Making Money Online

in ddaily •  3 months ago

There are multiple ways in which to make income online and of course we know Steemit and DTube are great ways to do this, but perhaps some don't know about other opportunites that exist out there. Let's discuss some other options to earn revenue.

With Gratitude,
Captain Bob

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Great video man! I love the Amazon Affiliate program. :) I don't make a ton with it, but I make even to cover gas for a couple of weeks. haha. And then my dating book I published brings in sometimes the same amount, which these are all passive income revenue streams, that I don't have to do much with anymore. I just love how easy Amazon is to use. Good times! And you are right, YouTube is hard to make a decent amount, from the ad revenue. On there, I make enough to cover my car payment, and then a little extra for other bills. haha


It's all money that can add up over time and help fill in the gaps for little upgrades and such. And as you said, perhaps some gas money as well :)


hahaha yup, everything that adds up, means less you have make, or it can go straight to savings, or whatever the case may be, or for some can turn into their career! haha

Great tips @captainbob. Will be cool to be able to monetize on there one day LOL...but I will keep in mind the affiliate links for sure once I get there. Good vid!


I bet there are a ton of cooking tools you use that are on amazon that could start making you money today!


I looked into it a little but I don't think I can do affiliate links yet because my following isn't there yet..I could be wrong.

Hi man i like your video. Greetings from Venezuela.

Interesting Amazon Affiliate program, I wonder if it also works for European amazon sites. I'll give it a try tomorrow. In my case, Steem is better than other platform :D


Hi Joy. There is a European amazon affiliate program as well. It might be another way to see some income.

Salute Captain! :)

I like the idea of affiliate links, Amazon has only recently come to Australia but they put some massive restrictions on it which is a bummer. Great video buddy, as always


Yeah interesting that it took them a while to get there. Hopefully the restrictions will loosen over time.

I have been trying to apply for that Amzaon affiliate for months.. I just can't.. They don't let me! T^T but now that I listened to you talked about it, now let me give it another try! You bought so much paper towel capt..

Thanks for make me acquainted with affiliate marketing.