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Aaaaaand crashdown, or almost crackdown anyway. Goodmorning mouse! Over here in yesterday I’ve just cleaned down the kitchen from meal prep time, took out the garbage and closed out all unnecessary windows to write you. I’m tired and sore BUT that means it’s been a good day so nothing to complain about on that front right? Also welcome to Thursday!

3 Things I’m Grateful For Today…

  • meal prep sorted
  • yoga going great
  • podcast timesss! Yaya!

Phew! Feels good! To get back in the podcasting swing with you today, and all of our silliness recording ads for our HASHTAGSPONSORS lol. That really is s cool though I’m thankful to have em, and I’m thankful that even when we’re working we still manage to make each other laugh.

In other news, I got the official report back from Dad and he LOVED the pizza, and didn’t believe me when I told him the crust was whole wheat pita bread. WIN! He even came back to ask me how he could make his own pizzas at home instead of stopping by the pizzerias on the way home. MEGAWIN! Of course it’ll be healthy but he’s more interested in saving the coin. I gave him a run down he said he’s going to try it. It really is dead easy with pita breads because you’re just melting the top.

That’s my favorite. When I can transform something healthier, cheaper, more sustainable that tastes just as good as “real thing”. That kinda food hacking makes me way prouder of a dish than just following a straight recipe that OF COURSE is going to be delicious because it’s full of sugar, or smothered in cheese ect… had me smiling for sure. Oh and of COURSE I can not wait until we’re cooking for each other UGH. Cant. Wait.

A bit bummed that I wasn’t able to “close” on a logo for @productsense, but it’s all good. Those things usually take a few rounds of revisions for me. Logos are hard man. I remember struggling so much with them in school projects for print making and graphic design. I’ve got so much respect for folks who have mastered the art, and also in the same token, totally understand why that job is just going to be done by AI.

Oh speaking about AI, I took this crazy quiz this evening where you have 5 minutes to decide if a photo if a face is “real” or generated. It was TRIPPY. That tech is getting GOOOOOOD. It’s a whole new world we live in isn’t it Biza! Time to head for the hills!

I’m not going to lie. I was kinda relieved to see that yoga was a slow 10 minute class today. I’ve noticed that the folks who know what they’re doing putting together these 30 day sprints, know just when to throw you a bone and give you an easy day. Hoping I feel less sore tomorrow and I’m raring to do. I’m really going to try to get at least 10 hours tonight, just for that extra bit of muscle repair time.

And so with that said my love, this is where I leave you, but not for long I promise! I know you’ve got a day of recording ahead of you, I’m going to try to get some more vlogs done too. Looking forward to meeting up for more podcasts times! YAYA!!

I love you. You’re the best partner I could ever ask for, creativity and otherwise. Goodmorning darlin, get that water down the hatch. It’s go time!


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thank you for a lovely wake up blog post darling. the days are counting down, feeling good, feeling like we are having our most productive months of the year and it's great to have all this client work on deck, certainly gonna help us for the new year. love you.


Yes sir! Got more messages in the nights from clients in a far away land. Time to get to work!