inefficient. Our aim is to empower the $217+ trillion global real estate market with 2017 volume of $1.4 trillion to seek a more transparent and liquid way to invest and trade. Artemis™ real estate platform seeks to help subdivide individual parcels of real estate into tokens, and subsequently PTO (Property Token Offering) and list them on the Anuvys exchange. Such endeavor would ease transfer of ownership, simplify fractional holding without minimal constraints, alleviate tax inefficiencies, make cross-border transactions simple, and eliminate substantial overhead faced in certain jurisdictions due to unnecessary middlemen. Tokenizing property will allow real estate assets to be uniquely identified via a digital record that contains information regarding occupancy, physical characteristics, legal
status, historical performance, and financial position.”

The ability to buy/sell property/land on a blockchain is also a highly attractive concept, given the high costs involved and the significant degree to which 'middle men' typically vampirically suck money from the situation! Done correctly, this would be a great benefit to humanity - enabling all manner of teamwork and creativity when it comes to using the land of our planet. What if you could team up with your friends on the blockchain and buy some land, using smart contracts to define how it will be used and who has rights with it?

Thor - Insurance platform

Thor is a Crypto-enabled, Open-source, decentralized, PAAS blockchain platform working off the PoR (Proof of Reliability) concept creating a global insurance network to enhance the quality of insurance product/solutions from the insurers to consumers (both B2C & B2B) through Smart Insurance Contracts.

Again, those who are participating in true spiritual evolution on Earth will not be inspired by insurance platforms. On the one hand, the author of Decenternet wants to sell us Spiritual concepts about manifestation - but on the other hand there is no holistic concept of using enhanced manifestation abilities to negate the attachment to 'protection' via insurance. This is to be expected, since our financially dominated world of manufactured lack has us attaching vast amounts of fear to loss of our 'things'. I don't expect the majority of people to move away from insurance any time soon - so a blockchain based insurance service could also be a practical solution to clearing out yet another group of major vampires from our daily lives (insurance corporations).

Movven - A female driven Uber replacement?

MOVVEN™ is the next generation blockchain based ride sharing platform and an upgraded version of what was once known as Uber in the centralized monopolistic internet. MOVVEN™ is designed exclusively for the safety of female clients on Decenternet. All drivers and clients are respectable ladies who bring security and peace of mind to women, the most important part of our society

I'm not exactly sure why this app has been limited only to women. I can appreciate women wanting to be safe with women drivers - but surely it is possible to just create an app that can be used by everyone and include within it a female only option?

In any case, again, done correctly this would be a successful app - I am sure. Uber is interesting but certainly not perfect yet.

Blocktube - Youtube replacement for Video Distribution

Team Decenternet plans to build the first practical application on the TrustNet for mass adoption, the Blocktube — a more dynamic p2p Video Media Hub that belongs to the people. Blocktube is a media platform that allows individuals to create and share videos with their audiences for financial compensation. However, the similarities end there. Blocktube is not a web application designed to collect ad money disguised as a social video broadcasting platform. Blocktube is ad-free, and the contributions go directly to the content creators. Notice how Blocktube is technologically free from political agendas or financial obligations. This allows content creators to provide much higher quality content and obtain an honest amount of revenue without having the middleman claiming a huge unknown chunk of profit. Blocktube’s data is fetched and streamed directly from the Decenternet mining network. This is why the its streaming speed is much faster than retrieving data from a traditional monopolistic centralized limited data pool

With the D.Tube service on the Steem blockchain, we already have an example of what Blocktube might be like. The enhanced teamwork aspect that Decenternet offers may be the extra fuel that is needed to bring helpers to participate in co-creating a true competitor for Youtube. While D.Tube does deliver numerous important features that compete with Youtube, it lacks lasting data storage meaning that videos are deleted after 30 days - a huge flaw that mean D.Tube will fail until this is resolved. Blocktube, however, will likely not suffer from this due to the inherent storage capacity of the Decenternet concept. That said though, the issue of supply of storage space on the network vs storage demand is a major one and I have not seen any estimates for numbers here.

If Blocktube can find a way to reliably host the world's videos without clogging up our computer storage with pointless media that no-one ever watches - then this could very certainly change the world for the better. Being able to share and comment on video in an uncensored way will certainly annoy many of the media consortiums and also those seeking to limit and control free expression. This service would certainly be a magnet for legislators to attack and potentially use their 'legal' reach to take action to shut down Decenternet - whether through action taken against the ISPs that provide hardware connections to the web or perhaps through action against domain name registrars or the Decenternet team themselves. Time will tell!


As we have seen, the proposed apps for Decenternet, if brought into reality, would certainly dramatically improve the effectiveness of the internet as a means of delivering useful services for humanity. By consistently removing the predatory layer of middle men from transactions and data storage, a great deal of problems will be solved. However, I remain somewhat unclear as to exactly what guarantees will exist to ensure that we will not simply see a shift in the power dynamic such that a different group of individuals will become 'the privileged ones' to have the benefit of control of the system of human interactions.

While Decenternet speaks of true decentralization via transparency and community oversight - we come from a history full of bold claims of change and equality that have never yet manifested. A huge degree of energy will need to be expended to create these services but more than that, even more must be used to continually keep the balance to ensure that no one group can use this system to exploit others.

A decentralized system becomes the ultimate centralized system if it can be exploited sufficiently!

So for now I feel a mixture of excitement and concern. I urge those involved with the project to put the highest possible degree of focus into clarifying the exact details of how these systems will function and overcome the many hurdles involved - plus also explain at high levels of detail exactly how the world will be protected from exploitation of the decenternet system.

Stay Tuned For More On Decenternet...

In the next few days I will be digging deeper into this massive project - covering topics that include:

  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for the technology.
  • Insights into the philosophy behind Decenternet and its similarity to the original intent of Bitcoin's creation.
  • Decenternet as a defense against the destruction of net neutrality.
  • How might a world look in which Decenternet has taken a firm root?

For More Information On Decenternet and Anuvys:

DISCLAMER: The information contained within this post shall not be taken as a financial advice. I am not a financial advisor and none of your investment decisions should be carried out based on any information presented here. You can lose all of your money by investing. The information presented in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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This is freaking brilliant @ura-soul. Thanks for providing such a comprehensive summary of all the DApps proposed in the Dnet ecosystem. Loved all their ideas and your viewpoint on each one of them. I am personally excited for Blocktube & the D-shop they have envisioned to release in the future. Looks like with DNet system, we can decentralize each and everything that has the potential to be decentralized. :-))

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Wondering what blockchain they plan to use/model after. Currently sounds hugely ambitious, more ambitious than may be possible (I don't know anything about the team they currently have but I'm guessing most of the best minds are already working on their own already publicized projects that don't appear to be mentioned here).

Potential threat/weakness: "the proprietary Proof-of-Reliability protocol". Why is it proprietary in what should be open source software?

What does Proof-of-Reliability mean? "It works reliably, there is your proof"?

Also wondering who their lead architects and project managers are, or if that is a big question mark. Onboarding these types of people are paramount to the organization and execution of such an ambitious project. While copying already successful app models and substituting out centralized data servers for decentralized may sound quick and easy, I know from experience it is not. I'd be much more confident in the project if they had some programmatic way to suck down functionality and mirror it into their own system while releasing it into the decentralized (and unprosecutable) architecture.

There is another white paper that contains more details that requires an NDA agreement. However, while that does answer a lot of questions - there are still many more answers yet to be disclosed.

I'm not sure how the proprietary aspects mix with the open source - maybe the code will be open source but cannot legally be duplicated elsewhere?

Proof of reliability refers to equations that determine the performance of each node in terms of bandwidth and storage - a bit like 'uptime' is calculated for traditional web host servers.

You can see some of their team here.

There certainly are a lot of people on the team.

Thanks for explaining proof of reliability.

I'll check to see if I can glean anything else from the post.

There was some confusion over what they will allow to be published publicly from the Anuvys white paper, so I temporarily removed some info from this post - but I have put it back now after they clarified the situation. So you can now learn a lot more about the D-Apps from this post.

I appreciate the amount of time you're putting into researching this. Upvoted and resteemed.

You are welcome, thanks for the support!

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