The Current State Of Education

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The education system isn't perfect and we're seeing more and more people opting into small business and entrepreneurship. This is a growing movement, especially among millennials that are rejecting the idea that to be successful you must have post-secondary education. I believe my generation will be the first line of parents to strongly de-emphasize the need for post-secondary education and in this video I explain why I think that.

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The system is designed this way to make good employees mindset that follow the rules easily, you repeat the philosophy of "rich dad poor dad" book. ;)


I looked it up and it seems to be pretty aligned with what I preach so if say yes :) the system teaches you what we already know, but we need more people changing things up


Hey thanks! Really appreciate the support

dear @scottcbusiness, you just gave me a short course in education there... that's what i'm telling my boy, times have changed...

and i hope you could join my Grad Pix Challenge or sponsor it too 💖


Yes exactly! Glad I can help :) I'll check it out

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Scott, education should not be strictly traditional and boring.

Well, we always have a choice to pursue one or we could just learn things and enjoy life.


Exactly! When more come to terms with this we won't be shipping everyone off to school to just add to their staring debt


This quote from Prince Ea might help you in your cause:

See - the word "education" comes from the Latin root "educe" meaning "bring out" i.e. bring the gifts out of a person and make them viable.

Here's his latest FB video about it: Before You Go To School


Great stuff!

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