RE: Decentralization to the Rescue: Decenternet – Decenternet Vs. Internet (pt. 5 of 5)

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Decentralization to the Rescue: Decenternet – Decenternet Vs. Internet (pt. 5 of 5)

in decenternet •  9 months ago

Your article is about de-centralization to the rescue yet you promote censorship, flagging of others and the like. You actions contradict the contents of your article.

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You have just joined the platform. Maybe I have been harsh but if you want to engage on my articles I expect you to bring value to it. I’m not interested in anything but productive discussions about the issue, or anything connected that can be distinguished from mere self-promotion, or in other words is “supposedly connected” but never explained even after several tries. Flagging is very important tool. There are articles that can help you comprehend what it stands for, like this one. If you are willing to show that you actually just were too deep for my thinking then you have all the space in the world to explain your position. I perceive it as a plain spam that is totally not desired on my articles. That is a very different thing from censorship. The comment is there. Everyone can see it. I disagree with this kind of attitude sorry. I’m trying to create a situation where you will either want to learn or spend time elsewhere.


I only responded to your article with my ideas about the Internet, which this article of yours is about. I don´t understand all your concern and spending so much time replying to me.


I do that most of the times when someone comments on a post of mine. I want zo hear other thoughts that someone somehow build upon the article. That’s what i seek so I spend time doing it. On the other hand when I see spam I flag it and I interpreted your comment as a spam. Well you tried to say something i didn’t get what (that is obviously what happened). I kinda don’t get what you mean still but you don’t deserve the flag. It’s not a spam probably tried to transmit some sort of information that i simple am not compatible with or I don’t know...flags removed...