Dear Self, you can do this!

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I will allow myself to bee seen.

This is will be my regular thing; to write to myself and listen to my own voice. I will write of the good things and the bad. The funny experiences and the sad. This way I learn and I'll be able to remind myself of who I am, how strong I've become and how amazing the journey has been.

Original 📷 via smartphone

A letter to myself and for myself.

Dear Self,

What a busy week it has been –from studying for the exam and the preparation of documents, to training, to running errands, to watching over your nephew and niece and bringing them along to attend gatherings, to making sure your friends are okay and letting them know you'll always be there for them, to fixing your cousin's problem on her enrollment (this was unexpected; I had to talk to the principal and make a letter impromptu) and tutoring her for her exam, to a mandatory and overdue visit to the dentist, and every other responsibility in between –and it's not yet over!! Not even close 😅 but I know you are grateful because it means you're truly living. 😉

You've been doing great, keep it up! I'm writing to you now because history is trying to repeat itself. We're on a familiar situation and I just want to remind you what you have learned from what happened before so things can be better this time.

I'm sorry I left you before. I have learned from my mistakes and this is me trying to support you on your next challenge.

With all the things you have going on, you are not responsible for saving others if they don't even try to help themselves. You have done enough to help. You cannot offer anymore of yourself because then you'll be left with nothing, not even yourself, just like before.

It's time to let yourself focus on passing the exam and on keeping you healthy. Two days from now, you'll be on a solo trip to face an opportunity for your own future. Something you let slip by before because you were half-hearted and weren't focused on the task at hand. You were so consumed by being there for everybody that you forgot to be there for yourself. You found yourself sick and out of focus last time, you can do better this time. Have balance and watch your health. It's okay to help your friends and family get through their obstacles but make sure you have enough strength left to climb your own mountain.

Remember, you're happy to take on the opportunity for your family –to make them proud, but you're also doing this for your future – to make you proud.

You've invested so much effort and time to prepare for this exam. I know you think it's not enough but you had other responsibilities as well. Nonetheless, you can do this!! 👊

All you need is a bag full of confidence, laser like focus and a drizzle of optimism. You already have all these packed inside you so after tomorrow's event and dinner with the gang, time to switch your game face on!

Sometimes we have to be our own critic and biggest fan. I will always be a firm critic but I'm also your biggest fan. I will always urge you to become better everyday and push you to go beyond your limits but know that I am very proud of you and how strong you've become. 💪 You've gone through a lot but you still have a long way to go, but for sure you'll emerge successful and happy!! You can do this! We can do this!

~~Someone who trusts herself

Listen and allow yourself to be seen.

Once in a while, we all need to talk to ourselves; to hear our own voices so it doesn't get drowned by the noise of other people. We need to remind ourselves of who we are so we don't lose ourselves along the journey of becoming who we want to be. Sometimes, we need us.

You can give it a try. Picture yourself in front of you and tell that person a message, and then listen. What we tell ourselves become our reality. Make sure your message help you become a better person after. Write something to yourself and give yourself a pat in the back for having the courage to be seen. Who knows who you'll inspire.

In allowing myself to be seen, I hope you get to see you as well.

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thank you

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What an amazing idea. Its like being your own life coach . Keep it up!

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