Decenternet - The Ambitious Blockchain Replacement For the Internet - Backed By ARPANET! (And Sent To Us By Extra Terrestrials?)

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It's not every day that I get to write about the combination of blockchain technology, extra terrestrial channelling, human evolution/liberation and a 'Pro-Female taxi service' all in one place - but that's what's on the menu for today. This is the first in a series of epic posts on this exciting topic. Buckle up!

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Background - Controlling Human Expression Through Technology Means Retarding Human Evolution

For those who are looking for ways to use technology to un-enslave the Earth, blockchain systems represent as powerful an option as any that is already in full public use. While free energy systems and engines that run on sea water seem close in some senses, they are certainly not available for the average person (and many will claim they are impossible anyway). Blockchains, however, are already being used to demonstrate ways that censorship can be bypassed, control ended and new opportunities for sharing and creativity can be brought to life. The core of this 'new' approach to data processing and sharing is really the combining of several fairly old technologies into a new form that produces hybrid and exciting new potentials. What is so powerful here is the ability to decentralise data and data processing - so that power (the ability to act) is no longer heavily focused into the hands of corporate/government pyramid systems and is more widely shared by everyone on the planet.

Bitcoin showed the world how it is possible to run and be a bank using just your home computer - in combination with many others doing the same. Later iterations of cryptocurrency technology added new financial functions to the basics introduced by Bitcoin. However, the world faces many more problems than can be solved simply by decentralising tokens of exchange (money) away from centralised control grids (Central bankers and their cronies). While the world now has means of sharing measures of 'wealth' without being interfered with - we are still stuck with antiquated methods of social networking, communication and trading in which we are NOT free.

It is not until you attempt to use Facebook or Google+ to share information that can change the world in a beneficial way (that you know for sure that many people will be interested in) that you may come to realise just how controlled these platforms really are. What you may think is a social network that just censors things that are illegal (for the good of all), soon becomes understood to be a tool of social control that is carefully operated behind the scenes to limit the spread of blacklisted ideas/topics/stories - with the intention that the controllers of the technology gain in power, while most of the rest of us lose out. I have personally witnessed my own comments that contain Steemit links, for example, be deleted from Facebook in realtime - these messages were not marked as 'spam' - they were literally, completely deleted from Facebook without explaination (I have a video of this for those who find this hard to accept)!

Since so many of us rely on the internet for our information about our world, it is essential that our internet is as free as possible - with no shadowy central group being able to limit our access to what should be freely available.

So far we do not have a working solution to this since our internet relies on hardware and software systems that are operated by the very groups who are invested in limiting our access to information (while claiming to be providing a 'service'). It is already well exposed by whistleblowers such as the NSA's Edward Snowden and WIlliam Binney that the US government (and others) have direct control over what appears in Google's search results and social arenas - they do not even need to ask Google to act - they have direct control. The same is true for ISPs who provide network bandwidth for us - their internet 'pipes' are directly tapped into, mirrored and routed into the spy apparatus of many nations. While this may be justifiable to some under the umbrella of being 'protected' from terrorism, it also opens the door to huge abuses of power - such that far worse crimes even than terrorism can be committed by those in governments with this access to our data (and we may never even realise it has occurred!). Despite forces for good such as Dr. Richard Stallman, prime creator of the Linux/GNU operating system family, constantly fighting for data and technology freedom - the gap between those who can see almost everything digital and the rest of us, continues to grow.

When our own (alleged) support systems are not being used in our own best interests - it is up to us to find solutions that correct the situation and that is what a new Blockchain project called 'Decenternet' aims to do.

Decenternet - The Most Ambitious Blockchain Project Yet?

To summarise the Decenternet project is no easy task. It is literally a model for completely overhauling the underlying mechanisms that our current internet uses, such that privacy and freedom of expression are respected and prying eyes of spying corporations and governments are bypassed. Not only that, the idea is to also introduce replacements for our existing services such as Youtube, Uber, Insurance vendors and Currency exchanges (to name but a few), which operate on the new system and which provide a fairer service for all.

anuvys logo

This new project includes a new operating system called Anuvys (that is based on the Linux/GNU OS model) to support privacy and new functionality. Additionally, a new - uncensored and uncontrolled - search engine (to replace Google) called LIBERTY, a new web browser and a new version of pretty much every major component of the web are planned too. The idea is that these are all 'owned' by the world, having been produced in a fully open source way and fully supporting a form of shared governance whereby every user has some capacity to change the destiny of the system by default.

Two new cryptocurrencies are used to facilitate the new system (spyce and coineru) and through a novel form of mining (Proof of Reliability - POR), each user's own computing device and bandwidth forms the basis of a means of remuneration. In other words, you can get paid for helping run the 'Decenternet' - so YOU become a cell in a global technological mega-body that forms an ISP that serves itself and the world!

At the core of this idea is software that allows us to share our internet connection, similar to how Peer to Peer technology facilitates file sharing on systems such as Bit Torrent - but which intelligently allows us to store and serve entire websites, files and web services within our own encrypted network, rather than relying on centralised webservers owned and operated by corporations. So no longer will you need to connect your laptop to a corporate data center to access your favourite website and video content - instead you will connect to Decenternet and the system will use the resources of all the other users (like yourself) to retrieve and route the data that you request FROM THE DEVICES of the other users on the network.

This creates a clear point of controversy, in that up until now, those who distribute material that controlling forces wish to suppress have often been limited to trying to host their data on corporate servers that are subject to monitoring and control - with the corporations involved usually being easily led into censorship to 'protect their own backs'. This new approach means that the collective intention of all of the users of the Decenternet replaces the corporate control and technology - meaning that to censor and control any one voice would require significant support from a large number of members of Decenternet - not just the agreement of a small number of board members (in secret) in a corporation. In fact, the Decenternet White paper explains that each user of the Decenternet will potentially have a say in what can be seen on the network - describing a process similar to 'jury duty' whereby content that is truly a problem for humanity can be removed transparently.

There will surely be ways that controlling agencies will use to derail Decenternet - perhaps by blocking entrypoints into the network or ports being used. Perhaps they will use machine learning to identify traffic that routes to Decenternet - we shall see.

Liberation Or Trojan Horse?

Clearly this project is aiming for the stars in terms of its reach and goals - but can it deliver? Decenternet is being supported by ARPANET - the very group who initiated the current version of the Internet decades ago - who identify that the original vision of the internet has been corrupted, with Decenternet being a bold move to correct the course of evolution of the internet back to one of balance and integrity. Is this a powerful sign of major changes soon to come that will improve our world in amazing ways? Or is this simply the next step in a series of attempts to liberate humanity which are deliberately setup to fail - appearing to be beneficial but that are ultimately carefully designed traps that tighten the grip on humanity ever further?

It is a sad state of affairs when projects that openly state they are here to save us from enslavement have to be assessed for their own potential to enslave us - either accidentally or even deliberately. This though, is the state of the world today - where mind control (both covert and even overt) has been developed to such a level that it is almost all pervasive - yet the majority still only notice the tip of the iceberg of its presence. As has been said many times:

Deceptive propaganda must include 90%+ truth for the lies to be accepted.

For this reason, any documents/projects which 'promise the Earth' must be thoroughly assessed for both malicious intent AND the potential for them to be misused - with us losing power and wellbeing in the process. Such 'Sanity checking' is necessary for any important project and I welcome such analysis by others of my own work too - it is how we reach a balanced truth in a safe way.

Whenever any change is made that affects directly our fundamental rights and freedoms - it can produce profound benefit or profound harm. So throughout my continuing series of posts on Decenternet I will be returning to this point and posing you questions as I highlight relevant points to this key issue.

What's This About Extra Terrestrials?!

Those of you who are regular readers of my work will know that I have a particular interest in the civilisations that exist beyond our planet. I have had several close encounters and contacts with non human consciousness - some of which I have written about previously and as such I have put in years of research into the topic and a wealth of insights to share. When reading the whitepaper for Decenternet it became very quickly apparent that the author is very familiar with material that has been psychically channeled and published for decades as having an ET origin (or at least is psychically attuned to the same frequency of consciousness that is putting out these other ET channelings). The whitepaper literally opens with the line:

Channeled by Sean Kim

This aspect of channeling is not being hidden and the language/symbolism used throughout the document is clearly aligned towards the author forming a bridge between human society and a more multi dimensionally aware society/entity/group/force that intends that we join it sooner rather than later!

I find this direct connection between ARPANET and logic/words/concept typically found only in spirit channelings to be fascinating and absolutely worth paying full attention to. There will be much more to come on this topic in my future posts soon!

Stay Tuned For More On Decenternet...

In the next few days I will be digging deeper into this massive project - covering topics that include:

  • D-Apps that are planned for use on Decenternet & their potential to create global change.
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for the technology.
  • Insights into the philosophy behind Decenternet and its similarity to the original intent of Bitcoin's creation.
  • Decenternet as a defense against the destruction of net neutrality.
  • How might a world look in which Decenternet has taken a firm root?
  • The multi-dimensional awareness presenting through Decenternet and what that might mean for the internet!

For More Information On Decenternet and Anuvys:

DISCLAMER: The information contained within this post shall not be taken as a financial advice. I am not a financial advisor and none of your investment decisions should be carried out based on any information presented here. You can lose all of your money by investing. The information presented in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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Great post. I learned alot. I always wondered if Steemit was really that different in the isp area. Now I know lol.
I will check out the links. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome to read your interpretation of this. It is done in taste and with intrigue for the reader! Thanks @ura-soul, I like it when it feels like the author and now the project are jiving with me on a more philosophical level as well as technologically!

Thankyou, you are welcome! This general topic is one that has been in the forefront of my mind and focus for a long time (decades) - I am glad to have the opportunity to talk about it in the context of something that might turn into a practical improvement :)

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Excellent intro. Thanks for introducing this proyect. It doesn't seem to me like a Trojan Horse deemed to fail purposedly but it does look very much like a scammy ICO (bold promises, coin distribution, presale, mining, no code). The white paper does not explain the important details about how the protocol is going to work, if it is feasible at all.

I think there are more mature and established proyects out there aiming at the same goal. These guys are already deploying nodes based on Althea. There is also Rightmesh which also has some working demos.

Skywire and Ammbr also aim for roughly the same goals but they look like scammy corporate backed proyects.

Thanks for hte links to other projects, I haven't heard of any of those before, I will take a look.
There is another white paper for Anuvys that gets into more of the technical details and that states that more work will be done to produce further technical documents in the near future. I agree, though, that many bold claims are being made that are not being full backed up by the material available.

I will be looking specifically at the potential for deception and exploitation in future posts, so I will maybe bring in some comparisons to the projects you listed here.

Thanks for great information.

And then you remember that it's not just technology which we are creating. When I was born, nobody could even conceive of these concepts, and the world was a very very different place.

Back then, the very idea of talking about decentralised on-demand, high speed information sharing, backed by a digital currency that you couldn't ever hold in your hand, owned by nobody, yet available to everybody, yes back then talking about these things might have earned you a stay in a padded room.

Not even one generation later and here we are.

Not only is it a concept which people are talking about, not just something that lives purely on a technological level, but also the Metaphysical, the Philosophical, the head twistingly Non-Euclidian, and the completely-blow-your-brain-up-when-you-even-try-to-think-about-it Levels.

Yep, shit's just got quite interesting hasn't it?

  ·  last year (edited)

Hehe - padded rooms are greatly underappreciated :)
My understanding is that once acceptance is gained for ideas within the inner realm of thought and emotion - the outer has a chance to change to bring about the manifestation of that idea - so maybe TV shows like Star Trek and Star Wars have a significant involvement in our apparently rapid acceleration..
Then again, we have to consider - how exactly did we come to be on this planet with minimal recollection of the ride here? Maybe we are actually just catching up with where we once were millennia ago - except this time we have an almighty hangover and aren't exactly sure where 'home' is. :)

Regardless, though, of the details of the story - It is important to understand that any concept we can manifest in technology, we must first manifest within ourselves - so removing our own inner 'dictator' and 'censor' is an important stage in bringing about the liberation we need.

If only Robert Anton Wilson and Terence McKenna were here to see this.....

Ah yes, maybe they are here in some way.. At least their logic lives on in their readers!

This is an excellent post. The title had me laughing, but you had me all the way to the end.

Thankyou! I am glad you injoyed it - More to come soon. :)

Haha! me too!

Hi @ura-soul!

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Have you heard of project SAFE?

I can see some projects with that name relating to family abuse, is that what you are thinking of?

No. What I meant was a project started even before bitcoin SAFE: Secure Access For Everyone

Oh ok, no I have never heard of that - thanks for the link. I think there are several such projects in existence - I am interested to know how far this one has come. It seems that in general the successful ones are the ones that have more hype and passion behind them.

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  ·  last year (edited)

The extra-terrestrial entities are real. For accuracy-sake, we would call them extra-dimensional beings. Those things are demonstrative, based on historical accounts, particularly Mesopotamia, Genesis, Ezekiel, The Book of Enoch, archeological finds and military accounts in our present age, to name a few.

Their goal: the concquest of human DNA and the replacement/destruction of humankind as the likeness and image of the God of the Judeo-Christian Bible.

Everything has its origin in the spiritual. Every war that is fought below is a reflection of that same battle above. As above, so below.

We cannot solve spiritual problems with materialistic weapons. If Decenternet was channeled from the enemies of humanity, its purpose cannot be its liberation from enslavement. Just the opposite, I dare say: It is controlled opposition.

I agree that there are extra-dimensional beings - however, since I am aware that we ourselves are multi-dimensional and can open to a potentially unlimited number of dimensions - I do not assume that 'multi-dimensional = bad' - in fact, I aim to not assume anything.

If we look around earth we can see that many good ideas exist but that they get tainted and twisted into something destructive. Sometimes this occurs deliberately and sometimes unconsciously and by 'accident'. I have no reason to think that entities beyond earth are going to be much different in this regard - they may or may not be intending peace/balance and they may or may not agree with each other.

In my experience I have never found much evidence of more than a minority of ETs being too interested in 'The Bible' or contradiction of it specifically - which is similar to the experience of humans too.

In other words, there are extra dimensional beings who are heartless and denial based and there are extra dimensionals that are holistic, integrative, progressive and truth/love based. By suggesting that all higher dimensionally aware beings are 'evil' or 'anti-god' - you are ironically tarring most non humans with that brush, including the angelic realms and god him/herself too.

Hello @ura-soul - thanks for your reply.

Perhaps I should have been more specific. According to biblical accounts, one-third of celestial beings (angels and some cherub(s) left their first estate (heaven) to rebel against God with the purpose to destroy humankind.

Evidence if this is laid out in non-biblical historical writings, specifically Mesopotamia, Greek Mythology and Egyptian accounts, among others.
This leaves 2 thirds of interdimensional beings that are not human, servants of God and of man in obedience to His Word, Love, and Life, which is Jesus.

The Bible is an integrated message system - and I cannot find any contradictions after 6 years of study.

Any perceived contradiction, I would challenge, comes from a lack of understanding of context, history, culture and the word itself - and most importantly from the corruption of God's word through inaccurate translations of the Bible and from the introduction of corrupted or falsified data, which I call siencism, which is a religion stemming from knowledge that was bestowed upon man unlawfully by the fallen angels.

I see, ok. I am not a bible scholar and am not about to argue the issue - I am aware that there are multi dimensional encodings in that book and that there are many facets there that are not being widely understood at present. That said, I am also aware that there are numerous errors in there, ranging from translation errors through to actual spiritual misunderstandings. An example of a translation error is the line:

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven

It was found that this rather strange line is a mistranslation from the Coptic Greek since the word for rope and the word for camel are apparently almost identical (with only one small tonal difference). So the original translation refers to a rope going through the eye of a needle - which makes much more sense.

My point is that the book as it stands now it quite far from what it was originally and even the original version is not necessarily the best resource for our time - to think it is is to think that a) God doesn't speak to anyone on Earth now and b) Nothing has been learned in 2000+ years.

I highly recommend reading through the right use of will book series which are presented as having been received from God in the first person in the last 30 years. They provide much needed insights into the situation on Earth and how to proceed in the most loving and balanced way. Right Use of Will. If you are interested to read them then I can help with that.