Dcooperation // @clixmoney Ft @mylifeisnotbad // Collab ITW Recut

in dcooperation •  2 months ago

Hey Everyone!

When @clixmoney asked me for an interview on @dtube in the comments of my last video, I was pretty nervous about it & I didn't really know where this will go! ^^

I normaly stay behind the camera, as a filmmaker but I accepted it to challenge myself. It was such a fun interview, Clix speaks a really good french, so we did it with 2 languages.

This awesome guy created a community that helps people to be seen by #cooperating on #dtube. He's doing videos, interviews & you can learn more on their @discord --> https://discord.gg/Q8KVjg

What a great work he's doing on this beautiful platform! :) Bravo!

When @dcooperation founders asked me tips for filmmaker during the itw, my answer was:

"Make it as Short as possible!"
The interview was 20 minutes (long^^), so I decided to reedit it my way!

I inclued what I do the best, enjoying life!

Thanks again for this #dcooperation @clixmoney, Hope you will have fun watching your interview this way! :)

Riders on @steemit & @dtube!
Make sure to check our community on #discord --> https://discord.gg/rKsEvF

You can watch the full (20 minutes ^^) interview right here:

Have a great day!


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Thanks for the video, it's really awesome. ☺

Very positive and creative. ☺


You are welcome Mate!
I liked that you take time for all those interviews, you are doing something good for @dtube & contents creator! :)
Keep your smile on, steem on! :)

Awesome short interview! Loving the edits you made on it. Had to watch it one more time! Great work.


Thanks Man! I'm so happy you had fun watching it! :)
I had a great time editing it, thanks again @runicar!
Keep it up !

That was awesome man haha really nice summary of that interview :D

Keep on going !


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